Nashville Diaper Connection

Money Raised: $80 Charity Goal: $5,000

About Nashville Diaper Connection

Nashville Diaper Connection is a 501c3 organization dedicated to making a difference in the lives of families in poverty in Nashville. Through generous donations from people like you, Nashville Diaper Connection is able to supply clean, dry diapers to families making an average of $5,000/year. These families have to make the impossible decision between buying diapers or paying rent, buying diapers or buying food. Diapers are not considered a necessity, and as such, there is no government funding for diapers. You can't buy diapers with Food Stamps, or even the Flex Spending dollars. A lack of diapers has been linked to health issues in infants, child abuse, and even infanticide. Families who can't afford diapers, also can't put their children in daycare so they can they work and if they can't work, they can't buy diapers - an endless cycle of poverty.

But you can make a difference. Help us wipe out diaper need!

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