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Triad Health Project provides emotional and practical support to individuals living with HIV/AIDS, to their loved ones, and to those at risk for HIV/AIDS; implements strategies to educate those at risk and the community about HIV/AIDS; and advocates locally, regionally, and nationally for individuals and groups infected with or affected by HIV/AIDS.

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Donor Comments

"In memory all those I have loved and Lost"

- Kenneth Weeman

"Master Paul, boy Alex, Micheal "

- Anonymous

"In honor of my girlfriend Ashley Gilbertson"

- Adrienne Williams

"In honor of Mark Cassity"

- Jackie Wilson

"In celebration of THP's new director!!"

- April Ragan

"From Lizzie. "

- Jeffrey Furman

"In honor of Ron Johnson"

- Locke and Lynda Clifford

"In tribute to THP and it's noble effort"

- Patrick Wright

"My dear friend, Richard Villanueva, who passed away in the late 80's!"

- Basilia Brown

"In memory of J Charles Gilbertson"

- Laura Crank

"In memory of my brother Frank Everhart"

- Betty Howard

"Tribute to Alisha's team and Triad Health Project's diligent efforts to end HIV and render service to the citizens of Greensboro. "

- Demetrius Deloatch

"Claire Lanier"

- Douglas Salyers

"In memory of Marilyn"

- Arthur C Eddy

"In honor of Ken Weeman and Eloy Salas"

- Ken Weeman Sr

"Through Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro, on behalf of Coak May"

- Coak May

"To all who have gone before and to those who care in the present."

- Anonymous

"Keep up the good work!"

- Glenn Wrisley

"In honor of Ron Johnson"

- Lee Carter

"In Honor of my husband Eloy Salis-Weeman"

- Kenneth Weeman

"Happy to support the good work being done by THP."

- Charles Green

"In honor of this amazing staff. <3"

- Amy Reese

"In honor of Andrew Spainhou"

- Gary Palmer

"In honor of Bob, Dale, Gary and all of the Replacements staff..."

- Nancy Letteri

"In honor of Bob Page and everyone at Replacements, Ltd."

- Anonymous

"In honor of Ron Johnson and Gary Palmer!"

- Jacqueline Wieland

"In honor of the incredible service Triad Pride Performing Arts is providing our community."

- Gary Palmer

"We love you Ron! The (young) Peddricks"

- Parrish Peddrick

"In Memory of Ron Conyers"

- Heather McIver

"Susan & Parker Collins Support You!"

- Parker Collins

"In Honor of our good friend, Gary! Jon & Marsha Glazman"

- marsha glazman

"Claire Lanier team from Dr and Mrs. James T Massagee"

- James Massagee

"In awe and honor of the amazing THP staff - YOU ROCK!"

- Valerie Edson

"In honor of Bob Page and Dale Frederiksen"

- James Meredith

"I walk for all of those that can no longer walk. Thank you for your donation."

- Sonya Borders

"In honor of Gary Palmer"

- Andrew Spainhour

"En Memoria de mi querido amigo Robert Lee Wilson"

- Jesus M Garcia


- Stephanie Willis

"In honor of the THP staff! Thank you for ALL that you do for others!"

- Anonymous

"Proud of you, Scotty!"

- Zelda Howington

"Because I believe in what THP is doing now and for those friends who didn’t have proactive health care in the early days of HIV/AIDS. "

- Janet Trent

"Awesome, thanks for all the great work you do Scotty!"

- J Arbuckle

"In memory of those research participants who have passed on and the incredible effort they have contributed to fighting this disease."

- Kimberly Epperson

"From Shannon and Emily"

- Anonymous

" "

- William Gramig

"Donating to Sonya Borders team "

- idamarie giusti

"Mike Tate"

- Stephen Furr

"In honor of Gary Palmer"

- Elizabeth Cone

"In honor of Lucero for helping the Latino LGBTQ community"

- Company Natalie's Bakery

"Much love to all whom have passed on, and those who thrive today."

- Bridget Thomas

"I walk for all of those who can no longer walk for themselves!"

- Sonya Borders

"Get it, Big Sis!"

- Chelsey Winstead

"Stephanie's brother and sister in law"

- David Carpenter

"Go Paula Barger and Team THP!"

- Mary Ronayne

"Thank you for you that you do THP!"

- Lauren Jones

"In honor of Alex Cooke"

- Janet Cooke

"James Robert McNair"

- Kirk Reid

"In honor of Bob Blair"

- Linda Tranchetti

"From jewelry sales"

- Meagan Patillo

"Honoring Ron johnson"

- Patricia Adelberger

"For Sonya Borders' team and this great cause!"

- Andrea Hill