Team KJ

Money Raised: $24,285 Charity Goal: $20,000

About Team KJ

Team KJ is a group of friends and family that participate in sprint triathlons and other endurance events in an effort to raise money to find a cure for Huntington’s Disease. Our goal is to help support the families in our community effected by this disease and continue to support medical research that will ultimately find a cure. Team KJ was formed in support of and is named for Kara Jean Fleming who is fighting her own battle against HD.

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The 'Kissing Captain' Denny Fleming, FDNY
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The PR 45 Club
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Recent Donors
Pat Reidy
John McLaughlin
Karen Velleman
Inda Eaton
Stephen and Kathy Veralli
Debbie Yaciuk
Linda Fritz
Margaret McLinskey
Suzanne Henry
Mark Pepe
karen zebiak
Steven Capitani
Kathleen FABLE
Jill Minsky
Joon Chung
Mary Tiegreen
Kevin Flynn
Michael Kiernan
Tom Holmes
Tanya King
Kathy Ottinger
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Lillian Ritz-Nichols
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William Klotz
Sheila Cuccia
Charles Olsson
Eileen Kennedy
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patricia scanlon
elizabeth Trubiroha
jim wenke
Linda Romano
Madeline Kunda
Peter Doe
The Byman Family
Devorah Berman
Patricia Yorke
Top Donors
Pat Reidy
Glenn Shepard
Courtney Haslett'
Michael Carber


Donor Comments

"Keep fighting!!"

- Jonathan Schupack

"In Honor of Robin, Shelby and Family 💜"

- Tracie McLee

"Very PROUD of you Shelby "

- John Angelis

"Go Jill your the best !!"

- Chaim Boss

"Love you robin! "

- Michelle Monaco

"Bonne chance Isabelle, Robin, Shelby et toute l'équipe!"

- Denise Charbonneau

"Keep on fighting for this great cause. Good job"

- Dawn Pezzullo

"Because Shelby looks great doing push-ups "

- Nilsa Rohaidy

"Please don't make Shelby do all these push-ups! Robin should have to pitch in!!!"

- Leslie Schiller

"Happy to support! 💖"

- Cheryl DeVries


- Katie Shin

"Go GO GO!!!"

- Richard King

"Go Isabelle! Way to help."

- Thérèse Woodrow

"Keep kickin ass Shelby!!"

- Sarita Rowner


- Elise Martineau

"love you"

- belinda ayes

"All the best ❤❤❤"

- Shira Reback

"You better get a PR Isabelle!"

- Simon Festa-Bianchet

"God Bless Kara & Team KJ! Go Pirates! Tom & Katie Doherty"

- thomas doherty

"Please post to #inyourhonor (Robin Mennillo Caputo) Thank you for your efforts! <3"

- Kimberly Harrow

"Sending love and support to Kara and The Fleming Family..."

- Yvonne Zielinski

"Go Robin & team!!"

- Whalen Family

"In memory of Bob💞Go Shelby and Robin"

- Deborah Bettmann

"Robin... for your brother & your dad <3"

- Marta Rodriguez

"Robin your crew at Nysc love you !!!"

- Nicholas Monfredo

"Praying for a cure❤ good luck Xoxo"

- Fatima Mernacaj

"In memory of Bob Mennillo, I promise to always have a man's drink from now on☺"

- Kenneth Kroll

"In your honor."

- Donna Kaplan

"Keep up the good work Robin..."

- judy zehentner

"Have a great day Sully"

- Anonymous

"Best of luck to you and your team!! "

- Jacqueline Blinn

"Keep up the good work Sully!"

- Michael Cosgrove

"In memory of Capt. Denny Fleming, FDNY and Mick Sullivan two of the bravest warriors in the battle against HD"

- Anonymous

"Sending love and best wishes. "

- Karen Eidman

"In memory of The Big Guy "

- William Shea

" no way Mike Fleming can run 5k. could be a Rosie Ruiz situation"

- Harris Family

"Go Gina...we are so proud of you! "

- Barbara DalLago

"In honor of KJ, my hero."

- Mary Ann Fisher

"Hope you reach your goal Robin. Thanks for fighting for this cause."

- Margarite Sullivan


- Marjory Griffin

"From Deb Martin "

- Anonymous

"From Roz Gutwetter"

- Anonymous

"From Lois Stevens"

- Anonymous

"Go Gina! We love you. Marcy & Jeffrey"

- Jeffrey Schwartz

"Go get them Gina!"

