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The Flock of Cabin 13
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Team Lucas
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Cabin 7
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The Wolfpack
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ECWeek Spa
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Camp Fatima Regular Season
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Cabin #10 & Daddy Steven
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The French Family
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Cabin 8
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Cabin 12 KneeSocks
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Suncook Lake Survivors
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The Cabin 30 Boys
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The Tessanators
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Brady's Buddies
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The Doc’s Cabin
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Special Program
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Team Doyle
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Cabin 31
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The Audy Clan
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Team Moosie Man
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The Bat Cave a.k.a. Cabin 18
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Team Leahy & McCann
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Cabin 16
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Power Tools
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Cabins 456
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Camp Bernadette Alumni Association
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The Condos
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Small Fry
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Putney's Keeping the Pace for EC
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Fatima Athletic Club Cycling
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Conway Post Office
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Donor Comments

"Go Team Lucas."

- Julie Mahegan

"Best of luck to you all "

- Susan Sheahan

"In loving memory of Mary Ann French Thanks Sam for introducing me to this wonderful place I’m forever greatful."

- Dana French

"In loving memory of our Nana AM & FM Malloy "

- Dana French

"In Memory of Mary Ann French a great Nurse, friend and roll model for all Volunteers. PE Coffey "

- Dana French

"To the Docs Cabin, AKA The Assisted Living Cabin, because we assist one another !"

- William H Blohm

"A great big thank you to all the volunteers who make this wonderful place a reality! We love Camp Fatima EC Week!"

- Marjorie Burke

"In honor of two great ladies, Sarah and Patty!! Have a wonderful week!"

- Kathleen Pedersen

"In memory of every camper I ever served."

- Susan Carlson

"In Memory of Mom, Catherine French Murray, and Auntie Mary Ann French"

- Michael French

"Paul Eugene Coffey Esq. Honorary member of the Doc’s Assisted Living Cabin. "

- Dana French

"In Memory of Nana the best Nurse EC Week ever had."

- Dana French

"Love, mom & dad"

- Leo Breen

"From 1st year camper Braeden Craig 2019 (session 4, cabin #25)"

- Rebecca Craig

"Kerry -You are truly amazing! Keep doing what you do! I love you to the moon and back!"

- Steven Carlini

"Cousin Charlie❤️"

- Mary E Lally

"In honor of Miller Dessoffy, and his awesome 1st time camper experience this year!"

- Martin Dessoffy

"In honor of Handsome Stanley."

- Anonymous

"Supporting the Doherty and Lally families "

- Daniel Ford

"Proud to be part of Team Lucas!"

- moira l mahegan

"C23. I used to be the Cabin 23 counselor in the early sixties."

- Robert Pizzano

"Great cause ❤️"

- Sarah Silvia

"Fatima love "

- Zachary LaFavre

"Sarah and Patty Burke"

- Sharon Owens

"Love you Danny!! Jan & Phil and family "

- Janis Tremblay

"In support of Laura and all the volunteers "

- Lindsay Mahoney Lavalle

"In memory of Stephen McKelvie ( father of Laura Johnson)"

- Shanna McKelvie

"For my flamingo friend, Jen, and her flock in cabin 13! So amazed by what you do every year at camp. "

- Lisa McKian

"In memory to my parents who modeled love in action "

- Virginia Donnelly

"Incredibly in awe and so supportive of Drew and the amazing work that he, his friends, and his colleagues do every year for these fantastic campers and their families. Will get this donation matched by Grubhub too. <3"

- Caitlin Feigenbaum


- Anonymous

"Keep doing great things for this amazing place!"

- Sawyer Coleman

"Tribute to my good friend Susan Carlson Tague And In honor of my Dad Jack McCarthy Who passed away recently. "

- John McCarthy

"To the Doyle girls, love Robin, Jack, Elvis, and Kitty. Wish I could do more. "

- Robin McEachern

"From papou"

- Jim Daoulas

"From papou"

- James Daoulas

"In memory of Tim McIntyre "

- Isabel Mc intyre55

"So proud of you Jen!"

- Kelly Gallagher

"Go Team Eric!"

- Thomas Leslie

"This camp means a lot to family members of mine, so it means a lot to me too"

- Christina Segura

"Go Team Lucas!! This very nice young man can ride shotgun with me anytime. "

- Thomas Deviller

"Go Team Lucas! Friend of the Mahegan's"

- Pierre Lemieux

"Go Team Lucas!! Friends at KONE"

- Ursula Guthrie

"In Support of Team Lucas - Have fun team!"

