Youth Violence Prevention Council

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About Youth Violence Prevention Council


Youth Violence Prevention Council of Shasta County (YVPC) is a non-profit organization with a mission to prevent youth violence and gang activity,and to promote a safe and healthy community for youth. Through the years, YVPC has operated a variety of programs throughout Shasta County designed to build resiliency factors and empower teens to become civic leaders. Some programs include:

Youth/Peer Court, Youth Fire-setter Prevention and Intervention, Fresh Start for Youth Endowment, and Shasta Youth Leadership Camp (SYLC). 

You may be thinking: “What!? This program fosters positive relationships and valuable resources for AT-RISK youth?!? AND it provides community-based outlets for young people to cultivate their leadership abilities!? You got to be kidding me!”

I kid you not. 

Please consider making a donation or create a fundraising campaign to help support these efforts. This makes a big difference in our community.

Many Many Thanks!

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