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About Kids On The Move - Help us raise $10,000!

Did you know that on average, one in 59 children have autism? These children need our support! It can be very expensive for families to provide quality autism services for their loved ones. This is why Kids On The Move created the Heber Half Run For Autism, to help fund the Kids On The Move Autism Center. The KOTM Autism Center provides customized services to individuals with autism.

When Grace was 18-months old, her parents started to realize that something was off. Grace couldn't verbalize at all and rarely made eye contact. It was at that point that Grace was diagnosed with autism. After six years of intense therapy at the Kids On The Move Autism Center, Grace's parents saw incredible results. Grace can now do pretty much anything a child without autism can do. She ice skates, rock climbs, and plans to one day both learn and learn how to fly an airplane. 

Help more children like Grace reach their full potential by helping us reach our $10,000 goal!

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