$17,879 Raised for Vision of Hope

Charity Goal: $35,000
Money Raised: $17,879

About Vision of Hope

Vision of Hope recognizes the worth and sanctity of human life by ministering to women ages 14 and older needing hope and help as they face life-altering challenges. 

Vision of Hope is a faith-based residential ministry whose staff and program focus on applying loving, practical solutions from God’s Word to help produce permanent and lasting change in women whose lives have become characterized by negative, life-dominating habits. We serve women struggling with a variety of issues including addictions of all kinds, self-harm, depression, anxiety, OCD, eating disorders, PTSD and unplanned pregnancy.

The program is designed to help solve complex problems as efficiently and thoroughly as possible, using a relationship with Christ and the direction available from His Word as the basis for change and growth.

For more information, visit our website at https://www.faithlafayette.org/voh

If you prefer, you may mail or hand-deliver cash or check donations (made out to Vision of Hope) to the Vision of Hope office, 5652 Mercy Way, Lafayette IN 47905. Please include a note that it is for Race for Hope.

Help a Fundraiser Team Below

Team Runningdoc Raised: $4,000 of $2000.00
Maggie's Magnificent Mile Raised: $1,575 of $2000.00
Lbster Raised: $1,530 of $1000.00
Elena Canales Raised: $1,200 of $1000.00
CC Raised: $1,050 of $1000.00
Slow and Steady wins the race. Raised: $1,000 of $2000.00
Rachel Raised: $1,000 of $2000.00
Gabby's Goofy Goobers Raised: $796 of $2000.00
Buff Baptists Raised: $775 of $1000.00
Team Starky Raised: $600 of $2000.00
Running Free Raised: $600 of $500.00
we lift our eyes! Raised: $500 of $1000.00
Miriam Kohlstedt Raised: $450 of $10000.00
Trust God in the Process Raised: $400 of $1000.00
Team Gallie Raised: $315 of $1000.00
Aimee's Helpers Raised: $300 of $1000.00
Emilia Bartlinski Raised: $250 of $1000.00
LivingHope777 Raised: $125 of $1000.00
Happy Feet Raised: $100 of $35000.00
Running Rabbits Raised: $100 of $1000.00
Faithfully Following Raised: $100 of $1000.00
Running to the stars Raised: $100 of $1000.00
Lori Heath Raised: $50 of $1000.00
Makenzie Emerson Raised: $45 of $1000.00
Hosanna Miller Raised: $45 of $1000.00
Not fast, Just furious Raised: $40 of $45000.00
Seeking Sanctuary Raised: $25 of $1000.00
Samone Johnson Raised: $25 of $1000.00
One Jennie Won Raised: $20 of $1000.00
Kenzi Wilkerson Raised: $18 of $3000.00
Scrambled Legs Raised: $15 of $1000.00
Catching the sunrise Raised: $10 of $1000.00
Clean sweep Raised: $0 of $50000.00
Lasting Hope Raised: $0 of $45000.00
Bring the Change Raised: $0 of $2000.00
If you don't succeed try, try again. Raised: $0 of $2000.00
Cora Raised: $0 of $1000.00
I don't make the calls, I answer them! Raised: $0 of $1000.00
Face of Grace Raised: $0 of $1000.00
J-Walkers(Walking with Jesus) Raised: $0 of $500.00
Recent Donors
C T Boller $100.00
Rebecca Buono $40.00
Danielle Klinker
Rebecca A. Nitzschke $250.00
Rebecca A. Nitzschke $250.00
Top Donors
Charles Hodges $4,000.00
Carol a hanson $700.00
Dottie Perkins $500.00
Rebecca S Buono $500.00
Heather Starkweather $400.00
Top Fundraisers
Charles Hodges $4000.00
Maggie Opperman $1560.00
Becky Hanson $1500.00
Elena Canales $1200.00
Clarissa Hoover $1050.00

Fundraising Individuals

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Donor Comments

“I love you!!”

