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Redemption Race Productions has purchased the RFID RTS, state-of-the-art, race timing system. The RFID system is widely used in Europe and the United States. Information on the system can be found at, http://www.rfidtiming.com/index.html Redemption Race Productions offers a low cost chip timing service for Triathlons, Offroad Events, and Running Events in San Antonio and the surrounding area. Redemption Race Productions uses the new UHF Ultra System. For Pricing, please send in a request using our Contact Page. The new Ultra System incorporates the latest technology in a sturdy portable case. RRP Timing provides state of the art timing and scoring services for running, triathlon, swimming, mud runs and biking events in Central Texas. All events are timed using traditional timing chips or the latest disposable timing tags which are attached to the race bib. We are glad to host results form your event online. But we also give you the event's results so that you can post wherever you choose. If you do not want your events results listed, we will honor your request and refrain from posting results on our site.

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San Antonio, TX