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Blaize'N Trails - New York Race Description

Event: Blaize'N Trails 5k

Organization: B.A.A.D (Blaize'N Awareness Against Drugs)

Location: Randall Island, NY

Date: 09.21.19

Time: 8am-12am

Race Description: 

Blaize'N Trails is an event that rose from the ashes of our fallen Angel, Blaize Marcus Torrence. Blaize lost his life at the tender age of 23 to a dueling battle with an opponent that takes no prisoners irrespective of how pure and unadulterated one may be. An opponent whom has gone far too long wrecking havoc on our youth without any consequences or due processes. That opponent is Drug Abuse. With Blaize's passing we decided to take a stand and take every step possible to ensure that his passing did not go in vain, and stop Drug Abuse in its deadly path. Blaize's Mother, Jennifer Goins-Tolson, and a host of dedicated and loving family members and friends have decided to create an Organization aimed at combating the mass destruction of all Drugs sweeping through our communities. Blaize's passing proves that no one that interacts with drugs is safe from its dangers. So, as an organization which we so apply named B.A.A.D (Blaize'n The Awareness Against Drugs) our aim is to do just that, Blaize Awareness Against Drugs.  and our first Line of Duty was putting together our beloved 5k, ' BLAIZE'N TRAILS'. Outside of other community work and fundraisers, we are running to raise money for those that cannot afford rehab, raise consciousness, create hope and lead by example. Our First and second Annual 5k were held in Richmond Virginia where Blaize spent the later decade of his Life; and now we Bring B.A.A.D to NY where Blaize was Born and spent the first decade of his Life. We are beyond excited to be bringing our Race to NY and hope to see the city that never sleeps fully rested and ready to Blaize Awareness!

 It's NOT a Black or white thing it's NOT a ghetto or suburban thing it's NOT a rich or poor thing it's NOT a private or public school thing It's NOT a "I raised my kids right or Wrong" thing It's a REAL THING & its Killing our youth. .

Thank You!!


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  • Location: New York, NY TBA
  • Race Date: 09/15/2020 12:00 - Estimated
  • Categories:
    • Blaize'N Trails 5K (0-11 )
    • Blaize'N Trails 5K (Single Participant 12 & Up)
    • Blaize'N Trails 5K (Single Participant)
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    • Blaize'N Trails 5K (Groups 10-24 )
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