National Ability Center

Money Raised: $53,825 Charity Goal: $80,000

About National Ability Center

The Summit Challenge is an annual fundraiser. All proceeds benefit the National Ability Center, a non-profit organization located in Park City, Utah with a mission of empowering individuals of all abilities by building self-esteem, confidence and lifetime skills through sport, recreation and educational programs.

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Ethan's Army
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Team TQ
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Jared's Journey
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James' Cause
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Inspired Riders
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Kelsey's Tandem Ride 2018
Team has raised:
Team Andrea
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Eye on the Glorious
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One Miracle At A Time
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Rotary of Park City
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FiLaCaAm Club
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Modern Mountain Gentlemen
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High Flying Highfield's
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Jennifer's $10 Challenge
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Bridgey's Tandem Team
Team has raised:
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Team May / Egenes
Team has raised:
Skullcandy - Born in PC
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Easy Riders
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Z-Team Zions Bank
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Kason's Krew
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The General's Staph
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CSR Jose Borjas
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Team Whitney
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Rasta Rider
Team has raised:
Team has raised:
Team has raised:
Team Batman
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T.D. Williamson
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Team Flyers
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Rachel’s riders!!
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Epilespsy Awareness
Team has raised:
Summit Cranks
Team has raised:
The Flyers
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Team has raised:

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Recent Donors
L3 Communications West
Karen Gottschall
Bank of America Charitable Giving Fund
Jonathan Foster
Matthew Hall
Elizabeth Pitts
David Jolley
Bank of America
Leatrice Warner
L-3 Communications West
Michelle Eastman
Ken Weyand
Eric Pulver
L-3 Communications West
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Robert Berman
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Susan Rothman
neal sorensen
Sarah Hays
Mona Cotter
Glenn L Katz
Tracy Flannery
Scott Karr
David Clift
Toby Huebner
Naomi Rosen
eileen oakford
Top Donors
wesley jennison
Nicholas Anger
David Jolley
Deborah Schiller


Donor Comments

"John McAndrew"

- Anonymous

"So proud of you JD - ride on!"

- Anonymous

"Go John!"

- Anonymous

"Even thought I'm not in the picture I still believe in your cause... Good job now increase your goal"

- Anonymous

"drink plenty of water :P"

- Anonymous


- Anonymous

"go get it!"

- Anonymous

"Team Jpb"

- Anonymous

"Blessed to have such kind and loving friends in our lives. Good luck!"

- Anonymous

"Good Stuff JD!"

- Anonymous

"On behalf of MSG Jay Drucas"

- Anonymous


- Anonymous

"100 miles... easy -) Go for it! Regards from your Dutch friends!"

- Anonymous

"Go Team Jared's Journey"

- Anonymous

"Riding to celebrate the strengths in us all! Go Jared and Jared's team!!!"

- Anonymous

"Good Luck! - SFC Burris"

- Anonymous

"In memory of Lawrence McClure"

- Anonymous

"Go Easy Riders!"

- Anonymous

"Great Organization doing Great Work!!"

- Anonymous

"Go Team Paula!"

- Anonymous


- Anonymous

"In Memory of Paula's sweet dad!"

- Anonymous

"have a great ride, looking forward to seeing ya all up at the Sac"

- Anonymous

"Go Team Paula - couldn't go to a better organization!!"

- Anonymous

"The General's Staph "

- Anonymous

"Biking can be very very dangerous!"

- Anonymous

"Love from your fairy godmother ❤️"

- Anonymous

"Go Team Bridgey!! "

- Anonymous

"Good luck Jess!"

- Anonymous

"Sherrie Fugate, my little sister"

- Anonymous

"Get 'em Jessica! "

- Anonymous

"Go girl!"

- Anonymous

"In Memory of Larry McClure"

- Sara Bartlett

"Goooo Bridgey's Tandem Team! Happy to support such a wonderful program for Bridget and many more. I may just have to join in the fun next year!!!"

- Molly Morin

"Tribute to Aaron, Aly"

- Jack Evans

"from Thierry Henry"

- michael krochmal

"You are such an inspiration to me Pops!"

- Tenika Ray

"You are an inspiration Michael!"

- Anonymous

"For grandson Cole Krochmal and his dad Michael. Good luck guys!"

- David Strahl

"Way to roll, Paula! Sorry I cant join you this year in person!"

