Benefits of Race Entry

Improved Participant Experience

Fewer Pages Required to Complete Entries

Participants can now sign up for the race with fewer pages to get through. With a faster registration process, you will receive more participants who complete the registration—which means more money for your race.

No 3rd Party Offers

Unlike many other online registration providers, we don’t try to sell products or services to your participants. Those extra sells that other providers push on your participants distract from your core product, your race. We want to complete as many registrations as possible without causing extra frustration from add-on sells. Of course our system can sell your merchandise and make an online store for you, but we will never push any products that aren’t tied to your race.

No Account Required For Participants

Often registration providers require participants to create an online account to complete registration. They continue to harass your participants with offers even after the registration process is over and make the registration process burdensome. We believe that these are your participants, not ours, so we do not require them to make an account. Our simplified registration process helps to maintain good will toward your event.

Low Online Fees

Our fees are nearly 40% lower than This means that the cost to participants is lower with us while you maintain the same level of revenue. Lower total cost without reducing your entry fee means more participants, and more total revenue to your race.

Social Media Exposure

Our registration system makes it easy for participants to share on Facebook that they are running your race, and encourage others to join them. You have the option to turn on the social discount. With the social discount participants are offered a small discount to share on Facebook. This small incentive can translate to dramatically more shares about your event. Our referral program turns each participant into a built in marketer.

Better Race Director Experience

View and Email Your Incomplete Registrations

As with any online commerce, a percentage of customers won’t finish the registration process. Race Entry tracks these participants, so that you have all of their contact information. You can download each of their email addresses and/or phone numbers to contact them in assisting their completion. In addition to storing their incomplete registration the system will send them an automatic reminder. The reminder will hit their inbox within one hour of them not finishing the registration.

Lower Percentage of Incomplete Registrations

Most other registration companies will not show you the incomplete registrations, because they actually are producing more incomplete registrations than complete registrations. This is due to their requiring accounts, having too many pages to complete to sign up for your race, and the daunting list of extra add on sells that other systems burden participants with. In contrast, we believe that the list of incomplete registrations is a tool that you can use to grow your race, and our automated contact to incomplete registrations can easily help save you time and make your race more money.

Customizable Reporting

Many registration systems have limited reporting that is arduous to figure out. Our user-friendly system offers the most relevant information and allows users to look specifically at the revenue by pay-period and tracks each source of money help you analyze your marketing efforts.

Dynamic Customizable Forms

Our registration platform could not be easier to make the custom look and feel of your race on your registration page. You can have the colors and background image that you want in seconds. If you want help setting this up your dedicated account manager can take care of it for you. Our dedicated team of programmers may be able to help you if you want more advanced customization. We can accomplish your most specific desires to ensure that you have the information you need to pull off a successful event.

Prompt Service Response with a Dedicated Account Rep

We believe that when you ask for help, it should come quickly and at your specific desire. We work hard to keep the highest level of service to our race directors, and to your event participants.

Raise More Money with Our Powerful Fundraising Tools gives you easy fundraising at your fingertips. We have seen some races raise 35 times more money with our fundraising features than what they brought in with registration revenue. Our software leverages all the contacts of your participants, so that your fundraising efforts are not limited to the participants of your event. The participants or even people not participating in the race can set up fundraising teams for your charities. They can set goals and engage socially from their own fundraising page. This feature has been proven to drastically increase fundraising dollars of even some of the most skilled charities.

Free Volunteer Form

Easily register, contact & manage your volunteers. Our robust volunteer management system gives you the data you need to manage your team of volunteers. Our simple form helps you get more volunteers signed up to help execute your race weekend.

Free Advertising

Unlike other registration companies that charge you for advertising on their sites, we give you free advertising on our site. We win if you win. As you make more money, we do as well. We want to help to perpetuate the success of your race, so we have a FREE advertising campaign included with all races that use our system. The more registrations you receive, the more of your ads will appear on our site.

Advanced Searchable Results

Our search bar in the admin is unparalleled. It makes searching for participants easier and saves you time. It will even help look for what you are searching for before you even click submit and helps you figure out the spelling as you type the name of a particular athlete.