The Gathering Source

Money Raised: $0.00 Charity Goal: $25,000

About The Gathering Source

HISTORY - Founded in 2010, The Gathering Source began with a simple mission of repaying the community for their support after the death of the President’s husband. After identifying several gaps in community services, The Gathering Source has evolved into a multipurpose organization devoted to Caring for Hunger, Education and Wellness (CHEW) to improve the quality of life in our rural communities.  We remain an organization staffed by volunteers.    

We believe a community benefits when its children and families succeed. The Gathering Source is committed to giving individuals and families in need the opportunity to achieve their own success by alleviating hunger and providing access to the tools they need to succeed.


  • Food pantry that currently feeds 105 households per month (and growing)
  • Weekend meal pack program for schoolchildren whose main source of food is their school
  • Community Education on such topics as financial literacy, nutrition and cooking
  • School supply filled backpacks for children of families in need
  • Free Yoga and Strength Training for our communities
  • Local access to Dodge County Services and organizations that provide assistance
  • Summer produce exchange program to allow for community access to nutritious foods

Total Raised