- pamela e stevenson

"In loving memory of William A. Kuerschner, Kelsey's Grandpa K."

- Nancy Delacenserie

"Tribute to Grandpa K"

- Thomas Kuerschner

"Go Cole, you're awesome!"

- Robert Krochmal

"Kelsey, we are so excited to be able to support you again this year and we hope you have a fabulous time participating in this event."

- Eveleen Babich

"Blueberry Munchkins are the best"

- Rakesh Kadakia

"Happy to donate"

- Michael Lonkouski

"In loving memory of Jacob -"

- Anonymous

"Go Steve and Jared. Congrats on graduation-Jared!"

- Anonymous

"In support of Jared Ward"

- Galen Treadgold

"Jared's Journey"

- Larry Gluth

"Go Abby and Grahame and Allen!"

- Allen Highfield

"On behalf of Stephen Brown"

- Marie Worth

"For Jared's Journey"

- Cynthia Adkins

"We are proud that you challenge yourself with this event every year!"

- Monte Hullinger

"Go Kelsey! You and your mom are a great inspiration to us all!"

- Joy stanley

"to support Jared's Ride and the NAC"

- James Smith

"Allez, Johnny, allez!"

- Anonymous

"Good luck raising money...and surviving the ride! Go Team Jared!"

- Anonymous

"You're our hero, James! Bill & I honor your commitment to this worthy cause."

- Robin Roberson

"In Memory of Grandpa Kuerschner"

- Sue Edick

"Kelsey you are THE BEST!"

- Mary L Kohout


- Anonymous

"Way to go Kelsey, Richie Smail"

- Mary Ann Smail

"Go Team Paula!!"

- Lawrence Goldstein

"Here's to Kelsey! You are a champion!"

- Carol Wexler

"proceeds from selling goods-thank you to the mayor "

- Michael krochmal

"One day I will ride again !!! It’s such a wonderful organization. Ride like the wind! "

- Stacey Reardon

"Go Team Jared!"

- Jacqueline McDonald

"You're awesome Kelsey (and Nancy)! Dean & Katy"

- Kaye Lillquist

"Go Kelsey bike fast!"

- James Delacenserie

"For my amazing Son!"

- Linda Dix

"Go Paula"

- Jared Ward

"OOH! LA! LA! Monsieur TQ!!! "

- Anonymous

"GOD speed!"

- Edlin Patterson

"We beleive in Rafael"

- Kurt Mortensen

"So proud of you Paula!!!"

- Anonymous

"Ride, Steve Ride!!! "

- Anonymous

"Ride, Paula, Ride!!! "

- Karen L Mitchell

"Go Kelsey & Nancy, enjoy the ride!"

- Shaunna H Hood

"Ride a mile for Bob....."

- Sandra Hruby

"Keep it up and good luck Mom!"

- Berkley Egenes

"You guys are great! Have fun and hope you raise a lot for this super cause."

- Anonymous

"Ride hard. Go fast."

- Anonymous

"Good cycling son....proud of you for working for this very worth cause"

- Rita Diefenderfer

"Way to go Kelsey & Nancy!! "

- Michelle Cowley

"Good luck Cole! "

- suzanne nimocks

"Way to go, Kelsey! "

- Sandra Hoel

"774 Expeditionary Airlift Squadron (C-130J) WEASELS"

- Randolph Orpe

"Thanks for all the good times and laughs, Taylor!"

- David Hunter

"Keep working on toning that girly bottom my friend!!!"

- Stephen Guynn

"Go Abby & Grahame so proud of you, love Judy "

- Aine Mcdonagh

"We love you Mike"

- Anonymous

"In honour of Michael Ray. To a truly inspiring man! May you continue to be blessed with strength and determination! Lynn & Norm"

- Norman Wolter

"another great year for your team "

- christine ehlers

"Never, never, never give up! Thanks for being my dear friend, Kelsey!!!! You’ve got this. "

- Christine Godleski

"Congratulations and all the best wishes to Jared on his graduation and onward!"

- Lorraine Branham

"Good Luck!!"

- Christopher Hamaway

"In honor of Kelsey and her mom, Nancy"

- Anonymous

"On behalf of Haynie & Company"

- Robert Orton

"Happy to donate to a worthy cause James."

- Trent Watkins

"Go get 'em Steve - have fun, ride safe, and keep up the good work for a great cause!"

