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Money Raised: $38,755 Charity Goal: $80,000

About National Ability Center

The Summit Challenge is an annual fundraiser. All proceeds benefit the National Ability Center, a non-profit organization located in Park City, Utah with a mission of empowering individuals of all abilities by building self-esteem, confidence and lifetime skills through sport, recreation and educational programs.

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Jared's Journey
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Team TQ
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Inspired Riders
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Kelsey's 2019 Summit Challenge
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Cole Krochmal
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Leyton Sheppard Gives Back
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Purple Pedal Eaters
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Sprocket Rockets
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TDW Cycling Team
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Team Flyers
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Jennifer's $10 challenge
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ConsultNet LLC
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Ain’t Got No Brakes
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Easy Riders
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Bridgey's buddies
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Zions Bank Z-Team
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Brogan's Wheels
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Jeff Giving A Hand
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Whitney Rockets
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Team Noonan!
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team kev
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Iconoclast Sports
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Heather & Terry Bush
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Karen Mitchell
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Sara Bartlett
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Karen Mitchell
Karen Mitchell
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Donor Comments

"Way to go you two!!!! You both are amazing and inspiring women!!! "

- Lauren Willie

"From the Adam J Danos Family"

- Anonymous

"Proud of you"

- Michele Ezratty

"So proud of you and all that you have been able to accomplish with and through the National Ability Center. Lots of love from your favorite cousin. xoxo"

- Anne Lock

"Go Team Paula!! "

- Sally Castleman

"Next year, I will do it with you Paula!!!"

- Rhonda Taubin

"So sorry we won't be here to support you in person! "

- MaryEllen Azar

"Ride, Paula Ride! "

- pamela e stevenson

"Good luck, ride on!"

- Kim Trocin

"In Memory of Brogan Koegel"

- Michael Koegel

"Go Maddie!!"

- Sharyn m Hochhauser

"Go Madison!! I love your spirit!!"

- Darlene Marmol

"For Madison"

- Linda K Montgomery

"Go Paula!!! Dan & JoAnn "

- JoAnn Carpenter

"Go DAD!!"

- jared ward

"Team Jared"

- Larry Gluth

"Steve, ride like the wind (and safely), my friend. A great ride for a very worthy cause! Best of luck to Jared at Big-D."

- Charles Mims

"GoTeam Jared!!"

- James Smith

"At the Direction of Parker Blood"

- Dan Blood

"Good luck Jared and Steve."

- S Scott Hogerton

"Love you, Madison!"

- Jill Wildenberg

"Glad to be involved"

- Stephen Brown

"In memory of Jacob Richard"

- Rene Richard

"Madison Baumann for her kind heart and incredible spirit ❤️"

- Angela Badaru

"Team Jared rides again!"

- Cynthia A Adkins

"Go Kelsey Go! So proud of all you do!"

- Nancy Delacenserie

"Way to go Kelsey and Nancy! "

- Katy Lillquist

"Ruthie Mae, Debbie and Greg wish you the best."

- J Gregory Schirf

"Great job Kelsey!"

- Shaunna H Hood

"For Kelsey - proud of you!!"

- Carol Wexler

"Blueberry Munchkins are still the best"

- Rakesh Kadakia

"Tribute to Kelsey and Nancy all the best with their ride!"

- Kathleen Amann

"Way to go Cole! See you soon."

- Robert Krochmal

"Go Rockets!"

- Kathleen Lawlor

"Keep being amazing"

- Sidney Chu

"You are an amazing friend and mentor, good luck on your race! - Meads"

- Nolan Mead

"Get some"

- John Hansen

"You are one bad ass MF!"

- Matt Warshaw

"Because John is so awesome!"

- Leslie Francis

"Go Kelsey!"

- Joy Stanley

"I love Vegas"

- Colin Lancaster

"“The best rides are the ones where you bite off much more than you can chew, and live through it” Chew away Johnny!!! Love DGKTOO"

- Anonymous

"Happy riding! "

- Ling Ly

"Go mom! "

- Katherine Onsager

"Don't hurt the bike John..."

