$0.00 Raised for Dunsmuir Rotary/Wildcat Weekender

Your generous donations make the world a better place. Thank you for giving!

About Dunsmuir Rotary/Wildcat Weekender

The backpacks that are donated are a part of a project having a huge impact on the students. 31 students take home a backpack filled with meals to help fill in the nutrition gaps they experience over the weekend or longer holiday breaks. While the students don't comment a lot about their feelings on receiving this food, it is clear that they appreciate what they receive.

One sure sign that this project is having an impact is seen when the students return to school on Monday. They don't appear to be as hungry at breakfast. The backpacks are returned promptly by Tuesday at the latest so that they can be filled again on Wednesday. Students know that if packs are not returned by Wednesday that they will not be filled that week. We have only had 2 students miss that deadline. They haven't missed it since.

The Wildcats are so appreciative of your generous donation. Because of you, the will have a program in place that will continue for years to come.