Easterseals Southern California

Money Raised: $101,733 Charity Goal: $100,000

About Easterseals Southern California

Our Cause

At Easterseals, we believe that our community is stronger when we build on the abilities of all of our neighbors. That's why we work in local communities as champions for ability. We pave the way with programs and services that unlock the potential of each person we serve, regardless of the challenge they may face. Working in partnership, we offer guidance, provide support and inspire action so that everyone can reach for and realize their potential.

Help a Fundraiser Team Below

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Team has raised:
Amway-Nutrilite DreamMakers
Team has raised:
Platt Family
Team has raised:
Team has raised:
Medical Specialties Managers
Team has raised:
Team Adam Rochte/#638 San Pedro
Team has raised:
PCA Superstars
Team has raised:
Team has raised:
Team has raised:
Cota Chicks
Team has raised:
BPN Certified Superheroes
Team has raised:
Team Armanino
Team has raised:
Michel Financial Group
Team has raised:
Gardena Go Getters
Team has raised:
La Tijera Thundercats 605
Team has raised:
Team Burbank
Team has raised:
Nic Novicki and Friends
Team has raised:
WorkFirst Striving Striders
Team has raised:
CVS Mark Jiannino Team
Team has raised:
Savvy San Pedro of ESSC
Team has raised:
Beauiful Bella
Team has raised:
Kelsey Lynn's Team
Team has raised:
CDC Dream Team
Team has raised:
Team Benji
Team has raised:
Troop 3442
Team has raised:
Mimi's Clan
Team has raised:
R60 District 4 - Long Beach
Team has raised:
Century 21 Town & Country
Team has raised:
Team has raised:
Crenshaw in Motion
Team has raised:
Tristan The Incredible
Team has raised:
Reppin ASD in the IE
Team has raised:
He's All We Got
Team has raised:
The Mighty Quinns
Team has raised:
Century 21 My Real Estate Company
Team has raised:
Team ICA
Team has raised:
Area 14 RBO Team
Team has raised:
Radical Ninjas
Team has raised:
Autism South
Team has raised:
CVS Anthony Collier Team
Team has raised:
CVS Michael Ibrahim Team
Team has raised:
R65 District 3
Team has raised:
Shark Striders
Team has raised:
East Los Angeles / San Gabriel Valley
Team has raised:
CVS Paul Stumpe Team
Team has raised:
Easterseals Santa Fe Springs
Team has raised:
Team has raised:
The Real Behaviorists of OC
Team has raised:
CVS Kenneth Morris Team
Team has raised:
Long Beach Locals
Team has raised:
CVS Ted Glisson Team
Team has raised:
CVS Thomas Hines Team
Team has raised:
Murtaugh Treglia Stern & Deily
Team has raised:
Flying Bacon Bits
Team has raised:
G.R.I.T 323
Team has raised:
Raynor's Raiders
Team has raised:
CVS La Habra DC
Team has raised:
MassMutual Special Care Team
Team has raised:
The Commuters
Team has raised:
Maricela Ortiz - CVS 8872
Team has raised:
Familia Calzada
Team has raised:
Team has raised:
Team Living Options
Team has raised:
CVS Health District 72-04 Ken Morris
Team has raised:
Sunshine club
Team has raised:
West LA Residential & SLS Programs
Team has raised:
Team Kelly Baldwin Century 21
Team has raised:
8875 y mas
Team has raised:
Kumon Math & Reading Center of Santa Ana
Team has raised:
CVS William McCaffrey Team
Team has raised:
CVS Matthew Montgomery Team
Team has raised:
CVS Ken E. Morris Team
Team has raised:
CVS Sarah Brady Team
Team has raised:
CVS Eric Gibbons Team
Team has raised:
CVS Garo Kouyoumjian Team
Team has raised:
CVS Artin Dembekjian Team
Team has raised:
CVS Stephanie Moore Team
Team has raised:
CVS Shad Agel Team
Team has raised:
CVS Puja Malhorta Team
Team has raised:
CVS Jacqueline Abelsohn Team
Team has raised:
CVS Seang Foo Team
Team has raised:
CVS Joshua Wolsefer Team
Team has raised:
CVS Ralph Baez Team
Team has raised:
CVS Marshall Hayde Team
Team has raised:
CVS Princess Mushohwempati Team
Team has raised:
CVS Wolfgang Schiefer Team
Team has raised:
CVS Jonathan Whittle Team
Team has raised:
D6 Beach Cruisers and Troop 3702
Team has raised:
ESSC Riverside Autism Awareness
Team has raised:
Journeys Martial Arts Academy
Team has raised:

