$18,641 Raised for Joanie Abdu Comprehensive Breast Care Center

Charity Goal: $20,000
Money Raised: $18,641

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About Joanie Abdu Comprehensive Breast Care Center



Our Cause

Joanie’s Promise is that ALL women will have access to the Joanie Abdu Comprehensive Breast Care Center (JACBCC) at St. Elizabeth Youngstown Hospital. The breast cancer mortality rate in the Mahoning Valley is among the highest in the nation.  100% of your donation goes directly to the Mercy Health Foundation Mahoning Valley to support the JACBCC.

Thanks to those that have supported Panerathon throughout the years, we have been able to expand the reach of the JACBCC with a state of the art 3D Mobile Mammography Unit that visits approximately 28 remote sites every month in order to offer mammography services to anyone who may have difficulty visiting the center. In addition to these services, Joanie’s Promise supports a community educator who is dedicated to spreading the word about Joanie’s Promise and educating the community about the importance of breast cancer screenings and prevention.


Since it opened in 2011, the JACBCC has performed more than 100,000 exams and helped thousands of women get the preventive screenings and care they need. This state-of-the-art facility, along with services like the Joanie on the Go 3D mobile mammography vehicle that has already provided more than 5,000 exams, would not exist without the funds raised through Panerathon and without your generous support! In short, by supporting Panerathon you have helped to save lives. For that, we thank you!

Joanie’s Promise will ensure that every woman in the Mahoning Valley is aware of, able to get to and is welcome at the JACBCC. Those who contribute to Panerathon will be saving lives!  


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Chrissy's Breast Team Ever Raised: $2,340 of $500.00
Team Karen Raised: $1,420 of $500.00
Chin Up For Jennifer Raised: $1,070 of $500.00
JoJo's Jugs Raised: $1,020 of $1000.00
TEAM CARRIE K Raised: $901 of $1000.00
FirstLight Home Care Stacey Strong Raised: $745 of $2000.00
Rock4Reason Raised: $465 of $500.00
St. Joe's at the Mall Raised: $440 of $1000.00
Hayter's Hikers for Hooters Raised: $425 of $500.00
Team Brenda Raised: $280 of $200.00
Shook Construction Raised: $180 of $1250.00
Austintown Panera Raised: $100 of $100.00
Hollywood Gaming Mahoning Valley Ra... Raised: $100 of $10.00
Mercy Cardiology Raised: $70 of $300.00
Franca Raised: $70 of $200.00
The Pop Up Series Raised: $50 of $500.00
Pattis pride Raised: $50 of $200.00
Prancers Against Cancers Raised: $30 of $500.00
Team Pickens Raised: $25 of $200.00
Cakes Crew Raised: $20 of $500.00
MangGang Raised: $20 of $500.00
The Rack Pack Raised: $20 of $500.00
Campana's cancer crushers Raised: $10 of $500.00
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Anonymous $20.00
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Nancy Shah $2,500.00
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Melissa Sanor $500.00
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Carrie Kibby $766.00
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“In memory of JoAnn M. (Fortunato) Orechoneg”

- Susan Spickard

“In loving memory of Heather Smith Elder ❤ Myndi Miller-Albaugh”

- Tina Miller

“Phoenix Physical Therapy Sponsorship”

- Melissa Sanor

“In honor of all the ladies who fought this disease.”

- Shirley Lisk

“In memory of my dear friend Robin!”

- Anonymous

“In memory of my warrior friend Robin! I love and miss you!”

- Karen L Lane

“Phoenix Physical Therapy Sponsorship”

- Melissa Sanor

“In loving memory of “Lucy” - Lung Cancer ”

- TaiJaune Robinson

“Supporting my OHIO family and all those afflicted by this horrible disease ”

- Susan L Smith

“Tribute to the Courageous.”

- Susan Morrison

“We love you mom! You always got this 💕”

- Allison pavlansky

“LaSalle Solutions ”

- Gary Sloas

“Medallion Sponsorship for Juniper Networks”

- Nancy Shah

“To pray and help with this disease that has affected my dear friend, Brenda. ”

- Karen R Smusz

“Congrats on beating cancer.”

- Jacqueline Halaparda

“Keep up the great work, Carrie! :) ”

- Jacqueline Futey

“You got this Jennifer ❤️”

- Suzanne Reader

“Go Team Shook!”

- Chris Halapy

“Sorry I cant walk in support of you, but hope this donation let's you know how much we love you!”

- Denise d sebastian

“Chin up for Jennifer! From Tina C”

- Ron Glista

“Continued prayers for Jennifer from The Pinciaro Family”

- Marlana J Pinciaro

“In honor of an amazing family #FAMILY”

- Seth Antram

“I make my donation in Jennifer Glista’s name. ”

- Kimberly Swetye

“Love you Stacey❤💐”

- Lisa Maderia

“In honor of the great, the legendary, the numba one stunna, ain’t nobody gonna mess with her cause she’s a badass, Jennifer Glista!!”

- Erik J Cromer

“love you..”

- Terri Mccoy


- Dynelle Keller

“In Memory of Kellee Swauger”

- Joy Maria Allen

“In honor of Linda Bellan”

- Shirley Lisk

“We love you, Deb (and Kelly fam)”

- Natalie Thomas

“In Memory of my grandparents Andy and Helen. ”

- Amanda congemi

“In memory and tribute to friends and relatives who have either survived, are in treatment or those who have died of breast cancer. Too many!”

- Olive Schimmel

“Deb Gilger”

- Carrie A Kibby

“Robin Daprile”

- Leo j Daprile

“Carrie is a true Pay-it-Forward Ambassador!”

- Tammy Rodriguez

“Love you Brenda. Go team Brenda! ”

- Terri Mccoy

“Marge Palya”

- Shirley Lisk

“For your mama.”

- Tara L Peet

“In Memory of Bernice Pepey, Annie Mikus and Frank Musolino ”

- Nicholas Musolino

“Love you all! Keep on keeping on. ”

- Paul A Wetzl

“Rock4Reason Ruth Wilson”

- Anonymous

“Rock4Reason Amy Homa”

- Anonymous


- Tina Azam

“We love you Chrissy!”

- Gloria R Stack

“My Aunt Joyce - A bc survivor and fighter ”

- Jennifer L McMillon

“In Honor of Chrissy and In Memory of Dorothy”

- Barbara Stack

“On behalf of Phoenix Physical Therapy”

- Melissa Sanor

“Nicole Stroup”

- Rebecca Baker