Live Race Results

With Race Entry's live race results you can integrate with our software to send text alerts to participants as they cross the timing locations. Our integration also allows for viewing the results in real time live on our web site.

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Our Software

For live results to work, you need to download and install our intermediary software. Our software allows the timing software to be mapped to Race Entry's software. Our software allows for the best data saving option as it will determine what data needs to be uploaded, thus saving you from excessive data throughput not provided by other live result options. In order to use our live result software, you need to have director access to the event on Race Entry and will need to log into the software with your Race Entry credentials.

In order to set up live results, the following steps are required:

  1. Configure your Race Entry event
    • The text alert default question needs to be enabled on the registration form.
      (Only those who opt into text alerts will be notified with live results)
    • Bibs need to be assigned to participants in Race Entry
  2. Configure the timing software
    • Import participants from Race Entry
      (Name and Bib must match between the timing software and Race Entry for text alerts to function)
    • Set up and export a GRU file to your local disk drive
  3. Download, Install, and log into our Live Result Software
  4. Select the event you will be timing from the list
  5. Configure the live result software
    • Locate the GRU export from the timing software
    • Map the GRU headers to the Race Entry result fields
    • For split text alerts, be sure to select the 'Split Time' checkbox
      (The text alert will include the Custom Field Display Name in the message)
    • Save your configuration
  6. Click "Start Uploading"

System Requirements:

  • Windows 7 or newer
  • Internet Connection

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Integrated Software

Currently we are integrated with the following timing software:

  • Race Day Scoring
  • The Race Director
  • RunScore
  • Any timing software that auto exports GRU files
More integrations to come.