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Total Raised

Recent Donors
Richard and Carol Glasow
Debra Moya
Kent Valley
Gail Kiralla-Orr
Christy and Trent Wylde
Walter and Laurie Jenkins
Linda Casey
Michael and Kimberly Roski
Jeff and Christi Colby
Kathleen Stauffer
Megan Hendrickson
Samuel and Katrina Lynn Calvert
Acacia Quilt Guild of Orange County
Armanino Foundation
Marilynn Berger
Leslie Morodomi
Scott and Cynthia Heimer
Dina and Robert Mackie
Lilian Lopez
Francisco Abundi
Tim Kell
Claire Gumeweb
Andrew Espinoza
Ryan Orr
Vennito Bradford
Cheri Keith
Vicki Wright
JB Carlos
Sheryl and David Castro
Cash Donations
Century 21 Desert Rock
Debbie Garigen
Gilbert Meili
Maria Sanchez
Ms. Vivian
Donna Theriault
Carol Olivas
PV Family & Immediate Medical Care
Sal DiPasquale
David Wolf
David Wolf
Mark Beyma
Carol Richards
Joanna Gan
Top Donors
Marsha Champion
Century 21 Desert Rock
Medical Specialties Managers, Inc Sponsorship
T-Mobile Sponsorship
Bill Westermann


Donor Comments

"Donations from DreamMakers July 15 fundraiser!"

- Anonymous

"Donations from DreamMakers July 15 Fundraising event in Dana Point!"

- Anonymous

"University of La Verne HydroTunez project donations from 2016"

- Anonymous

"CBS Television Network"

- Anonymous

"Mark Bertrand Sponsorship"

- Anonymous

"Mark Bertrand Matching Gift"

- Anonymous

"Mass Mutual Sponsorship"

- Anonymous

"Go Team Adam! -Emily and Zach"

- Emily Rochler

"To Chris,the Wonder Girl!"

- Richard S. Cowan

"Sorry to miss the walk this year, but we'll be with you in spirit! (one last water polo road trip to NorCal)."

- Richard Cowan

"Go TEAM Rochte!!! "

- Keith Hunter

"Go Adam Go!!"

- Kelly Wilson

"We love you team Benji!! From Rebekah Jon and Gwyn ❤️❤️❤️"

- Rebekah Soikkeli

"In memory of Grandma Cleo, who's love and patience made the difference. "

- donald chapin

"In Memory of our brother, Frank Garzon."

- Luz Marina Lopez

"Thanks for all you do do raise awareness for worthy Charitable causes"

- Shushma Patel

"Go Teddy"

- Bobbie Ritter

"Go Kelsey!"

- Randall Cardon

"Go Kelsey and Rox! "

- Linda Lee Chernek

"Go Teddy and Ed!!!"

- Katherine Evans

"Behavioral Health Works Inc. Sponsorship"

- Anonymous

"Go Team Benji!!!"

- Aaron Barthuly

"Love you Benji Dude!!!!!!!"

- Aaron Barthuly

"Go Team Benji!!!!"

- Aaron Barthuly

"Go Team Benji!!!!!"

- Aaron Barthuly

"Woohoo! Go Teddy!"

- Marisol Marks

"Cory Cardon"

- Anonymous

"Cory Cardon"

- Anonymous

"Cory Cardon"

- Anonymous

"Way to go from Grandma H."

- Anonymous

"Good luck Nic!! So proud! - Amy"

- Amelia Williams

"Netsmart Technologies Sponsorship!"

- Anonymous

"For Tryston ,Macyn , we don't know where our lives would be without Easterseals."

- Anonymous

"James & Gable Insurance Brokers, Inc. Sponsorship"

- Anonymous

"Donation from Kevin McKenna and Jodi Huston"

- Anonymous

"Go Team"

- Angel Christopher

"Help the kids Gil!"

- Kathy Johnsick

"Dan and Annie thanks for all you do.. Gary"

- Gary Hunstiger Hunstiger

"Good luck family!!"

- Jamie Neal

"Anderson Family Farm Trust"

- Christie Rochte

"To support James Hurst and Team Cota Chicks!"

- Karen Hurst

"Donation from Tomoko Morimoto"

- Tomoko Morimoto

"Donation from Joycelyn Dykstra"

- Joycelyn Dykstra

"Donation from Heather Clements"

- Heather Clements

"In memory of Joyce Berry"

- Annie Beck

"Packaging Corporation of America (PCA) Sponsorship"

- Jenni Wilson

"In memory of Cinthia's mother"

- Bob and Peggy Blanton

"Go Angela!!!"

