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About Shelby's P.A.W.S.

One day, an elementary school girl named Shelby Dunphy-Day visited a local animal shelter with a love and compassion for animals that was unparalleled. Although the animals received basic care, Shelby felt empathy for the animals and their demonstrations of fear, worry, and strife; and especially given the imminent threat of euthanization due to overpopulation. With many visions for change, Shelby began to concern herself with issues an animal cannot.

 She began volunteering at the local animal shelter, fundraising for the animal shelter through the auctioning off of self-made paintings, and even designed school projects to get other students involved in this important issue: helping animals. Over the years, Shelby has made a major difference in her community, but Shelby wanted to take the next step. Thus was born Shelby's P.A.W.S., a non-profit organization instituted to expand upon the incredible outreach that Shelby has begun, focused solely on creating awareness of the animals in need. Currently as a 7th grader, Shelby now serves as the Executive Director of Shelby's P.A.W.S. (a 501(c)3 Ã¢â‚¬â€¹non-profit ​organization), whose actions are overseen by an appointed Board of Directors. Shelby's P.A.W.S. Ã¢â‚¬â€¹mission is to promote youth volunteerism within our community; encourage animal adoption, spay & neuter; and encourage others to be community leaders and advocates. Shelby's P.A.W.S. concentrates its efforts heavily on activities that raise money to benefit the animals of Texarkana, its largest fundraiser being the Six Leg Fun Run.

​ Ã¢â‚¬â€¹Located in downtown Texarkana, the Six Leg Fun Run encourages citizens to come and run the race with their pet, whether it be the one mile "fun run" or the officially marked 5k race. Numerous vendors come to set up educational and interactive booths, both Texarkana, TX and Texarkana, AR City Councils are present to present awards, both city police departments oversee the race, local school districts participate, and waves of volunteers are collaborated with to make this race a success. In 2016, the race's inaugural year, the race made over $11,000 in profit through sponsorship  Ã¢â‚¬â€¹and donations. This coming year, the goal is to raise an additional $​30,000 to purchase an emergency trailer that can be used to rescue animals as well as showcase animals for adoption in and outside the city.

It's the passion that lies in Shelby's heart that fuels Shelby's P.A.W.S., but it is the assistance of so many supportive community partners that truly helps make the difference. Through the relationships developed in Texarkana, Shelby's P.A.W.S. hopes to further expand its animal assistance outreach by means of educating youth about pets, and supporting youth in volunteerism. Without supportive partners, all of the goals and visions of Shelby's P.A.W.S. would not be possible. For this, we thank you for consideration, because it truly will help make a difference in Texarkana and surrounding areas.

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