$2,903 Raised for KidsOnTheMove

Charity Goal: $50,000
Money Raised: $2,903

About KidsOnTheMove

Kids On The Move provides services throughout Utah to support families with young children with special needs.

Kids On The Move has an umbrella of independent operating pillar programs. Our programs are: Autism Center, Early Head Start, Early Intervention, Preschool & Child Care, and Respite Care.

All children deserve a bright future.

In 1984, Karen Hahne & Brenda Winegar, experienced a lack of support for their children with Down Syndrome.

Believing that we should expect a bright future for ALL children, Karen and Brenda started the “Up With Downs” Early Preschool—a volunteer, parent-run education program for young children with Down Syndrome. Karen and Brenda built a unique program that put parents in charge of helping their child meet developmental challenges, with support and education from each other and caring professionals!


Today, Kids On The Move continues to provide high quality, comprehensive services to young children and families in our community. The board, the staff, volunteers, and parents connected with our organization continue to expect a bright future for all children and are committed to our mission of supporting the development of young children and families.

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Jacob's Army Raised: $1,000 of $250.00
We FELT Like Running Raised: $470 of $400.00
Growing Together Raised: $405 of $150.00
Team brown Raised: $210 of $250.00
The Clark Clan runs for Autism! Raised: $175 of $150.00
KOTM Rally Raised: $100 of $150.00
Team Matthew Raised: $50 of $500.00
Team Annie Raised: $20 of $150.00
Heart & Sole Raised: $10 of $150.00
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Sarah Newman $40.00
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Jacob adragna $500.00
Jacob adragna $500.00
Shaun Heaton $100.00
Margie O'Harra $75.00
Brendan Barnard $55.00
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Jessica Adragna $500.00
Gina Governale $405.00
Stewart Brown $210.00
Lorraine Clark $175.00
Kids On The Move $100.00

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Donor Comments

“Good for you Gina! I am so proud of you for your motivation to do what is good for others. I hope you can continue to work at KOTM--you make a difference!”


“Go, Gina! You can do this!!”

- Audrey Helminiak

“Proud of you taking on a challenge for such a good cause ! Go Gina!”

- Lisa Olszewski

“You inspire many people, Gina! Keep it up! ”

- Anonymous

“Tribute to Gina for the great service she gives”

- Anonymous

“Way to go, Gina! Keep up the good work!”

- Anonymous

“January 2024 Respite Care donation.”

- Lorraine Clark

“For our son who is the glue that holds our family together.”

- Jacob adragna

“For our son, the light of our life”

- Jacob adragna

“In Memory of Jory Heaton. He loved coming to KOTM and his family knew he was safe. The break gave them time to have some time focused on the other children. Thanks so much!”

- Shaun Heaton

“You're awesome! Love you!”

- RoseAnn T Felt

“Love you. You've inspired me”

- Dale Taylor

“Good luck, Gina. Love Sis. Pincock”

- Cecilia Pincock

“For Gina being such a great volunteer!”

- Gerri A Hixenbaugh

“Feb. Respite Care”

- Lorraine Clark

“Gina, I am so proud of you. You are making a positive impact in the lives of so many. You have overcome many things and worked so hard. You are doing great.”

- Marielle Nardoni