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Money Raised: $0.00 Charity Goal: $100,000

About Run for the Call / Event Sponsorship

At the stroke of midnight on New Year's Eve while most people in the country will be celebrating with their families and loved ones, others will be getting dressed in a bulletproof vest along with a sidearm, kiss their loved ones goodbye, and head out into a world of uncertainty to serve and protect.  

At Midnight, New Year's Eve, family members and supporters throughout the World are participating in THE RUN FOR THE CALL to show support for our men and women in BLUE. Over the past few years, we have seen an unprecedented rise in violence and killings against police officers. On New Year's Eve, we will RUN FOR THE CALL in support and alongside those who wear the uniform. 


  • Commissioner Level - $ 15,000 Donation
  • Chief Level                - $ 10,000 Donation
  • Captain Level            - $   7,500 Donation
  • Lieutenant Level       - $   5,000 Donation
  • Sergeant Level          - $   2,500 Donation
  • Patrol level                - $   1,000 Donation
  • Auxiliary Level          - $       500 Donation

Click the Run for the Call Sponsorship Form if you choose to write a check for the donation. 

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