Wildflower Pedalfest - 2017

Ride like a Wildflower … Beautiful, Strong & Free! 

We believe all women deserve a day free of planning, schedules, responsibilities, and taking care of everyone else. For women who love to cycle, we’ve created one of those days. Join us at the Wildflower Pedalfest where we have every detail covered so you can feel free to enjoy a day on your bike, free to spend time with your girlfriends and other amazing women, free to challenge yourself, free to laugh, free to learn, and free to celebrate the beauty and strength that is found in each of us.

We’ve thought of everything. All that’s missing is you!  Grab your best cycling girl friends and join us!

There are 2 ways to save money on your registration:  1.  Put together a team of 10 and save $5 per person.  2.  Once you have registered don't forget to share the link given to you when you have finished and you will get a $5 refund for every person who registers using your link. 

Register and order a jersey and save $10... Shop at WildflowerPedalfest.com to see the super cute 2017 designs.