- Edward Browne

"Way to go, James! You are awesome!"

- Jamie McAndrews

"Good Job everyone"

- Anthony Egan

"You guys rock!"

- Anonymous

"Go Team Lucas!"

- Robert Foster

"Aye jack I gotchu "

- Joseph Chromey

"From Ed Nickerson and your friends at Gustavo Preston Company, Chelmsford, MA"

- Lisa Emerson

"Go Team Luke!!!"

- Lori A Addario

"Drew - you’re amazing! So happy to be able to support you and this amazing organization!"

- Debbie Silverman

"So proud of our daughter. "


"A Wonderful Cause !"

- Mary Foley- Eichorn

"In memory of Henri Lion Jr "

- Beverly MawnLion

"Keep up the great work!"

- Joel Lemieux

"Good luck!"

- robert feeney

"Go team Lucas"

- Scott Gershaw

"Thank you for giving Luke and so many other children an amazing week they will remember for the rest of their lives!"

- Jill Colman

"Love you, Ang. So proud of you for doing this. That was a beautiful post! "

- Maria Russo

"We are wishing you the best on your week at Camp Fatima and we will cheering for you on your run/walk. "

- Robert Wass

"Bless you, Jessica!!"

- Lisa Thoma

"Go get ‘em Katie!"

- Sela Zalwango

"A Tribute to Liz! Happy Birthday!"

- elizabeth taft

"Flynn is a virgin."

- Anonymous

"in honor of Ed and Ellie Barry"

- michaela Barry

"in honor of Ed and Ellie Barry"

- Anonymous

"Thanks for making a difference Jessica!"

- Kathleen Mangano

"Great job Mark!"

- Nicholas Latta

"Happy Birthday Jhonna Egan!! Congrats on your efforts Jhonna & Martin! (((HUGS))) Your McCarthy Cousins "

- Anonymous

"Good luck getting to your goal Mark...looks like a great cause!"

- Thom SERRA

"Proud of you!!"

- Lisa Gallagher

"Good Luck. Thanks for all you do. God Bless!"

- Kim Finocchiaro

"For Andrea"

- Kellie Stout

"Good Luck Ashley, Danny and Doug - Your friends at Hunneman"

- Anonymous

"In tribute to all the camp volunteers past and present who devote their time and effort so generously "

- Barbara Mawn

"Awesome work! "

- Richard Metzger

"In memory of Jane and Frank Kane"

- Virginia Kane


- Philip Dwyer

"In loving memory of Alice McKenna. Love Kevin & Linda"

- Linda Giusti

"The Hanley gang"

- John Hanley

"Good luck brother -Matt and B"

- Matthew Little

"Joseph V Scavera and Marilyn and Paul Branzetti- Matthew's Loving Grandparents"

- Jo-Ann Branzetti

"In honor of the campers who make the week so very special."

- Walter Byrne

"In memory of Antoinette Fusco"

- Steven Fusco

"Cabin 10 and Daddy Steven"

- Linda Stotsky

"Great cause Marty keep it up! "

- Kevin Crowley

"This seems like such a great camp, loved to see Danny on Fox."

- Christopher Curley

"For Jack Lonergan & and all the amazing campers and volunteers at Fatima"

- James Lonergan

"Danny, Doug, & Ashley, Love you with all my heart. <3 Sam"

- Samantha Flaherty

"In support of Len Ryerson, Providence Mutual Insurance Co."

- Michael Symeonides

"Go Len Go! You and Betsy are an inspiration and Paul and I are honored to support the cause!"

- Jennifer Squeglia

"Truly a fantastic ,generous,heartfelt group of people you all are. Love,Karen"

- Karen Grimes

"Crush it for your favorite coach!"

- Natalie Hall

"Great work Conor!!"

- Steven Iannacone

"Frank Wheeler "

- Anonymous

"Run like the wind!"

- Benito Denardo

"Proud of you Jack Lonergan Nana"

- Judith Lonergan

"In memory of my parents dorothy and John campion. Bronx New York"

- Nancy t Campion

"Keep up the good work Moosie and Thank you to all the Volunteers who give a week of their time to change the week of others."

- Jo-Ann Branzetti

"For giving our daughter Halina an adventure filled summer camp experience ♡"

- Susan Grabski

"In memory of Sarah Elizabeth "

- Christine M Lewis

"Thank you Kate!!!!"

- Rosaleen Berg

"In memory of Joe LoDuca"

- Virginia LoDuca

"In loving memory of Henry J Gorski, Tom Dunne, Maryanne Gorski, Michelle Sullivan, Kimmie Johnson, and Susie Foy."