- Mary Perez

"Go Molly!"

- Kelly Mazzo

"From all of us at Garrett/Mosier Insurance Services, Inc."

- Steven Mosier

"In honor of what you do and who you are, Mary. Your work is amazing!"

- David Soria

"For my big brother Ted."

- Rachel Ritter

"Tristan IS incredible!"

- Rachel Thomasy

"Go team!"

- Matthew Mastrella

"I donated 5 prior to the main charity fundraiser, so I want to add to this one as well, as I work here too. lol It's for a good cause, and although it's a little bit, I know something is better than nothing."

- David Hernandez

"Go Team Benji!"

- Nathan Brewer

"Sending our love and support to Team Adam !! Melissa and Tim Rochte"

- Melissa Rochte

"Go Adam!!!!! You Rock!"

- Susan and Mike Kavanaugh

"Love our baby boy!"

- Bonita B. Barthuly

"Amway Sponsorship"

- Marsha Champion

"with love"

- Anonymous

"Good Luck!😘 "

- Amber White

"My Mother"

- R Yvonne Owens

"For Isabella Rose"

- Martha Villanueva

"You've got this Ladies!"

- Jennifer Myles

"Go Team Pyott!"

- Michelle McAdam


- David Elkouby

"Mimi's Clan"

- Kevin Argumosa

"Go Mimi's clan!"

- Erica Bartow

"In memory of Cinthia Geyer's Mom, Joyce Berry - from Acacia Guild"

- Lisa Sullivan

"In memory of Cinthia Geyer's Mom, Joyce Berry"

- Acacia Guild

"Go Team LA TIJERA THUNDERCATS! I am there in spirit cheering you on!"

- Christina DeRosa

"In honor of Michael Platt Dr. Griesbach is wishing you great luck!"

- Audrey Greenwood

"Go Team Pyott!"

- Leigh Volkland

"California State Lodge Fraternal Order of Police Sponsorship"

- Bill Westermann

"To the wonderful Platt Family"

- David Doyle

"In memory of my Aunt, Mary Ann Wright, who fought for rights for the disabled in the state of Delaware."

- Suzanne Bogaard

"Will be cheering you from afar! Way to go, Team Pyott!"

- Anonymous

"For Bella"

- Janie Lugo

"Donation from De Leon Home Billys LLC"

- Carrie Carothers

"Timmy Joe McCann"

- Charles McCann

"The Bacor Family"

- Kevin Bacor

"Umika I love your caring and giving spirit !!! The world is a better place because you're in it. We Love you.The Anderson family"

- Alfred Anderson

"You go girls!!"

- Diane Cardon

"Go Platt Family!! Enjoy the race!"

- Carolyn Johnson

"CVS Health Cares"

- Anonymous

"Wonderful cause! Getting close!! Go Platt family!"

- Marthamary Treese

"Gooooo TEAM PCA!!!"

- Cindy Sisneros

"Go Kyle!!!! :-D"

- Lisa Cash

"For the Gardena Go Getters Gardena Easter Seals Site in honor of Matthew Strangarity"

- Sandra DeMond


- Linda Mendia

"Thanks Aunt Mary, Uncle Mike for sharing - have a great race day! Huge hug, Cindy"

- Cynthia Rogers

"Run, Adam, run!!!"

- Mary Reynolds

"For Tryston And Maycn. Thank you Easterseals!"

- Barbara Brinson Shipp

"For Tyrston and Macyn. Thank you Easter Seals for helping in our time of need."

- Curtis Shipp

"The Platt Family"

- Janet Prucnal

"Go Michael"

- Joan Frangiamore

"Go Team Rochte!!"

- Paul Weber

"Thank you to the Platt family for all you do!"

- Kim Feder

"Fighting The Fight Together"

- Hillary Smith

"Various Donation"

- Various Donations

"For Randy"

- Anonymous

"Sending love & support from Texas!"

- Samantha Pollet

"For the Geyer/Berry Family"

- Deborah Bryhl


- Anonymous

"Good luck in your race! 🏃‍♀️🍕🏃"

- Amanda Dluhy

"member of Mary Platt team"

- David Ritblatt

"Century 21 Desert Rock Sponsorship"

- Century 21 Desert Rock

"T-Mobile Sponsorship"

- T-Mobile Sponsorship

"Medical Specialties Managers, Inc. Sponsorship"

- Medical Specialties Managers, Inc Sponsorship

"Autism Learning Partners Sponsorship"

- Autism Learning Partners Sponsorship

"Various Cash Donations"

- Cash Donations

"Ultimate Software Sponsorship"

- Ultimate Software

"Various Donations to support Strides"

- Century 21 My Real Estate

"To all the Special kidsI work with at ERUSD."

