$1,230 Raised for Lake Martin Animal Sanctuary

Charity Goal: $2,000
Money Raised: $1,230

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About Lake Martin Animal Sanctuary

The Lake Martin Animal Sanctuary is committed to providing a safe haven and compassionate care for animals in need within our community. Our mission is to advocate for their well-being, rescue those who are abandoned or mistreated, and facilitate their adoption into loving homes. By supporting our sanctuary, you directly contribute to saving and improving the lives of countless animals who rely on our assistance. Your donation enables us to provide essential veterinary care, nutritious food, comfortable shelter, and enrichment activities to enhance their quality of life. Together, we can make a profound difference in the lives of these vulnerable creatures and ensure they receive the love and care they deserve. Please consider donating to the Lake Martin Animal Sanctuary and join us in our mission to create a brighter future for animals in need.

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Holly Wyatt $100.00
Anonymous $40.00
Amy Law $50.00
Christine Hutcheosn $100.00
Jaclyn L Koffler $20.00
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Rebecca McFarland $500.00
Holly Wyatt $100.00
Christine Hutcheosn $100.00
Holly Wyatt $50.00
Amy Law $50.00
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Dyllan Koffler $60.00

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“Enjoy the run Dyllan, and good job volunteering, Jason!! Love, Nana and Papa”

- Jaclyn L Koffler

“Very proud of you doing this run and working toward your next endeavor, and for your brother volunteering.”

- Anonymous