- Anonymous

"thanks for all my blessings this past year"

- Edmund Donnelly

"Go Kaity !"

- Margaret Leahy

"Cabin 10 and Daddy Steven Team"

- Sharyn Katz

"Go Team Lucas!"

- Michael DiMattia

"Go Kaitlyn! "

- Sheila Leahy

"Bob long"

- James Long

"Thx for doing this wonderful work!"

- Lisa H Howe

"In thanks to Ginny Donnelly and Beverly Mawn-Lion for introducing me to Camp Fatima EC camp and their continued commitment to the camp and spa."


"In honor of Ginny and Bev"

- Ruthe L'Esperance

"In honor of all the Maddens, who have shown their exceptional love and commitment to these citizens through many years."

- Rod Jacobsen

"Elena you are the best!!"

- Laura Hankins

"Monsignor Robert J.Boyle"

- Carolyn Hollis

"You are one awesome family❤️"

- Mary Dantuono

"Aunt Bernice"

- Anne McIntyre

"thank you for doing this deeply appreciated"

- JulieAnn Jaimes

"Thank you to Sue Mansfield "

- Anonymous

"RIVIER lacrosse teammates "

- Corey Oliverio

"Proud of you,,"

- Elizabeth Lonergan

"Thank you Natalie for your time, energy and love."

- Morgan Cooper

"Kalena says, run fast"

- Morgan Cooper

"In Memory of Jimmy Hart"

- Patricia Hart

"Thank you for doing this!"

- Patricia Hart

"Thanks and God Bless you!"

- Patricia Hart

"In honor of Ed and Elle Barry."

- Anonymous

"In memory of my husband, John McGarry who loved Ginny and who would be so proud to contribute to this beautiful cause."

- Marietta Ethier

"Good luck! Thanks for your service!"

- Michael Crist

"Good Luck Meg!! Miss you!"



- Tinamarie Piscatelli

"For all my past and future campers. May you have the best week ever! "

- Julie Davis

"In Memory of Uncle Larry-aka UN"

- Stephen Doyle

"Sending lots of love to you and your sweet family, Tim! "

- Mary Harris

"Paula Murphy "

- Laura Laura L Carlson

"Because this week changes everything!"

- Anonymous

"You girls are the best! So happy to contribute!"

- Jane Dawley

"Because your commitment to this cause is really wonderful. "

- Andrea Crossan

"In support of the Reilly family."

- Kathryn Carroll

"Thank you Ginny for your commitment. Love Marjorie and Jim"

- James Solomon

"Mary Ellen--what a wonderful program!"

- Susan Petrie

"great week to support. way to go Dan!"

- william rand

"As a family member of two with developmental differences, I appreciate your fundraising Mary Ellen!"

- Anonymous

"Good luck and have fun with the race, Mary Ellen! And thanks for your longtime participation in such a wonderful program! <3 "

- Crystal Harrison

"From Generazio Associates "

- Geraldine Generazio

"In support of the fabulous members of the extended Donnelly/Madden family. Si Barnes & Michelle Grenier"

- David Barnes

"Michelle Murphy"

- Anonymous

"To my cabin mates of Cabin 31! I salute you! Good luck and godspeed."

- Michael Kennedy

"In memory of Ben Dawley"

- Barbara Shaughnessy

"With special thanks to Daniel and Siobhan! "

- Maureen Piotrowski

"Run fast Ava!! Love, Peter and Pattianne"

- Patricia Morris

"Good luck! - Hank"

- Bernard Henderson

"Thank you Elena for all you do for the Fatima campers! You are amazing :)."

- Kathleen Paquette

"In loving memory of Aunt MaryAnn"

- Joann Hamel

"Great cause!!"

- Joan Leary

"In support of Sam! You go girl!"

- Morgan McSweeney


- Frank Stasiowski

"Love you :) "

- Ava Mahoney

"This donation is in William Kennedy’s name."

- Laurie Riegle

"Thank you for your service "

- AnthonyStephen ROCCO

"Go Team lucas"

- Anonymous

"For all my friends"

- Matthew Duhaime

"Tribute to my friends who work so tirelessly year after year!"

- Kathleen Gauvin

"Thanks for being such a positive light in the world!! XOXO, Dave, Niki, Kira and Penny"

- Nicole Preston

"What a great experience for all involved. Wonderful cause"

- Donna Weinberg

"A tribute to those who dedicate their time and love to this wonderful experience. I am in awe of the wonderful work you do. "

- jocelyn bresnahan

"In memory of Michael Joyce "

- Mary Joyce Morris

"Happy Birthday Susan Carlson Tague!!"

