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About Harrison Center for the Arts


Our mission is to promote a culture of creativity and learning by supporting the arts in education, performance, and opportunities that uplift individuals, families, and our community and inspire meaningful human connections.

The Harrington Center for the Arts is dedicated to providing a community sharing venue for visions to be realized, causes to be met and ideas to be pursued. It is within the walls of our art gallery, performance theatre, dance studios, classrooms and offices that growth of these efforts will occur on a constant, and ever-evolving basis.

Commitment to Community

Cultivating an environment of creativity inherently builds a community of support and pride. The act of sitting together and sharing a live performance unites the audience for a time, in the struggles and dreams of a common vision. We hope to build upon this sense of community throughout Utah Valley through educational programs that inspire the next generation of artists and theatergoers.


The Utah Valley area is growing exponentially. The renovation of the Harrington School will revitalize the downtown area of American Fork City. Such a large attraction will benefit restaurants and businesses through attendance, location, and traffic exposure.