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The Krispy Kreme Challenge proudly supports the UNC Children's Hospital, a specialty-designed hospital that caters to the needs of sick or injured children and their families. The mission of the hospital is to provide the highest quality care to patients from all 100 counties in North Carolina, regardless of a family's ability to pay. Your generous donation to the UNC Children's Hospital through the Krispy Kreme Challenge will help children and families get the care that they need. Donations can help fund anything from a teddy bear for a child waiting treatment to specialty training equipment for hospital nurses and doctors. The options are endless; make your impact by donating below. Thank you for changing children's lives. 


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Donor Comments

"Here’s to helping the kids at UNCCH and giving the riders an excuse to eat a dozen donuts!"

- Kathy Lobonc

"So awesome you do every year!"

- Amber Rowland

"For the kids"

- Carolyn Mccarthy

"In memory of Christine Kang-Hui"

- Kenneth Hui

"Go for it! From your friends at Cloudability"

- Mat Ellis

"everyone do little to make a big change!"

- huimin li

"Good luck!"

- Jason Watterson

"Run hard, play hard "

- Trevor Hutchins

"Do it to it, Joseph!"

- Timothy Duly

"Good luck!"

- Sarah Grieco

"Shelley Mahl - shelleymahl@hotmail.com"

- Anonymous

"I expect you to run in a costume. Good luck!"

- Stephane Henrion

"Mindshare PR"

- Heather Fitzsimmons

"Can't run with you, but Go Bereman Brave!"

- Debra Tokarz

"Sorry that I can't run this year but I will be there in spirit, especially when you are eating donuts."

- John Meitzen

"To Michael and Family, I hope you are having a wonderful holiday season and thoughts and prayers are with you all each and every day. "

- David Muddiman

"Thank you for a great podcast and for supporting what seems to be a great cause!"

- Mads Danquah

"great cause!"

- Marc Boorshtein

"In Honor or Meredith Ferree"

- Kevin Gracely

"Kudos to you both for doing this every year, enjoy the donuts (if not the run)!"

- Michael Mattinson

"In Memory of Cara Hamilton "

- Anonymous

"In honor of Lakelynn M. who is fighting pediatric cancer."

- Kimberly Truesdale

"Good luck Kevin! M&D"

- Anonymous

"This is a WIN-WIN-WIN. You love the run, you love the doughnuts, -- and most importantly, YOU LOVE THE KIDS!!! So proud of you Son, Dad & Mom"


"Dr. Bereman"

- Suprava Misra

"Can't run but am there in spirit"

- David Buchwalter

"Bereman Brave!"

- Jane Lubischer

"Go get em tiger! Speaking of tigers.... Winne the Pooh characters is my theme of choice "

- Christopher Morrow

"Good luck Kevin! G&G"

- Anonymous

"Wish I could run (and eat a dozen donuts solo without judgement)! Go Bereman Brave! "

- Kathleen Wilson

"Great cause, kudos to you all !"

- Simon Seagrave

"Thank you for your dedication to this cause. "

- Fernando Montenegro

"What’s your favorite kind of donut?"

- Michael Liebow

"Anthony Phillips"

- Glenn Phillips

"From Carol Doyle"

- Anonymous

"GO, Joel GO!! 🧡 🏃🏼 "

- Dian Mort

"Because Lauren is pretty awesome! "

- Monica Newnam

"Memory of Karen"

- Edgar R Trexler

"In memory of Asher, Amos, and Claire."

- Jeremy Jenkins

"50 sit-ups please🤗"

- Debra Finan

"Refunded Registration fee!"

- Joel Jenkins

"In honor of Kim Andersen's retirement from the NC State Achives."

- Marcus West

"Gooo Heather Patisaul and Bereman Brave!"

- Lisa Paciulli

"Go Heather and Bereman Brave!"

- Lisa Parks


- Anonymous

"Tribute to Tyler Trexler"

- Lucy Mauriello

"Donated by The Great Jim Ronk"

- William Kanipe

"In Honor of my beautiful, healthy grandchildren, Leah, Sarah, Johnny and Camille "

- Mary Anne Gracely

"Supporting Lauren's work"

- Anonymous

"Go team Bereman Brave!"

- David Reif

"You’ve got this Joel!"

- Madelyn Lawyer

"Thanks for helping to organize this event!"

- James Sinanis

"Go get it bro."

- Thomas Mayhugh

"Go Bereman Brave Team!!!!!"

- Susan Sigmon

"Great Job Amy!"

- Joseph Bica

"Little something for the kiddos - love Coach Petey - OTF Leominster"

- Peter Dandini

"Sounds like a fun run! Wish I could join in person! Love to you and your family!"

- Anna Kendrick

"Krispy Kreme Challenge 2019 - Team Hallam-ICS"

- Donna Aiken

"For Amy"

- Sara Burkhardt

"in honor of Kim Anderson!"

- Lucy Inman

"To support Dominique (Nikki) Hegenbarth in the Krispy Kreme Run 02/02/2019"

- Kimberley Pitman

"Go Jackson go!!"

- Shirley OCONNOR

"Team Bereman Brave"

- Anonymous

"Lance is UNC alumni! Go Heels! "

- Hannah Kelly

"We think the world of Bereman Brave. We love your family, your dedication, and your compassion to all. It is an honor to know you all."

- Thomas Peloquin

"Love you guys!"

- Downey Brill

"Way to go!"

- James Williams

"Cognizant outreach project"

- Kathryn Nash

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