$365 Raised for Vision Outreach International

Charity Goal: $5,000
Money Raised: $365

Your generous donations make the world a better place. Thank you for giving!

About Vision Outreach International

Can't participate in The Blind K Run/Walk but still want to make an impact?  You can help Vision Outreach International reach our goal and support this event by making a donation to VOI.  

Vision Outreach International restores sight to the blind all around the world even if individuals can't afford it.  Since 2001 we have been traveling abroad doing cataract surgery on the poor and restoring individual value and dignity.

Our efforts have reduced suicide, prevented child abandonment, stimulated economies, and relieved family burdens. Children have been able to go back to school. Providers have been able to go back to work and family relationships have been restored.

We are grateful that you have joined us. Your small gift will have a HUGE IMPACT!

Your donations will be used by Vision Outreach International (VOI) to give sight to the poor all over the world.  

Visit our website to learn more about VOI - www.visionoutreach.org 


Vision Outreach International is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization. All gifts are given to Vision Outreach International. The VOI Executive Committee and Board exercise control over all contributions and expenses. Should there ever be excess in a fund, the excess will be used to further the mission efforts of VOI. All gifts are tax-deductible and non-refundable.

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