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Money Raised: $140,889 Charity Goal: $158,000

About Sheridan House Family Ministries

Sheridan House exists because families matter. They matter to God and they matter to us. That’s why we provide Answers for Today’s Family through our various ministries. In each ministry we are honoring Christ by serving the needs of children and families. As we encourage, equip, and educate families with God’s plan on how to navigate life successfully, we hope to strengthen families, the community, and the kingdom of God.

Since 1968, Sheridan House has served over 1,000,000 families in Jesus’ name.

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Dan Whiteman's 2019 Sheridan House 5K Page
Team has raised:
Rosemary Barnes
Team has raised:
Bob Barnes
Team has raised:
Team Weber
Team has raised:
Team Schuelke
Team has raised:
Team has raised:
Harrison Crane
Team has raised:
Stu and Renee Weinstein
Team has raised:
AirQuest Environmental Inc.
Team has raised:
Team Fig
Team has raised:
Logan's Run to 13
Team has raised:
Team has raised:
The Adler Crew
Team has raised:
Runners for God
Team has raised:
Renee Squillante
Team has raised:
Team Harrison
Team has raised:
Team Gruntler
Team has raised:
Team Niemi
Team has raised:
Justin Taylor
Team has raised:
Team has raised:
Zorn's Zippy Team
Team has raised:
Kimberly Warren
Team has raised:
Team has raised:
Team Beightol
Team has raised:
Derek & Kathy Rodriguez
Team has raised:
Team Propst
Team has raised:
Stiles Crew
Team has raised:

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Celia Izquierdo
Nikki Koski
Ruth Nina
Harvey Johnson
Team Farquhar
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Sandy Leonard
Southeast Florida Electric
Katherine Trosclair
Hezekiah Orowale
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Rebecca Herbert
Daryl Brown
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Douglas Paley
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Nancy Osborne
Donna C Skidmore
Donna C Skidmore
Jose Cancio
Cynthia Wood
chanita Sumar
Plinio Medina
Debra Stevens
Debra Stevens
Jerome Daniels
Tracy Moyers
Lisa Montes de Oca
David Jones
William Dunn
Monika Schuelke
Goran Ljustina
Brennon Coble
Donna Dirnberg
Pamela Vlachos
Carmen Ash
Soledad Villeda
Laurie Farquhar
Lexi Quintero
Lynette Oliphant
Dillon Montes de Oca
Jorge Hernandez
Nicole Knapp
Bonnie Ford
Isamar Rivera
Top Donors
Mark Sonneborn
Dawn Sonneborn
Chris and Stephanie Chen
Dominick Marzano
Charles Nielson


Donor Comments

"Mr. Whiteman, Great job serving the Lord thru this amazing ministry!"

- Dominick Marzano

"What a great cause."

- Oteman Delancy

"In the name of the Lord"

- Robert Milligan

"Donation from Coastal Construction"

- Thomas P Murphy Jr

"Glad to be part of great cause!"


"Happy to Support Such a Great Cause!"

- Dan Baker

"Congratulations! A tremendous milestone of 25 years of service for this worthy cause. "

- Kenneth Andersen

"Capform is Happy to Support this awesome cause."

- Anonymous

"Thank you."

- Anonymous

"good luck Bob"

- thomas sewell

"Thank you Bob Barnes for all that you do. The Stepelton Family at the Stacy Foundation"

- Virlee Stepelton

"10 for Bob 100 for Rosemary "

- Blake Peed

"Wonderful cause. Thank you for the time and effort you extend on behalf of the single mothers."

- Charles Nielson

"Can’t thank the Sheridan House enough. Have a great time! "

- Kathryn A Rodgers

"Legal tender to support our Fish clan in the Family Values 5k, "

- Michelle Thomann

"For Rosemary's team"

- Lori Trent

"For Bob Barnes"

- Lori Trent

"Go Bob!!"

- Timothy Imhoff

"As always, it is our pleasure to donate to this wonderful organization as we were once in need and blessed by them in a many ways. Now is our chance to give back! Keep up the good work & we will see you there!"

- Maria E Rao

"Thank you for all of your continued efforts in building the Kingdom of our Mighty Father! Your organization had helped Sarah & I in so many ways, for so many years! Keep up the great work! "

- Maria E Rao

"To support Team Niemi and the families you are serving by walking this 5K! God bless you!"

- Laura Hartman

"In memory of my dear friends Sylvia Edwards & Anna Mae Fitch"

- Randy Manning

"From the Family to support Logan"

- Anonymous

"Have a great time!!"

- Mary J Bush

"Dan, you continue to support this great cause, Holly and I are proud and honored to support"

- Timothy Anderson

"Sheridan House thankful for all you do for our community."

- Elaine Nance

"In memory of Judge H. Eugene Fischer"

- Ronald Gossett

"Sorry can't make the race I believe in this ministry work."

- Dian Turner

"In appreciation for all you do for families and single parents. And, thank you for your women's bible study group, Rosemary. You go, girl! Hope you leave Bob in the fund raising dust (again)!!!"

- judith otto

"Wishing you another successful year raising money for this worthy cause Wishing you another successful year raising money for this worthy cause! "

- John Newsome

"Love you and Bob. But love you a little more. Lol! "

- Linda Sykes

"Go Team Bob....Happy Birthday, Steve Englund!!! Dave and Marty"

- Martha Loverin

"In thanks for all you do for our Lord Jesus Christ."

- Laura Rodriguez

"Thanks for all that you do, Bob!"

- Larry Clark

"Sorry Bob...Love you both, Mona and Bart"

- Mona Barham

"Keep up God’s amazing work! "

- Kristen Mosier

"Love that you are doing this with your dad! "

- Erin Franklin

"The Keep Nick Foles in Philly Movement"

- Steven Bodnarchuk

"Wish we were there to cheer you on. Dedicated to the Sheridan House Kids"

- Terre Meth

"We know you can do it AGAIN're the BEST and THANK YOU for all you do for our Women's Bible Study!!"

- Anonymous

"Happy to support the gang. "

- Albert Petrangeli

"NOT for Bob :)"

- Anonymous

"Way to go, Rick! From John and Barb Schechter"

- John Schechter

"Thank you for your time on Tuesday morning men’s bible study!"

- Nicholas Heine

"Go Justin! "

- Susan Dudley

"Why do I always have something going on during the 5k race weekend? If I was free I’d be running it with you guys!"

- Priscilla Wagner

"Don't embarrass yourself "

- Franklin Till

"Good luck!!!! "

- Lissette bajra

"Go Rosemary! We love you!"

- Bonnie Ford

"Run fishies run!! "

- Lynette Oliphant

"Love you Big One "

- Lexi Quintero


- Carmen Ash

"Very proud of you for backing such a worthy cause. Run like the wind my fishing friend!"

- David Jones

"Love the cause and feel so blessed your part of this! "

- Lisa Montes de Oca

"Keep up the great work Dan "

- Tracy Moyers

"Go, Baba! Love, Lilly Rose"

- Debra Stevens

"Love you, Baba! Love, Charlie Diana"

- Debra Stevens

"Love you guys!"

- Cynthia Wood

"Good Job!♥️🇺🇸🙏"

- Jose Cancio

"Go Team Rosemary!"

- Peggy Pappas

"A great cause. I'm delighted to assist. "

- Gavin Middleton

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