$223 Raised for West Orange Suicide Advocacy Coalition

Charity Goal: $25,000
Money Raised: $223

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About West Orange Suicide Advocacy Coalition


The mission of the West Orange Suicide Advocacy Coalition (WOSAC) is to gather and streamline public education, supportive services, training, and intervention resources related to suicides in the Township of West Orange.


WOSAC Goals:

  1.      Create materials (i.e., brochures) that aid school, family and police officers who respond to suicide calls and attempts
  2.      Increase access to resources (more support groups and information shared in the community)
  3.      Support more public conversation (about risks and related suicide information)
  4.      Increase support group attendance

Reduce suicide rate (current rate does not increase) in and around West Orange

WOSAC Major Initiatives:

  •        Engage the public by partnering with organizations to host awareness events, and disseminate information about suicide prevention.
  •        Supplement suicide prevention and mental health resources to the West Orange community and schools using nationally recognized suicide prevention materials, resources, and programs.
  •        Work with the Township and school community to identify professionals and businesses to make our township a suicide-free zone.

Identify and create grief packets to be distributed by first responders and town residents who are seeking information on coping with the loss from suicide or suicide attempts.

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“In honor of all of those who kept their faith even when they could no longer see the light through the darkness. God knows our hearts. ”