$5 Raised for Oliver and Friends Farm Sanctuary

Charity Goal: $5,000
Money Raised: $5

About Oliver and Friends Farm Sanctuary

Milo. Oliver and Friends contacted us to help Milo with swim therapy after undergoing extensive surgery at OSU. He was born with both front elbows reversed and walked on the back side of his feet. OSU was able to reverse the elbows and fuse them, but Milo needed strengthening so they called us. If you don’t know about Milo, you should read his story at https://people.com/pets/puppy-born-with-upside-down-paws-gets-surgery/ He is a wonderful little guy who got a second chance thanks to Oliver and Friends.


Oliver and Friends is a 501(c)3 Nonprofit farm animal rescue and sanctuary located in Luther, Oklahoma. They advocate for ALL animals and provide education about compassionate plant-based living. They rescue, rehabilitate, and offer lifelong homes to many animals, and occasionally place animals for private adoption to approved homes.  They are committed to inspiring change in the way society views and treats "farm" animals, and they work to help people see that animals traditionally viewed as "food" are just as unique, intelligent, and sensitive as dogs and cats. They work tirelessly to achieve our goals,  and they need the support of our community and from kind and caring people like you. All donations are tax deductible.


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