- Charles Mims

"Good luck James! Lil Guinny and parents"

- Daniel Campbell

"WWP "

- Anonymous

"A great cause ... Happy to participate."

- Anonymous

"Spread the TQ magic!!!!"

- Guynn Family

"Go Kelsey!!!"

- Anonymous

"Wishing you much success in your ride for a great cause!"

- Julie Hackett

"Hurray Paula!"

- Lynn Morrow

"We love the Ward Family and Jared! "

- David Perry

"From Betty and Rocky "

- Roxann Lindquist

"We love you Kason!!! "

- Shawna Young

"Jared Ward"

- Jose Nevarez

"To all riders with good intentions"

- Lawrence Schmidt

"At least half of it's downhill"

- Gary Kuhl

"Go Paula Go!"

- Sabrina and Mike Rainey

"In memory of Uncle Andrew!"

- Deborah Schiller


- Christian Robinson



"In memory of Lulu "

- John ODonovan

"Climb that wall, Ethan.... Stay Appy"

- Kenneth Kaufman

"Ethan: you go, Buddy!! "

- Allan Rothschild

"go get em buddy"

- glen mintz

"You’re the best Ethan!"

- Jacob Amos

"Go Steve!"

- Jacqueline Reed

"Go Team Highfield!"

- Michael Cahill

"This is from Team Boeing"

- jesus rocha

"Go Ethan!"

- J Rodney Westmoreland

"Good luck, Ethan!"

- Amy Baly

"in honor of Michael Ray"

- Tom Painter

"Best Wishes from Texas! Go Jared’s Journey! "

- Emily Parry

"Jared Ward"

- William B Winegar

"Paula, When I first met Katie, via Small Forces, it was obvious how proud she was whenever she mentioned you. After seeing the Utah4 news segment, I now know why! "

- Donna Salo

"Hope you have a comfortable seat.......sponsored by your friends at shot night!"

- Anonymous

"Ethan rocks! "

- Daran and Elaine Rubin

"Go Mom!!! "

- Katherine Onsager

"In memory of Uncle Andrew"

- Denise Schiller

"for the EY team"

- Christina Peterson

"Best of luck Steve with team Jared!"

- Ellen Parry

"In Memory of Nick Laursen"

- John Hanrahan

"Yeah Paula!"

- Kathryn Petersen

"Ethan Have lots of fun!! Xoxox cousin nancy Sarah and joshi "

- Nancy Somer

"Go E We love you Nana and Papa"

- Naomi Rosen

"We’re Appy to Elpa Ethan’s Army, Love, Katz Family"

- Glenn L Katz

"Thanks Chad!"

- Mona Cotter

"Go Dree!"

- Sarah Hays

"Jared's journey"

- neal sorensen

"go Ethan go!!"

- Susan Rothman

"Ride on, Alec and Kurt!"

- Anonymous

"Proud of you both!"

- Barbara Melnyk


- Greg Nance

"'appy' to support our Ethan! "

- Pam Socolow

"For our veteran heroes"

- Cathy King

"In tribute to Bridget Sullivan. Go Sullivan Family!!!"

- Patricia Hare

"Ethan’s Army"

- David Raffel

"Way to go Ethan!"

- Steven Kaufman

"Ethan keep up the good work!"

- Anonymous

"offline Heartland donation"

- Ellen Hotung

"We miss you TQ! "

- Anonymous

"check number 8300 - date 08/25"

- Robert Berman

"check number 7304 - date 08/22"

- Valerie Goodrich

"check number 39987187 - date 08/22"

- L-3 Communications West

"Ethan - you rock! "

- Eric Pulver

"Ethan, thanks for including me in your quest."

- Ken Weyand

"Go Ethan!!"

- Michelle Eastman

"on behalf of Fritz toward James' Cause"

- L-3 Communications West

"in honor of Wesley Warner"

- Leatrice Warner

"on behalf of the JK Sprole Family Fund, Andrea and Jonathan Sprole"

- Bank of America

"Good luck, Ethan!!! Love, Rob & Betsy"

- Elizabeth Pitts

"In honor of Ethan! - Jon Foster"

- Jonathan Foster

"on behalf of Andrea and Jonathan Sprole"

- Bank of America Charitable Giving Fund

"in honor of Wesley and Morgen Warner"

- Karen Gottschall

"matching gift on behalf of Friedrich Fisher"

- L3 Communications West