- Kelly Arft

"Tribute to Kelsey Delacenserie!"

- Damon Leake

"Go, Johnny, go!"

- Won Ha

"Go Kelsey!!!! Richie Smail"

- Mary Ann Smail

"In support of Kelsey Delacenserie. "

- Peter Linsey

"Crush it ladies!!!"

- Christine Godleski

"I want to be you when I grow up. Amazing work, my friend!"

- Michael Sondheim

"Kelsey, you are truly AWESOME and it’s a joy to support you!"

- Anonymous

"For Jared! "

- David Perry

"You go, Girl! So proud of you and rooting for you!!"

- Anonymous

"on behalf of Richard Worley"

- Richard Worley

"on behalf of Sue Edick"

- Sue Edick

"GO Team Paula!"

- Kathleen and Peter Metcalf

"Go Laura!! Glad to support an awesome cause! Love, Tess & Kent"

- Tess Wheatcroft

"Gooooo Justin"

- Anonymous

"In honor of Laura - your strength, joy of life, compassion, and kindness are inspiring! We will be cheering for you every mile of the ride! love you, Sarah & Steven"

- sarah Blumenfeld

"Good luck with the ride! Your 'World Explorer' friends Joost and Lotte"

- Anonymous

"Bridgey Sullivan"

- josephine rust

"In memory of Bridgie Sullivan"

- Elna Shelley

"Brogan had such a great time coming here. "

- Tracey Scadden

"You go Ava!"

- C Pratte

"Go JenMo!"

- Anonymous

"Tribute to all our proud veterans living and who have passed for our great country,"

- Don Goldberg

"Kathy and Jack Evans"

- Kathryn Evans

"The most bad**s set of purple pedal eating monsters I've ever seen!"

- Robert Blumenfeld

"Go Team Flyers! So proud of you all!"

- Nancy Delacenserie

"go Johnny go"

- Gail Piccoli

"In honor of our buddy Jared!"


"We love you Jared"

- Jonathan Silverstein

"Cash donations from Cello playing--thank you to The Market at Park City."

- Anonymous

"Madison Baumann and Laura Dusold’s 50 Mile ride on a tandem!"

- James Tuton

"Thanks for doing this, Sharon! Great cause!"

- Sandra Bower

"for Kelsey Delacenserie from the Jones Family! We are proud of you!"

- Jenny Jones

"Go Team Jared!!"

- Russell Judah

"From Grandpa Dave and Grandma Patty"

- Heather Krochmal

"Kaitlyn’s first support of Kelsey’s big NAC Summit Challenge. Maybe in a decade or so they can bike it together! All our love. "

- Michelle Cowley

"In honor of the entire Sheppard Family! "

- Bari Rothchild

"Bridgette Sullivan"

- Stacey Border

"Michael Ray"

- Edlin Patterson

"Way to go Layton!"

- Marjorie Friedman

"Rocky Mountain Baseball"

- Dan Laing

"Way to go Jared and Steve! Sending love from Texas!"

- Jacqueline McDonald

"In honor of Paula Prentiss who inspires so many! GO TEAM PAULA!"

- doug tripp

"To my fantastic grandson who is an inspiration to all by his amazing determination and achievements"

- Stephen Sheppard

"Ride on John Daniel - I am so proud of you!!!!!!"

- Michelle Dodds

"Jared Buckley and Family support the Layton Sheppard Gives Back Team. "

- Fazil Riaz

"Despite what Annie says, you are definitely not a loser!! Have a great ride!! You rock JMcA!!"

- Anonymous

"A tribute to Sawyer and his awesome spirit. "

- Christine Calder

"Thanks Heather Sims! "

- Heather Krochmal

"You got this, Kelsey!"

- Anonymous

"In honor of an amazing family!!"

- Alan Weissman

"Go Ava, from grandma and poppa."

- Bill Jennings

"Steve, May the wind be at your back hour Brown’s Canyon! Always behind you Jared!"

- Sara Bartlett

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