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Joanie’s Promise is that ALL women will have access to the Joanie Abdu Comprehensive Breast Care Center (JACBCC) at St. Elizabeth Youngstown Hospital. They have proudly been able to cover screening expenses for those who qualify financially and offer transportation for any patient that may require it.

Thanks to those that have supported Panerathon throughout the years, we have been able to expand the reach of the JACBCC with the state of the art 3D Mobile Mammography Unit that visits approximately 24 remote sites every month in order to offer mammography services to anyone who may have difficulty visiting the center. In addition to these services, Joanie’s Promise supports a community educator who is dedicated to spreading the word about Joanie’s Promise and educating the community about the importance of breast cancer screenings and prevention.

To date, over 3,600 exams have been performed for women in the tri-county area, and this is made possible by the community’s continued support of the Panerathon each and every year. The event, now celebrating 10 years in the Valley, has surpassed $2.5 Million raised for the JACBCC!

Joanie’s Promise will ensure that every woman in the Mahoning Valley is aware of, able to get to and is welcome at the JACBCC. Those who contribute to Panerathon will be saving lives!  


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