NAMI Fall Classic 5K Walk/Run for Mental Illness Advocacy - 2017

If you plan to create or join a fundraising team, it will be easiest if you FIRST create or join the team BEFORE REGISTERING. Here's how:
Go to  Fundraise, then to Log In and then to Create a New Account. After creating your account, you will be shown a page that says "Runner Panel." It will allow you to find a race near you. Enter the zip code 47904 and then select NAMI Fall Classic. Select the Fundraise box and either Create a Fundraiser Team or Help a Fundraiser Team (you will see the existing team options listed and can select one). Once you have created your team you will see a page labeled "Fundraiser team manager toolbar." On the right side, select the Register box and it will allow you to start registering as a race participant.

If you would like to register but don't want to be involved with a fundraising team, it is not required that you create an account. Simply follow the steps on the registration form below. Thank you!