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Money Raised: $10,816 Charity Goal: $20,000

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About Team KJ

Team KJ is a group of friends and family that participate in sprint triathlons and other endurance events in an effort to raise money to find a cure for Huntington’s Disease. Our goal is to help support the families in our community effected by this disease and continue to support medical research that will ultimately find a cure. Team KJ was formed in support of and is named for Kara Jean Fleming who is fighting her own battle against HD. Team KJ is a registered 501c3 charity.

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'Kissing Captain' Denny Fleming, FDNY
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Donor Comments

"In Memory of Mick Sullivan and Denny Fleming. "

- Anonymous

"Prayers for a successful fundraiser to help fight HD!"

- Kevin Shine

"Keep up the fight for a cure. "

- Carolyn Austin

"Tom & Bob Mennillo"

- Kenneth Kroll

"You are an amazing women!!!! "

- Anonymous


- Eileen DeMauro

"From your Canadian family and supporters xox"

- Isabelle Charbonneau

"Now make your momma do burpees lol "

- Nilsa Rohaidy

"In memory of Denis."

- Anonymous

"Go Team KJ, Go Kara Go! Doherty Family"

- Thomas Doherty

"Honoring all those who suffer & their families.....Praying for a cure....."

- Joan Henel


- Marjory Griffin

"With gratitude, and for those who suffer"

- Adam Nielsen

"In memory of Mickey Sullivan"

- gregory cosgrove

"In tribute to Kara Jean Fleming, whose family lives across the street where I grew up! "

- Deborah Adams

"For Kathleen’s fundraising goal. Good luck! "

- Rhonda Lovings-Miraldi

"Go UC Davis! Find a cure!"

- Suzanne Henry

"In memory "

- Imhotep Pease

"Great work Kissing Captain team!!!!"

- Elizabeth Kennedy

"In honor of Kara Jean, my hero"

- MaryAnn Fisher

"Too all the good folks working on this - a big THANKS!"

- Patrick Di Staso

"Thinking of Denis today & everyday. Bill & Nancy Shea"

- William Shea

"In tribute to the Fleming Family"

- Teresa Tempkin

"In memory of my mother Alice O'Brien and my sisters Diane and Alice all of whom suffered from HD. Thank you Mike for raising awareness of HD."

- Meghan Donaldson

"In honor of all those who are suffering. "

- Peggy Reller

"For Danny"

- Noreen Meagher

"Thank you to the volunteers and caregivers. God's comfort and peace to all afflicted with HD. Rob & Linda B."

- Robert Burden

"Kudos to all the volunteers. Hugs and support to Kara Jean! Mark and Lisa Pepe"

- Mark Pepe

"Let's kick HD's Ass!"

- Jeanmarie Capitani

"In honor of Colleen Higgins and her loving support of her cousin and finding a cure for Huntington’s Disease."

- Anonymous

"You and your team are amazing. Keep up the fight! "

- Madeline Kunda

"Go team KJ, this is for you Kara. Your our hero! "

- Colleen Higgins

"Sending love and support to Team KJ!"

- Aimee Rios

"Virginia Abercrombie "

- Beverly Abercrombie

"Thank you for all you do for this cause Robin ❤"

- Shawn O'Connor

"Charles,Genevieve,Joe,Kirk and Jennifer Flynn "

- Jennifer P Flynn

"Sending love to Kara and all the Fleming Family...."

- Yvonne Zielinski

"In honor of Claude and Sigrid Blazej "

- Mary Chamberlin

"Sigrid Blazej and Claude's continued help with this worthy cause. "

- Diana Brown

"Keep up the Great Work. Denny was such a wonderful Man. Praying for Kara . "

- Mary Dizzine

"In honor of Claude Blazej "

- thom dahlin



"In memory of Sigrid Blazej"

- John Field

"In tribute to Giovanna Marchant"

- Julia Jensen

"In memory of Sigrid Blazej. And in honor of Claude Blazej's dedication to finding a cure for HD."

- Sarah Waldo

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