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About Point Man Ministries of Clark County, WA

Point Man Ministries is a veteran-run volunteer organization that comes along side and supports past and present military members and their families in times of need. 

Point Man's mission is to connect all veterans/active military members, as well as their families and friends, with others who have already begun or made the transition home after military service.   It is Point Man Ministries desire to provide Physical, Spiritual and Emotional healing and assistance through their three outposts in Clark County. 

Point Man does this through facilitating fellowship with other Veterans who have "been there, done that."  One critical way, Point Man, meets the needs of those it serves is to be there when help is needed, "Right Now".  Point Man volunteers have met the soldier/vet at the gas station to fill up that tank of gas, at the pharmacy to cover the cost of their or a family member's prescription, as well as helping with utility bills  and even rent. When a service member needs someone to have their back... Point Man Ministries is ready to cover their "6".

BackaHero.Today sponsors The Heroes' Challenge to help grateful citizens come alongside those who serve/served and help fill the gaps in very functional and needed ways.