Virtual Commando

Participate by 08/29/2021

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Virtual Commando Race Description


America’s Virtual Commando

Time Window for Completion: August 22nd - August 29th (finish by 5pm EST)

There are TWO Options to complete this Race!


Individual Option Team Relay 8-Mile Individual Challenge - 4 rounds of the following:

Each round will be completed in the following format:

-       .5 mile run

-       .25 mile yoke carry 

-       .25 mile farmers carry

-       .5 mile ruck run 

-       .25 mile sandbag carry

-       .25 mile sled drag 


8-Mile Team Relay Challenge - 4 rounds of the following

Team Composition (4 people). Each team member MUST run 1 of the 4 segments in the following format: 

-       .5 mile run (1 person)

-       .25 mile yoke carry & .25 mile farmers carry (1 person) 

-       .5 mile ruck run (1 person) 

-       .25 sandbag carry & .25 mile sled drag (1 person)


Equipment needed for this challenge: 

-       Rucksack/backpack x 25lbs

-       Sled x 50lbs - Yoke x 50lbs (total) 

-       Farmers carry x (2) 25lbs bags (50lbs total) 

-       Sandbag x 25lbs

-       any track, field or trail x .25 mile or .5 mile loop or lap 


For those of you that would rather run the Wicked Trail Race instead of the Commando, simply post your results as per the guidance below


Post your results by 5pm on Saturday, Aug 29th to the event page all finisher results will be posted by Sunday evening 

What You Receive: 

-       Participation medal for surviving the virtual Ballas

-       Satisfaction of supporting things greater than yourself


Get ready for the Virtual Commando

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    Virtual Commando

  • Location: Anywhere
  • Race Date: 2020/08/29 08:00:00 AM (Saturday)
  • Categories:
    • Individual Challenge
    • Team Relay Challenge

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