- Janet Irizarry

"Go Kathleen and TeamKJ !!!!"

- Anonymous

"Such a worthy cause! Good luck!!"

- Carolyn Austin

"From 24 Hour Fitness & OTF fundraising events!"

- Anonymous

"Go Team KJ!!"

- Mark Marotta

"In honor of all the brave families who live with HD/JHD in their lives. "

- Teresa Tempkin

"Je vous encourage de tout mon coeur! Nini xox"

- Anonymous

"Je vous encourage de tout mon coeur! Nini xox"

- Anonymous

"In honor of Robin and her family. "

- Debbie Stemmerman

"Go Gina! Happy to support you and this great cause! "

- Danielle Schwartz

"In Memory of Mickey Sullivan"

- Glenn Shepard

"To honor and support such a worthy cause and family. "

- Margaret Kinnaird

"great job Robin! "

- Christine Murray

"From all the N.Y. JETS and Jacksonville Jaguars fans who donated at the Oct. 1st tailgate!!"

- Anonymous

"Good luck!"

- Kelley Swift

"In Honor of Thomas Mennillo & In Memory of Robert Mennillo"

- Elsie Willinger

"Go Gina! Wish we could have raced with you! Toni & Allie"

- Anonymous

"Jackie you're amazing for organizing and running this yearly!!! Our love to you and team KJ!!! Love the Ottos "

- Chris Ottomanelli

"Awesome job! Keep fighting!!"

- Anna McGuire

"With love from the Foote Sisters"

- Julie Foote

"Go Shelby, Go Robin. In memory of your loving grandfather and father."

- Darlene Aamodt

"Good Luck Gina!"

- Lori Finley

"good luck G "

- Tracy Keegan

"Go Gina!!! If The Boy and The Baby were there, they'd be rooting you on!!!"

- Mike Dal Lago

"Donation made possible by Mike Bosco bringing this great cause to our attention"

- Michael Carber

"Best of luck Robin and #inyourhonor team. Your motivation and dedication is inspirational. "

- Patricia Yorke

"Sending our love and support to the entire Fleming Family. "

- The Byman Family

"Happy to support ❤️"

- Madeline Kunda

"In memory of My father Bob Mennillo and in honor of my brother Tommy Mennillo. GO SHELBY! From Uncle Gabe & Aunt Mandy "

- Anonymous

"Good Luck!"

- Linda Romano

"Good luck Mike Bosco and team KJ"

- Anonymous

"nice to see you at the 2017 coyle invitational jim wenke"

- jim wenke

"It's an honor to support you Shelby, proud of you"

- elizabeth Trubiroha

"From Tara & Evelyn"

- Anonymous

"Happy to support such a great cause! Go G!"

- brian capitani

"In loving memory of Mickey Sullivan, a warrior. Go Team KJ, God bless all."

- Eileen Kennedy

"Dan's the man!"

- Charles Olsson

"As always great job all. "

- Patrick Di Staso

"Good Luck GIna! Happy to support you and this great cause!"

- Natalie Wong

"Happy to support this cause!! Fight for a cure!!! Go Gina!! You've Got This!!!!"

- Lillian Ritz-Nichols

"For Robin & Family & team. You rock! xoxo"

- Kathy Ottinger

"Crush this race!"

- Tanya King

"To a Great Friend. Miss you!"

- Tom Holmes

"Go Gina!!! and Team #INYOURHONOR!! So happy to help support you and this cause! Love ya.. Karen & Phil Dino"

- Anonymous

"Good luck at this wonderful event!"

- Mary Tiegreen

"So proud of you, Gina! With love, Joon"

- Joon Chung

"In memory of Michael and Danny's Dad - Mickey Sullivan"

- Anonymous

"In honor of Gina's hard work!"

- Kathleen FABLE

"Go get 'em Gina!"

- Steven Capitani

"KJ strong! Great event!"

- Mark Pepe

"Go Team KJ!"

- Suzanne Henry

"In loving memory of my brother-in-law, Denis and in tribute to my wonderful niece, Kara, from your loving aunt Marie"

- Margaret McLinskey

"Blessings on all who make this day possible! Go Team KJ!"

- Anonymous

"Go Gina. Hope it went well! "

- Linda Fritz

"In honor of Dan!"

- Debbie Yaciuk

"In support of KJ and one of Pearl Rivers finest families"

- Stephen and Kathy Veralli

"From Inda Eaton & Annemarie McCoy"

- Inda Eaton

"In Memory of Mickey Sullivan!"

- Karen Velleman