- Anonymous

“Go Gabby Go!!!!”

- David A Johnson

“Miss you sweet Emma! Keep your head up and being brave. ”

- Blair DeLong

“Miss you, Miriam! Keep up the hard work and projecting the light! ”

- Blair DeLong

“Miss you, Hosanna! Proud of YOU! Keep your head up. Keep shining. Keep doing the work.”

- Blair DeLong

“Miss you, Samone! Proud of you and the work you’ve put in. Keep shining!”

- Blair DeLong

“Miss you, Makenzie! Keep up the hard work. Proud of you!”

- Blair DeLong

“Gabby Gibson”

- Bradley Bigney

“God loves you!”

- Anonymous

“Love you. Keep fighting the good fight! ”

- Amanda J Hubbell

“Love you! Keep fighting the good fight! ”

- Amanda J Hubbell

“Go Makenzie! So amazed by your perseverance!”

- Amanda J Hubbell

“Hey mamma! You are doing great things! God is at work! Keep on keeping on! ”

- Amanda J Hubbell

“You are almost at the finish line! So proud of you. Let God keep working in your life! ”

- Amanda J Hubbell

“You go girl! So proud of you and in awe of Gods work in your life! ”

- Amanda J Hubbell

“God has you right where He wants you. Keep persevering and trusting Him. ”

- Amanda J Hubbell

“from Karen and Jon at your Custer Church”

- Karen R Gindhart

“Love you. ”

- Christopher R Bayer

“For Elena”

- Eliza Sansone


- Erin M Greenwood

“From our family with love to you Elena ! ”

- Mavis Luna

“Go, Gabby, GO!!! We are praying for you! - on behalf of College Park Church and Mark Vroegop!”

- Jill Henry

“From Courtney Throckmorton ”

- Theresa Canales

“I am thankful for the power of the Word of God in Gabby’s life as well as the life transformation ministry of Vision of Hope! ”

- Jodi Hubert

“We love you Elena!!! God Bless!! We miss you! Battaglino’s”

- Dayna Blundo

“Stay strong our sweet Elena!”

- Gina Picone

“Elena we love you and miss you. Stay strong. UM/AJ ”

- Michael Yanchuck

“Praying for Alisha and all the Vision of Hope women.”

- Anonymous

“Stay strong Elena. You got this!”

- Jana Trapp

“Elena Canales Elena miss seeing you keep well and strong Love Aunt Patty”

- patricia karl

“Praying for you Elena! 💕🙏”

- Melissa Cerbone

“Love you Mags!!!!!”

- Elizabeth Kinlaw

“For Elena, Sweet girl you are a blessing to this world! I am praying for you and sending so much love and hugs your way! May God always shield and protect you! Best wishes princess.”

- QuaTayah Robinson


- Jenna Bonstein

“This is repayment for all the times you scared me by jumping out at me, Jordyn 🤣”

- Priscilla Sayer

“From Grandma”

- Theresa Canales

“with love”

- Patricia L Cox

“Race for hope”

- David Andrews

“Donated with love”

- Laura L Allen

“Praying for you :)”

- Cynthia Hilditch

“So proud of you Maggie! 😘”

- Angela Blanchette

“Best wishes Alisha. Sending love from the Everhart family.”

- A Everhart

“Maggie, it's been such an encouragement to read your letters and hear about all the ways God has used VoH to grow you! Happy run/walking!”

- Anonymous

“Tribute to CC! You rock 🪨 ”

- Anonymous

“We are beyond proud of all the hard work you have done! We love you Maggie! ”

- McKenzey Smith

“Proud of your courageous journey, Katie!”

- Liesl C Dunlap

“Love you SO much!💚🌸💚”

- Ann Bartlinski

“We love you! ”


“Go Emilia”

- Reginald Disante

“I love Vision of Hope! ”

- Anonymous

“Run the race to win that prize!! ”

- Danielle Klinker

“Love you Gallie”

- C T Boller