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Charity Goal: $5,000
Money Raised: $10

About Mutt Misfits

Pig and Percy. Both of these dogs came to us for swim therapy from Mutt Misfits. Pig is an ex-bait dog that was apparently tied down and fighting dogs were allowed to practice on her. When she first came to see us, she could barely walk a couple of feet and would be completely out of energy. Now she swims a full 30 minutes and even runs occasionally in her back yard. Percy also came to us without being able to walk. No one knows why but he literally had to drag himself into our facility. He is now making a full recovery in a loving foster home. Thanks to Mutt Misfits – these two wouldn’t have had the opportunity to shine like they do now.

Mutt  Misfits exists to help unwanted animals in situations that could lead to harm or euthanasia. We primarily focus on animals with major medical illnesses, injuries or advanced age that are often overlooked. By partnering with shelters and the public, we promote responsible pet ownership, spay and neuter, and the adoption of special needs pets. It is our goal to save the un-saveable.

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