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About 10/31 Consortium

10/31 Consortium is a Baton Rouge based 501c3 nonprofit dedicated to giving the children of our area a safe and happy Halloween. The organization strives to help urban neighborhoods create safe Trick or Treat programs for their children. This year's neighborhood beneficiary, Melrose Place, is located off of North Foster near Florida Boulevard. 10/31 Consortium will provide child sized costumes, candy, flashlights, glow in the dark items and assist the neighborhood with any other safety issues they may have. Please help us create a safe and fun environment for the children to Trick or Treat as the tradition intends, in their very own neighborhood!


In addition to our Trick or Treat Initiative, we also support Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital, the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank, and the Big Buddy Program.


These initiatives are funded through membership dues and from proceeds of 10/31 Consortium's extensive calendar of events concluding with the Fifolet Halloween Festival in October. The Pumpkin Pi 3.14 Mile Race and Tough Pumpkin Challenge is an official event of the Fifolet Halloween Festival.


Please help us in our efforts by joining as a member and/or starting a fundraising team today! 

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