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About Sheridan House Family Ministries

Sheridan House exists because families matter. They matter to God and they matter to us. That’s why we provide Answers for Today’s Family through our various ministries. In each ministry we are honoring Christ by serving the needs of children and families. As we encourage, equip, and educate families with God’s plan on how to navigate life successfully, we hope to strengthen families, the community, and the kingdom of God.

Since 1968, Sheridan House has served over 1,000,000 families in Jesus’ name.

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Dan Whiteman
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Rosemary Barnes
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Rick Weber
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Amy Engelberg
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Seminole Tribe of the Mohican Nation (Indian Princess)
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The Farquhar Girls
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Kathy Rodriguez TEAM FIT4LYFE
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Hezekiah Orowale
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Jana Lettsome
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The Eastern Waste Runners
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Renee and Stu Weinstein
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The Beltrans
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It's called 'Yogging' (the J is soft)!!!
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Prayer Warriors
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The Adler Family
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Lia's Team Love
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FSU Siblings!
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Simba Team
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Kimberly Warren
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Salt Life Church
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God's Followers
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RIvers Team
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Ozzie & Jennifer Beightol
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As Family We Go
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Logan Love
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Perez-Lacayo Runs
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Team Tarantin
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"Clorthia Holiday-12/10/07 - I miss you!"

- S Holiday

"Frankie and Sadie - I'll love you forever"

- Jill Colon

"Congratulations and Best Wishes for a Happy and Healthy New Year!"

- Lisa Hermann

"Congratulations on your wedding - He's a lucky guy!"

- Russ Hutchings

"Happy Hollidays"

- Anonymous

"Thanks Mom!"

- Kenneth Corey

"From Anesco Companies"

- Richard Meli

"From Anesco Companies"

- Richard Meli

"Happy New Year, Amy! Congratulations on an exciting 2017, and looking forward to a wonderful 2018 !!"

- Mark Allsworth

"From InterMarine Inc"

- Intermarine Inc

"You're an inspiration, Dan!"

- Jerome Daniels

"From ION Electric"

- Sunil Amin

"Outstanding cause - much needed. Thank you Dan and Diane."

- Robert S DeMartino

"God bless you and your wife for helping these families for so many years."

- cindy sokolic

"God bless you as you continue to invest in this worthy cause."

- David Jones

"Psalm 68:5"

- Robert Morrell

"This is a great cause. God bless you! John 15:5 "

- Dominick Marzano

"What a great cause!!!"

- Geraldine Lewis

"Go get em Dan , Keep up the good work "

- Tracy Moyers

"Doing a great job of ministry"

- Anonymous

"Good Luck Dan. Moriarty "

- Anonymous

"Good luck Dan..... From Labor For Hire"

- mirto vigoa

"In tribute to Jana Lettsome and her upcoming 5K Run! Go Jana!"

- Mary Overall Rich

"I'm amazed by your ability to lead. High-Five!"

- Arron Palmer

"Thank you for continuing to support this great organization"

- Anonymous

"Baker Concrete Construction"

- Kerri R Smith

"Thanks Dan for your commitment to such a worthy cause. "

- Larry Casey

"John Tyler Dell’Angelo"

- John Dell'Angelo

"In honor of Rick and Kim Weber"

- Alan Chapman

"God Bless you and this great organization"

- Laurence Butler

"I'll be there to cheer you on for this great cause, Justin!"

- Linda Martin

" walk fast don't run!!!!!!!"

- james langowski

"run past bob and smile!!!!!!!"

- james langowski

"Go get 'em Dan-O!!"

- Glenn Curran

"My daughter, AnnMarie Hunter"

- Anonymous

"In support of your efforts with Sheridan House and the great work they do in our community!"

- Ginger Martin

"In honor of Dan and Diane"

- mark Leonard

"Great Job Dan!"

- William North

"Jody Hutchinson"

- Mark Hutchinson

"Congratulations Amy!"

- Brenda Bertnolli

"Dan, on behalf of Gus and the entire Charanga family, we wish you all the best!"

