Pink Ribbon 5K

Money Raised: $33,793 Charity Goal: $30,000

About Pink Ribbon 5K

The Pink Ribbon 5K raises charitable support for the Hurwitz Breast Cancer Fund at Frederick Memorial Hospital.  

Established in 1999 by Jeff & Patty Hurwitz, the goal of the Fund is to provide the most innovative options in the early detection and treatment of breast cancer for our community. Contributions to the Hurwitz Breast Cancer Fund are helping to save lives here in Frederick County, Maryland. Every dollar donated is used for direct patient benefit -  there are no administrative costs. 

Since inception the Fund has raised more than $1.7 million through charitable contributions.


Here are just a few of the provided thanks to the support of the Hurwitz Breast Cancer Fund:

  • Funds help make the new James M Stockman Cancer Institute a reality for cancer patients in our community.
  • A special breast coil was purchased for use with digital imaging of the breast.
  • 3D & CAD Mammography Systems have been purchased to assist in the detection of breast cancer at an earlier stage; allowing for more successful outcomes.
  • Created a healing space for patients and families at the Center for Breast Care at FMH Crestwood.
  • Purchased a device that enables the surgeon/radiologist to examine biopsy tissue in the operating room; this makes biopsies easier on the patient and returns results more quickly.


The Hurwitz Breast Cancer Fund is a fund of Frederick Memorial Hospital, a private, not-for-profit, community hospital with a 501 (c)(3) tax status. All contributions are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.

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Thomas Hayes
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John & Katherine Fitzpatrick
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Thomas Hayes
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Donor Comments

"In memory of Sue Cass"

- Lauren Armstrong

"Survivors "

- Ken Rice

"In support of Bruce Reader"

- Julia Krzysiak

"To support Bruce for his dedication ! Flip Hershey & Accella Tire Fill Systems "

- Wallace Hershey

"Thank you for doing this! Linda Wareheim and Brian"

- Brian Winder

"Way to go, Carole!"

- James Lockard

"Think Pink!"

- Carroll Kehne

"In honor of Mary Bacon"

- Kathryn Pierce

"You go girl! Wish I could be there but I will be thinking about all of you. "

- Donna Frago

"So proud to support Hooters Team! Leo & Lance ~ VISCO Supply"

- Theresa Walker

"SCE is so happy that a dedicated employee is participating in such a great cause! "

- Theresa Walker

"In support of Bruce Reeder"

- Frances Gilmore

"In honor of my sister, a survivor. "

- Sara Ural

"Great cause! Good luck with the run!"

- Jared Balsbaugh

"In tribute to Lori Hesen, Betsy Garner, Denise Pirone, Kris Lines and Terry Timme. These are all survivors!!!"

- Tracy Gold

"Patty I know how much this fund means to you. I am proud to be part of something that you started and we are blessed that you have continued it"


"Keep on Walking Bruce! Your an inspiration!"

- Cortright Sandstrom

"Hoofin' It For Healthy Hooters !"

- Gaby Argoti-Fernandez

"Jill Alvey"


"In memory of my grandmother, Roberta."

- Holly Jung

"In memory of my dear friend Heather Baker. "

- Jennifer hildebrand

"In Memory of Jean Pohanka"

- Anne Kline

"In honor of Tammy Schubel"

- Steven Bierbrunner

"tribute to Tammy Schubel, member of Chasing Butterflies"

- Sharon Rudy

"In support of Tammy Schubel"

- Jean Joyce

"In memory of my mother, Lois Cohan and dear friend, Linda Grife "

- Niki Kohn

"This is from Bobby at Cumshaw!"

- Dawn Thieman

"In Honor of our dear friend Judy Reisman "

- Scott Spencer

"In memory of Margaret Hepburn Crouter and in honor of Libby Holter"

- Mary Crouter

"To your hard work saving lives"

- Anonymous

"For My Daughter, a Cancer Survivor"

- john grimes

"With appreciation for your kindness!"

- Cristine LoVetro

"Thank you Petersons. "

- Madelyn Hetherington

"Good job, Carole!"

- Anonymous

"In honor of my daughter, Michelle Baker, and in memory of my mother, Betty Haines."


"Proceeds from 9/24 Bake Sale at Revere Bank!"

- Ashleigh Miller

"In loving memory of Charlotte S. Holter"

- Kurt Holter

"Wish I could be walking with you! Next year!"

