Duquesne's Run to Remember

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Duquesne's Run to Remember Race Description


The global pandemic created a time of intense need for service and togetherness. Every person

has a cause or a thing of which they want to remember and support. With this in mind, veteran
and ROTC students at Duquesne University banded together to create an event designed to do
just this. The Duquesne’s Run to Remember is a memorial run/walk/donation for everybody.
While 50% of the total proceeds will go to the Sgt. Ryan Lane Scholarship Fund to honor fallen
service members by supporting veteran students. The other 50% of the proceeds will be
donated to two organizations designated by the winners of the t-shirt competition.
Toward this end, participants are encouraged to participate in a t-shirt competition for a chance
at winning the opportunity for 25% of the total proceeds to be donated to their organization of
choice that supports who or what they want to remember. One winner will be chosen from each
of the two categories: Solo Design & Team Design.
To be considered for the T-Shirt competition:

Participants MUST (1) pre-determine and identify their organization at the time or
the t-shirt submission and (2) choose an eligible organization from our list HERE.
Participants must submit photos of their decorated shirts/sweaters to
duq4run2@gmail.com by Tuesday, APRIL 27th @ 8:00am.

Participants must follow all rules & guidelines laid out in the Submission
Instruction Sheet.

Participants are also encouraged to share their participation in our event by using the Hashtag:

Eligible Organization List:


Email Participants should send Submissions:


Instructions for T-Shirt Competition:


Rubric for the Grading and Selection of a Winner for the 2021 Run to Remember T-Shirt Competition:


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    Duquesne's Run to Remember

  • Location: Anywhere
  • Race Date: 2021/04/25 11:45:00 PM (Sunday)
  • Categories:
    • ROTC/Student
    • Alumni
    • Non-affiliates of Duquesne
    • Seniors

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