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Orbiter prides itself on how easy their timing technology is to use, saying that "anyone can time a race". Their timing system can be used by anyone from a small school race, to a larger event. They are even used for military assessment tests. Each bollard reader can detect 250 tags per second, with a 40 foot read range on the mid-range and a 47 foot read range on the long-range reader. Each of the antennas produce 1 watt of energy. The more power you have at the start/finish line, the better the tag reads. For bigger races you can put more than one reader at the line. Orbiter believes their timing method is as accurate or more accurate than mats and overhead structures without taking hours to set up. There is no delay with their tag detection. When the tags are detected the reader will beep. The reader is designed to be out in the elements. They had to make a reader that was rain, shock, dust all other weather proof, because they had to fit the needs of the military.

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