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About UNC Children's Hospital

The Krispy Kreme Challenge proudly supports the UNC Children's Hospital, a specialty-designed hospital that caters to the needs of sick or injured children and their families. The mission of the hospital is to provide the highest quality care to patients from all 100 counties in North Carolina, regardless of a family's ability to pay. Your generous donation to the UNC Children's Hospital through the Krispy Kreme Challenge will help children and families get the care that they need. Donations can help fund anything from a teddy bear for a child waiting treatment to specialty training equipment for hospital nurses and doctors. The options are endless; make your impact by donating below. Thank you for changing children's lives. 


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The Cloudcast
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Gluten For Punishment
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Pop These Firecrackers
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Think & Dough
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We DoNut swim
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Donut Cry Over Spilled Milk
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Think and DOnut!
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UNCP Phi Kappa Tau EM
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Bereman Brave
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Red Hat
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News You Can Use
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Lozzie McDonagon's Krispy Kool Kids
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Donut make me run too fast!
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Triple Trouble
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Kelly Thomas
Carri Walters
Stuart Sioussat
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Jill LaMothe
Jacob Semerar
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Randy Canady
IIM Engineering Gauthier
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David Garrison
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Donor Comments

"Pop pop!"

- Kevin McCann

"In Memory of Jessica Stein"

- Chase Tinkham

"In Tribute of the Blue Hill Co-Op, Blue Hill, ME"

- Timothy Duly

"So so awesome you do every year!!"

- Amber Rowland

"Enjoy the podcast. Good luck in the run. It's great that you help the kids each year. "

- Anonymous

"This one goes out to the Cloud Cast! Have a great run. "

- Mads Danquah

"Ih honor or Meredith Ferree."

- Anonymous

"In memory of Esteban’s stomach"

- Abigail Greene

"I'm a coward"

- Anonymous

"For the cause! Help those who can’t help themselves! "

- Allyson Jelenek

"Don't get sick."

- Anonymous


- Christopher Wilson

"Yer Da Sells Donuts! Keep doing you, Esteban! Love yah sir"

- Matthew McAllister

"#blessed This donation is dedicated to NoItsRebecca"

- Steve Tansek

" ❤️"

- Janice King

"Get it!"

- Angie Laxton

"please eat and extra 6 DONUTS for me.. one for every CHAMPIONS LEAGUE YNWA "

- Robert Connor

"In memory of our tremendous runs. Good luck!"

- Peter Costa

"With Love from Dortmund! Anke"


"Just to put you over 1000. Plus it’s not to replace your teeth. #OutlawsToTheEnd #FootballFamily"

- Christopher Wilson

"Math is hard. "

- Christopher Wilson

"All the feels"

- Ana Stefanski

"In Honor of the NCCC Team that cared for Jacob and Timothy Johnson for six weeks with compassion and incredible expertise."

- Lisa Johnson

"In support of you eating more sugar. Cheers!"

- Rachel Gruetzner

"Binge the darkness "

- Jason Jackson

"To support Zachary Taylor"

- Melody Lineberger

"Have fun and try not to get sick!"

- Casey Hanlon

"I’m so excited to contribute to a great cause!"

- Delzorra Taylor

"Good luck Hallam-ICS!"

- Scott King

"For the Other Esteban, YNRA."

- Anonymous

"In memory of Violet Myers"

- Anonymous

"Team Atticus"

- Randy Canady

"We wanted to donate 1000 but you seem to have lower expectations when you put a limit at 500 (Otherwise custom). you should have alimit of 10,000."

- IIM Engineering Gauthier

"Good luck!"

- James Williams

"Go Kristen and the rest of the Atticus Team. "

- Jennifer E Kelley

"Go Shanna!"

- Mary Palisoc

"Go Atticus"

- Dave Bolin

"In tribute to Sophia Duffman."

- Anonymous

"Good luck!"

- Patrick J Ellard jr

"Love you!"

- Brooke Stearns

"Have a wonderful run, gentlemen! "


"go hallam team"

- Anonymous

"Donuts for the kids "

- Alex Leitten

"Proud of you brother!"

- Ross Goodman

"Run Shade Run!"

- Lisa Campbell

"Good luck Kev!"

- David Garrison

"Double the money if you spew"

- Paul Oppold

"For Camden!"

- Carolyn Baird

"Thanks for doing this Judith!"

- Eric Rosow

"From Leslie Colburn"

- Anonymous

"Run Emily Run! Love, mom and dad"

- Sara Ford

"Great Job, thank you! KJ"

- Kelvin Jordan

"Go Atticus Team, thank you!!"

- Kelvin Jordan

"Go Team Atticus, Thank You!! KJ"

- Kelvin Jordan

"GO Team Atticus, Thank You!! KJ"

- Kelvin Jordan

"Go Team Atticus, Thank You KJ"

- Kelvin Jordan

"Go Team Atticus, Thank You KJ"

- Kelvin Jordan

"double the donuts, double the dollas"

- david straeten

"For the kids!!!"

- Matthew Lugo

"Good luck Brian and Aaron!"

- Greg Knieriemen

"gonuts for donuts"

- luke herline

"Go Hallam Team!"

- Keith Flaherty

"I hope you throw up - Vincent"

- Vincent Swann

"Eat this shit up! Literally #MambaMentality "

- Devin Robinson

"Run! Eat! Run!"

- Heather Valachovic

"I am making this donation for Elena Price who is one of the runners "

- Helen Price

"Go Team McGrath!"

- Candace Swanson

"For all the children"

- Cathy Wilson

"Annie Toner"

- Judith Mazur

"Brody Betts"

- Cari Zello

"In memory of Joshua Newsom"

- Amy Newsom

"Roll like a doughnut"

- Brent Weigel

"Remembering Josh ❤"

- Jennifer Taylor

"In loving memory of Joshua Newsom"

- Angie Pearce

"In Memory of Joshua! ❤️"

- Dawn Bischoff

"In memoriam of Jeff FaFa Woods. Nobody likes you. "

- Eric Ehlers

"Good luck!"

- Joann Cangelosi

"Have a great race, Elise Romola!!"

- Diane Henderson


- Renee McGrath

"Get after it, McGraths!!!"

- Tracey McElya

"Go George Go!"

- Constance Rapson

"Death (or diabetes) becomes you! You are the Mo Salah of donut running. Enjoy every bite :)"

- Caroline Moakley

"For Joshua"

- Margaret Landes

"Good luck, Esteban! Go for the Baker’s Dozen!!"

- Rob Copley II

"From the Vaughn Family"

- Christopher Vaughn

"Solicited by Lucien Gauthier"

- Stuart Sioussat

"I knew Joshua in Carlisle,PA and always enjoyed hanging out with him at the youth center. I am thankful for his friendship and to have known him. He will always be remembered as the sweet, kind, always smiling friend. With love,Kate Walters & family"

- Carri Walters

"Lainey "

- Kelly Thomas

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