- Charanga Catering Catering LLC

"Thankful for Bob and Rosemary's ministry."

- Anonymous


- George Adornato

"In loving memory of Sharron & Richard Bartsch and Elmer B. Johnson"

- Nancy L Stembridge

"Clint Brannen Jr."

- brack maggard

"Only if he runs and wins. "




"Love what they do"

- Joanne Barber

"On behalf of the mighty Seminoles of the Mohican nation"

- Douglas Campbell

"D A F"

- Adrienne Marzano

"Leonard should be embarrassed with his donation. :-)"

- Stephen Potter


- Dian Turner

"God bless Bob Barns and His team"

- Steven Gillis

"Love you both!"

- Mary Wiedmeier

"Thanks for all you do at Sheridan House Rick. You’re making a great impact."

- Craig Handwerker

"Donations for Justin Bennett 5K Race!!!"

- Zrinka Stampalia

"All the best to you Bob, and the wonderful team at Sheridan House!"

- Mark Ebanks

"Michael Arrasscue"

- John W Goetz

"Hope you make it all the way to the end. Something else to pray for"

- Anonymous

"We are happy to support you and SHFM! Lisa & Mark Wendt"

- Mark Wendt



"Go team Rios"

- Vincent Rios

"Keep your eye on the finish line! God bless."

- Robert Matthews

"From the Adler Family!"

- Robert Adler

"In Memory of Brian "

- Michael A Hembling

"In memory of my brother Luisito, mi hermano."

- Dianela Mesa

"We will be with you in spirit. Say hi to all of our Sheridan House friends for us! Jim and Joanna"

- James Hayes

"Sharron & Richard Bartsch and Elmer Johnson "

- Nancy L Stembridge

"ESTRELLA (love you mom my star)"

- Anonymous

"Cheering you on! Such a wonderful ministry, we’re so sorry to miss it this year! Go Team Bui!!!"

- Anonymous

"For Mona Weber"

- Pete Swanson

"Great Cause! The Mighty Seminoles sincerely appreciate all that the Sheridan House Does."

- Greg Sinclair

"No Surrender Seminoles!"

- Kerry Nowlan

"Go Seminoles!"

- Michael Hoyer

"Run Fast Bob!"

- Anonymous

"In memory of a wonderful mother, grandmother, & great grandmother, Betty Jane Poore. Her family was her life.💗"

- Rebecca Schwisow

"For Sofia, Isa & Gabi"

- Luis Perdomo

"Brooke Miller"

- Anthony Miller

"Go seminoles !"

- lawrence morales

"Love you, BaBa! Love, Lilly Rose"

- Debra Stevens

"You're our hero, Baba! Love you, Charlotte Diana"

- Debra Stevens

"You Go Girl!!!"

- Pamela Vlachos

"UBS Team"

- Anonymous

"How could I resist these beloveds! My favorite girls! Go Sally!"

- Elizabeth Brickman

"In memory of my dear friend Sylvia Edwards."

- Randy Manning

"Go Greyson, go!"

- Glenda Szura

"In honor of my mom walking in 5k!! Love to support Sheridan House and love to support excercise "

- Jacquelyn Freeman

"For the rissone family walk"

- Elizabeth Sullivan

"For Bob's team"

- Anonymous


- Jessica Marquez

"Go Dan, I know you'll finish strong !"

- Ed Fallin

"Thanks tot he Tribe for steeping up for a great cause. Chief Talking Bull"

- Daniel Stiffler

"For the Farquhar Girls"

- Diane Crudele

"Not a big fan of Bob :)"

- Anonymous

"May the Lord continue to bless Sheridan House ministries. Thank you for a wonderful race today."

- Michael Moody

"Beautiful. Moms rock and Jesus is THE rock"

- patty wareham

"Bob - Sorry this is sent in late - unable to donate from my web connection while in Dubai. "

- Anonymous

"My Sister's Linda and Anna...and all our Family in Heaven..<>< "

- Pam Chinelly

"Please allocate Rosemary Barnes 5k team!"

- Elizabeth Brickman

"For a great cause o/"

- Anonymous