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Aria was diagnosed with KD in 2015, when she was just 5 months old. After 5 long days of ER and doctor visits, the doctors finally made the diagnosis based on her unexplainable high fever, swollen hands and feet, and body rash. Aria had Atypical Kawasaki Disease, meaning she did not display all of the symptoms, and we were told all week that this illness was "just a virus." I knew in my heart that this was more than just an ordinary virus and we continued to find an answer. Aria had one dilated coronary artery as a result of this disease, but fortunately, she was able to be treated on day 6, and it returned to its normal size. I had never heard of Kawasaki Disease before this, and I still have yet to learn what caused it. As of now, Aria is happy and healthy, but I have no idea the long term effects it might have on her life. It is important to spread awareness of this disease so that other children with KD can be diagnosed and treated before it leads to permanent heart damage.


Money Raised: $125.00 Fundraiser Goal: $5,000


Kawasaki Kids

The Kickin' Kawasaki 5K - Woodlands, TX race will be held on October, 26 at 9am held at Rob Flemming Park. The Kawasaki Kids Foundation is dedicated to supporting the child and family dealing with Kawasaki Disease, growing awareness and education for early diagnosis, and funding research to find a cause of KD. KD is the #1 acquired heart disease in young children 0-5 years of age. There is a vital 10 day window to be diagnosed and treated before heart disease sets in with possible coronary aneurysm occur. Kawasaki Kids Foundation wants to say thank you!  What an amazing and special year 2018 has been for our foundation! I am so pleased to say that our foundation has saved 22 kids with early diagnosis and no heart problems as of today. This can only be done with phenomenal partners like yourself.

6 years ago I started this foundation with the hopes I could save one child and make a difference. We are doing that and more!
Heart melting stats and accomplishment's in 2018:
  • 22 kids saved as of today with NO heart problems!!
  • Record donations, sponsorships, and participants equaling over $150,000 raised this year.
  • Over 150 backpacks filled and delivered to Children's Hospital Colorado and Boston Children's Hospital. These backpacks go to kids that are just diagnosed in the hospital, and are put in isolation to recover. The smiles that come from a backpack both for the child and the parent is priceless!
  • Over 2500 KD Symptom posters sent out across the United States for distribution to doctor offices, preschools, schools, day cares etc. These posters have been credited with saving lives!
  • Kawasaki Kids Christmas is coming up. Yay! We will be granting Christmas for many KD kids, that will otherwise not have a Christmas this year. 
Cooper and our family would like to thank you for your generosity and support of our Kickin' Kawasaki 5K race series! Please consider a donation of a couple dollars to support our mission. We couldn't do this great work without you.


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