- Lois Beard

"For all Elena's years of volunteering! Congratulations."

- Jane Cawley

"Happy Birthday Susan Tague!"

- Joanne Davidson

"Best of luck Kiki!"

- Tracy Scolaro

"Go Katie! "

- Samantha Marino

"Go Danny! "

- Tom Brady

"Best of luck with the fundraiser! "

- Taragh Donohoe

"Thanks for this awesome experience. God bless"

- John J Mirabella

"The Flynn comment is true..."

- Anonymous

"God bless our campers and counselors!"

- Anonymous

"In honor of our favorite counselor, Kiki Coleman and her big bro and our favorite camper Jake Coleman!"

- Lori Coleman

"In supporting my awesome niece Susan and all of the wonderful things she does!"

- Joanne Forestell

"Lisa, This is such a wonderful cause!! God bless you and the Flock! ❤❤❤"

- Bethanne Falone

"We love you Danny! Love, Catherine & Matt"

- Catherine Burrell

"Chase Callahan"

- MIchael Callahan

"To all who give freely of their time to help others."

- Linda S Markarian Markarian

"Keep up the great work!"

- Anonymous

"For Paula Murphy"

- William Carlson


- Charles McCarthy

"Love that your family does this! "

- Jennifer Collester

"I love you, Luke!! "

- Ryan Dalton

"In loving memory of my cousin, Mary Ann French."

- Eleanor C Lariviere

"To the Greatest!"

- Daniel Pawlowski

"In honor of the amazing Maura Dartley Rocco"

- Elizabeth Lutwak

"Way to go, Patty! "

- Anonymous

"Katie Garland, your passion and love for this camp is inspiring. ❤️"

- Sarah Graves

"Honoring Susan Carlson Tague -- Happy Birthday!"

- Nancy Hipp

"No one better!"

- Anonymous

"For Mary Ann and always for my dad too and Aunt Jody❤"

- Donna Dupont

"Auntie Mary"

- Mary Addesa

"Go Team Lucas!"

- Maureen Chesley

"Auntie Mary "

- Mary Addesa

"Auntie Awesome"

- Mary Addesa

"Enjoy the race, Camp Fatima is a special place!"

- Christopher Hollins

"John F Lee John H Cook"

- Joseph Lee

"Ava McLaughlin "

- Hanora Ching

"Anything for you mclaughlins!"

- Jenny Parker

"Thanks for taking such good care of Maddie ❤️"

- Carol Manglass

"Great Camp Fatima memories. Thanks for connecting us regular season folks to EC Week"

- Michael Hogan

"Have a great race. Finn Justin says good luck "

- Colleen McCarthy

"In Loving Memory of my Godmother. MaryAnn French"

- MaryAnn French

"Cabin 23 is the best - in every way!"

- Joseph Panarese Jr

"This donation was made on behalf of Carolyn Gibbs ❤️"

- Beverly Mawnlion

"For all my girls in Cabin 13! "

- Lauren Lewis

"Thank you for all that you do every year for the campers. You are amazing! "

- Anonymous

"To a great cause, and many more years of camp! "

- Caitlin Quinn

"Any Mcl team is my team too.. mike you running??"

- Anonymous

"What an excellent FUNdraiser! Good Luck Jack!"

- Gerard Benson

"19th year!! You go girl! Good luck!!"

- Delaney Burke

"Good luck! "

- Jamie Bainton

"Glad to support a great team! ~Lyric's Champs"

- Linda Saulnier

"Isabella Hanraham"

- Mary Anna Brennan

"Sean and Katie Burke "

- Sean Burke

"For Andrew Rocco and Peg StPeter"

- Maura Dartley-Rocco

"for Andrew Rocco"

- Maura Dartley-Rocco

"This is an additional donation on Lisa Mobilia's behalf for a great charity!"

- Juanita Malandain

"We are sharing in the excitement from afar and hoping one day we can volunteer as well. ~ Joe & Shannon"

- Joe Doretti

"Sully you are a true inspiration for us. Thank you for all your kindness. ~Joe & Shannon"

- Joe Doretti

"So proud of you Meg and The Flock” for all you have done and continue to do for the EC Week campers. You’re all amazing!! "

- Thomas Dawley

"Happy to be a part of this fundraiser!"

