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About Airport Marina Counseling Service

Create a "stand-alone" fundraising team!  Members may be anyone you know .. runners, friends, neighbors, etc. who may or may not attend the race but want to support our cause.  And you do not have to be at the race to win the prize for raising the most money! 

Running Teams may form a fundraising team but NOTE that it is a separate team from your running team. Your runners need to join it independent of your running team.  The name should be associated with your team, for example, your Running Team Name is ABC and your Fundraising Team is ABCfundraising.   And, as explained above, members may be runners and people who do not even come to the race. 

100% of money raised will support the services of our local mental health clinic, Airport Marina Counseling Service. All funds raised by your team will go directly to the Airport Marina Counseling Service (AMCS). 

The mission of Airport Marina Counseling Service (AMCS) is two-fold: to provide affordable, community-based mental health services and to train mental health therapists.

AMCS is a nonprofit, community-based mental health clinic that has been serving the greater LAX region since 1961. From its opening in 1961 to now, AMCS has continued to grow and expand it programs and services. Today, they serve hundreds of individuals, children and families and couples at their primary clinic in Westchester and several off-site locations that include local schools and The Boys & Girls Club of Venice.  All services are provided on a sliding-scale basis, 7 days a week.

AMC’s  therapeutic services include family therapy, individual therapy, psychiatric services, case management, couples counseling, therapeutic group sessions, immediate intervention, and most recently,  AMCS became a LGBTQI Center.

There are no geographical boundaries for eligibility to receive their services. Their doors are open to all in need of their services.

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