- Shirley Appel



"For John and so many others I know who rise to meet challenges that amaze the rest of us. "

- Deborah Cresswell

"Thank you Mom for your support - Charlette"

- Charlette Powell

"Keep Doing What You Do...Ms. Yvonne"

- Ms. Yvonne

"Hope this helps!"

- Bonnie Romo

"Go Bella!!!"

- Rian Raya


- Anonymous


- Anonymous

"In memory of my 4 grand babies in heaven <3"

- Linda Stilson

"Mary Platt's family"

- Julia Franco

"Have fun!!! "

- Jimena Saffon

"Tribute to my Uncle dave"

- Anonymous

"For Madison"

- Brenda Carnes

"In memory of my dearly beloved sister in law Joyce Berry"

- Monica Zorich

"May the odds be ever in your favor."

- Crystal Eckhart

"Best of luck"

- Lance Sandon

"Way 2 go Cerritos Stompers! Here is a little donation from Brianna, the twins and I. We sure wish we could be at the walk. Have fun!☺"

- Tiffany Pullman

"Donations for Team Cerritos Stompers!"

- Cinthia Geyer


- Gina Morell

"Good luck Cota Chicks! From Elisabeth DeLong and Family"

- Caroline DeLong

"Donation to Saavy San Pedro!"

- Cadenna Penh

"Go team Saavy San Pedro!"

- Cadenna Penh

"To Cinthia Geyer and Family"

- Anne Nuttall

"Cinthia Geyer and Family"

- Dean Geyer

"Go Jeff Go!"

- Janis Irion

"For all those we serve!"

- John Saavedra

"For Beautiful Bella"

- Karen Quinones

"For Team Adam Rochte/#638"

- Daniel Dixon

"In memory of my dearly beloved sister Joyce Berry"

- David Fisk

"Where the CHICKS AT?!!"

- Sandra Apodaca

"Go Cinthia! You are awesome! Nicolas and I support you and wish you the best!"

- Barbara Fernandez

"Go Adam's Team!!"

- Kathleen Kendall

"In Tribute for Kelsey Cardon"

- Anonymous

"In memory of my sweet cousin, Joyce Berry. Xo"

- Ann Howe

"For the princess"

- Anonymous

"Thanks to the Platt Family for their fundraising efforts! Have tons of fun on the event. "

- Randy Berberich

"Good luck tomorrow!!"

- Anonymous

"Go Team PCA!"

- Eric Thornton

"God Bless you!"

- Kelly Baker

"Way to go PCA Super Stars! "

- Anonymous

"Thanks Alex (and Leigh Anne) for repping mighty Ventura County this weekend....go Alex go!!!"

- Kathy Carney

"Go team PCA"

- Mike Cwieka

"Tribute to my Grandfather!"

- Anonymous

"My beloved sister, Cheryl Louise Allen "

- Teresa l Allen

"Go Jim Go. We are proud of you "

- Karen Amador


- Anonymous

"For Beautiful Bella."

- Erika Palominos


- Carlos Pacheco


- Anonymous



"#TeamKyle !!! Sorry we can't be there in person. But we're cheering you on from afar! With love... Steve, Mandy, and Drax"

- Steven Ayromlooi


- Anonymous

"To Sponsor my BFF Cheryl Markovitz"

- Patricia Box

"Thank you for running for a great cause! Greg, Brandy, Colby and Easton "

- Greg Rafail

"Sponsoring my Dear Friend Cheryl Markovitz"

- Kathlene Gibbons

"Sponsoring my Dear Friend Cheryl Markovitz"

- Kathlene Gibbons

"For Kyle Ortega! "

- Ana de Aguiar


- Anonymous


- RIck Ramirez

"Go mama Steele!"

- Joanna Gan


- Anonymous

"So proud of you all!"

- Carol Richards

"Door to door donations"

- Anonymous

"Door to door donations"

- Anonymous

"God Bless you all and Team 'Purchasing' PCA!"

- Sal DiPasquale

"Cash donation"

- Carol Olivas

"It's an honor working with such fine individuals - Ms. Vivian"

- Ms. Vivian

"I love my job it is a pleasure working with such fine people - Maria"

- Maria Sanchez

"Go Cerritos Stompers!"

- Gilbert Meili

"Knight Real Estate Corp Donation"

- Century 21 Desert Rock