- Chrisse New

"Thanks, Marge! I'll see you there!"

- Robin Rose

"Love you MFS "

- Anonymous

"All Survivors"

- Anonymous

"To an awesome aunt!"

- Russell Long

"In memory of Kathy Smith"

- Anonymous

"For all those yet to be diagnosed, for all those fighting, for all those who lost their battle and for every survivor, I caringly donate donate in your names. Beth Green"

- Elizabeth Green

"In honor of ALL these girls!"

- William Duncan

"I am pleased to donate funds on behalf of my good friend and cancer survivor Robin Thompson."

- Kathy Campagnoli

"In memory of Mama K ❤️"

- Elana Warsaw

"Good luck Renee!!"

- Debra Bankert

"In memory of Mama K!!!"

- Monte Taylor

"In memory of Mama K! We love you and miss you. "

- Lindsay Cartin

"Honoring Marj..."

- Anonymous


- Katherine Mortensen

"Go Meg!!!"

- Debra Sapcariu

"In Memory of all Survivors"

- Anonymous

"10 Years! What an inspiration you are Debbie! "

- Mary J Williams

"All Women in the World suffering from this disease."

- Kevin Brooks

"You go, girl! Love ya!"

- Tina Sheesley

"In memory of Honey Binn, my grandmother. Thanks for doing this, Jennifer!"

- Jonathan Sachs

"In tribute of Janet O'meara"

- Alan Haga

"Way to go! Say hi to the girls for me!"

- Alison Sibal

"Honoring my friend Judy Reisman, my mother in law, Maite who is a survivor and my Great Grand Mother Rose. Great Cause ! Good luck Judy with the Walk/Run and the Pictures ."

- Regine Guillemin

"Go Jen! What a great cause!"

- Anne Harrison

"In memory of the strongest woman we know. Love you Mama K! 💕 The D’Adamos "

- Talia D'Adamo

"In loving memory of the amazing and inspiring Mama K"

- Angie Collier

"In honor of Mary Beth"

- Kathleen House

"To honor Mary Beth. "

- Tracey Iglehart

"FORMost employee match donation"

- Anonymous

"In Memory of Donna & Roger"

- Marlene Cloude

"In memory of Ruth Culley."

- Phil Culley

"Go team, Mo! In honor of Aunt Maura, a fierce survivor and woman. In memory of Grandma Jo, in our hearts always. "

- Emily Bell

"Thank you for doing this every year!"

- Melanie Smith

"Laurie Lebo"

- Linda Lebo

"Tribute to Debbie deSibour"


"“Eye of the tiger” -survivor "

- Tobias Glacken

"Wish we could join you! Enjoy the event! Love from the Cassino Family!"

- Theresa Cassino

"In memory of my mother, Addie Graves & in TRIBUTE to my daughterMary Beth."

- Elizabeth Graves Bass

"Saving lives everyday!"

- Anonymous

"In memory of all who have fought the fight..."

- Anthony Bell

"Way to go Aunt Maura! One of the strongest women I know. xoxox Love, John + Maddie "

- Madeline Scott

"You are a warrior Mary Beth! Love Dan & Sandi L"

- Sandra E Liscinsky

"To your beautiful momma! ❤️❤️"

- Jennifer Morgan

"On behalf of the entire team, this donation represents raffle tickets sold by the members for 2018 Breast Cancer Coins!! This crew is the best!"

- Kimberly Daugherty

"This donation represents monies raised from pumpkin sales from the Smithburg Academic Leadership Team, thank you Billie Kidd for your support each and every year!"

- Kimberly Daugherty

"I’m not walking, but I’ll write a check!😉"

- Mary Lillie Monti

"Up your nene!"

- Bradley Whipp

"Proud of you love "

- Garland Knoblock

"For my grandmother's Joann Willard & Ruth Fredrikis "

- Tara Fredrikis

"From The McConnell Family"

- John McConnell

"❤️In honor of your beautiful mama ❤️"

- Jessica Jones

"In tribute of Stephanie Ramsburg "

- Megan Ramsburg

"My Mother Marion Putt"

- Denice Putt

"In memory of ur mama ❤️"

- Marisa Gallagher

"In loving memory of the one and only mama k ❤️"

- Seth Price

"In Tribute to the Flora Family "

- Julie McFarland

"NVR, Inc Company Match for Ryan Homes employees"

- Thomas Hayes

"NVR Inc. Company match for Maura Swart"

- Anonymous