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Give Haiti Hope


St. Kateri Tekakwitha Catholic Church in Tabb, Virginia has been in a 19-year twinning relationship with St. Michel Parish in Boucan-Carre, Haiti, a village in the central plateau of Hinche.  A big component of our ministry is supporting the education of the children in the primary and secondary schools in the parish.  Most of the families in Boucan-Carre have incomes of only a few hundred dollars a year and when incomes hardly cover food and shelter, school is beyond the reach of many families.  Since 2000, we have provided free education to the students in the primary and secondary schools, a total which has grown from 350 students to over 1100.  The cost is $100 per year for primary and $200 for secondary.  This amount pays for tuition, uniforms, books and school supplies, and a hot meal for the students in the primary grades.  Our continuing goal is to provide for the school’s future vitality and quality of education.


We believe that education can break the cycle of poverty.  We are committed to helping the youth in Boucan-Carre learn skills and develop tools to achieve personal and economic stability and prepare them to lead their community out of poverty and toward sustainable growth.


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