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Trident offers a timing system that claims to have everything you need, all in one box. Each reader has point-to-point radio communications built in. This provides a wireless connection up to 10 kilometers away. Timers can connect a laptop with several readers creating a wide network. Trident systems use mats and tags. Their timing mats have new technology built in. They will auto-tune themselves to the environment they are in. These timing mats filter out electronic "noise" to set themselves at the right signal to get the best reads for the local conditions. They have invented mats that won't move or curl up in a large event. The mats are completely flat, and wrinkle free so runners won't trip over them. The Trident runner tags have patented Tri-Frequency chip in them. The chip still works with their existing mats, but it is more sensitive and has a higher read range. They have chips for all types of events like marathons, mud runs, and triathlons. They have an active tag, a shoe tag, an ankle tag, and a disposable bib tag. Trident has created a sophisticated system but made it simple enough for anyone to use.

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