Africa 6000 International

About Africa 6000 International

Our Mission:
Provide clean, safe water throughout the continent of Africa.

Why? We're helping to prevent the premature deaths of over 4,000+ children daily. These deaths are caused by waterborne illness from contaminated water. We are accomplishing this goal through the drilling of deep, fresh water wells and the completion of entire water well projects.These projects include the bore hole, pvc or steel casing, filters, sand screens and holding tanks. A hand pump is installed in smaller villages, but more often than not, solar pumping systems are constructed so villagers can collect water continuously, eliminating long waiting lines. Africa 6000 water projects also include irrigation where needed and separate drinking stations for animals.

We also help educate villagers as to the infrastructure of the well and the importance of maintenance. These wells not only save thousands of lives on a daily basis but have helped bring peace to areas where lack of water has caused unrest and sometimes violence.

These community water well projects also pave the way for medical clinics and schools.

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