- Karen Smith

"nana is so proud of all of you"

- Mary Addesa

"Dede ...We are so proud of your big heart and dedication to such a worthy cause❤️ Love, Shan & Jim"

- Shan Koehler

"Go Dede!"

- Stephanie South

"Good luck Marty, Jo, and Jhonna! Y'all gonna crush it <3"

- Nicholas Shea

"Team Jeff Doretti"

- Elizabeth Caron

"In celebration of Christopher Westfield"

- Margaret Westfield

"In support of Samantha LaForgia's fund raising effort."

- Michaela Stanton

"Gooo Cori !!!! Such an awesome cause you and your family support !!!!"

- Anonymous

"Great work Liz! Good luck with the race. "

- Suzanne Pomposello

"Thank you Dede for your commitment and sweat. "

- George Naslas

"Proud of you bestie!! all the work and love you share!! "

- Samantha Vogt

"Great job Joe, the rest of the Savin Hill guys, and Fr. Unni for getting this whole thing started! Incredibly impressive! You should all be very proud!"

- Donald Walsh

"For my Friend of Fatima, the girl with the beautiful heart, Katie Donnelly."

- Patrick Mullin

"Wonderful cause, Joe - so proud of your family's involvement!"

- Kim Tobin

"Go Katie !!"

- Marilyn Judge Vogt

"In memory of Kathy Noonan, go Lucas!!"

- Liam Noonan

"You are the best Meg! "

- Briana Canty

"You’re a rockstar"

- Andrew Convicer

"We appreciate your compassion and dedication. Thanks for a great week."

- Nancy E Shields

"In honor of Kerry & Steven! Love, Mom"

- Anonymous

"Proud of you! "

- Jessica Dankner

"For the best week I have all year and for all my former and future campers!"

- Lauren Wichland

"Keep up the good work Len !"

- Peter Allen

"❤️ you Karen. "

- Dominic Gentile

"In honor of Siobhan and Daniel Mikolajewski"

- Ashley Berman

"Good luck. Just keep running."

- John Drew

"Go Katie!!"

- Rose Frank

"For Team Lucas from PJ and Dawn "

- Pamela Dearden

"Go Katie!"

- Holly George

"In honor of Maryann French"

- Lori Marotta

"In honor of my bunk-mate Gin and the rest of the Donnelly/Madden/Tsanotelis clan <3"

- Hannah Donnelly

"Thank YOU Bob Alessandro"

- Anonymous

"Nice work Conor!"

- Rob Norton


- Kaitlyn Cargill

"Great work Dede and all team members!"

- Chris Clapp

"In loving memory of Mary Ann French ❤️ The Cronin’s"

- Candace Cronin

"So sad to miss this years race!! Go team Lucas!!"

- Samantha Burke

"With gratitude for another wonderful week from the Sennott family"

- Grace Sennott

"frank lupo, gone but not forgotten!"

- michael gahan

"For jeanne Leduc the best camp counselor ever!"

- Jodi Jaillet

"In support of a wonderful cause and my great friend Conor!"

- Gregory Smagin

"Love you Tessa! Nana and Baba"

- Donna Marcotte

"Proud of you Jeff!"

- Christine Anderson

"Make it another 27 years my friend"

- Christopher Fleser

"Great work Jason all the best with the project "

- Maura Williamson

"For Jason. Run, Forest. Run! "

- Anonymous

"Go Wolfpack!!"

- Cynthia Moran

"Good luck Julie, it's an amazing thing you do there each year. Looks like a lovely place!"

- Christina Stewart

"Great job Jessica. So proud of you!"

- Beth Peacock

"In honor of my dear friend Peggy and Miss Ava!! "

- Eileen Foley

"In honor of Sarah Egan and Michael Egan. "

- Pamela Feness


- Michael Kareores

"You're the best Dawn! -Leanne Cofran"

- Anonymous

"Mom & Dad"

- Joan Putney

"good luck!"

- Wesley Forsyth

"Have so much fun, Jack! Good luck!"

- Antonia Fiddner

"The magic in volunteering is that it's rewarding for both those being helped and for those who are helping!"

- Eric Rafanan

"We love you Ava ❤️, your friends .. Chris and Dave "

- Christine Nee

"Good luck.a"

- John Barchey III

"Well done Lisa!! XOXO"

- Eileen Andrews

"Team Good Guys"

- David Barresi

"For Miss Sarah Egan! "

- Karen Bligh

"Amazing and Inspiring Work!!"

- Josephine Benassi

"God Bless you all!"

- Teresa DeMille

"Happy to be a part of Team Lucas! Go Luke!"

- Glenn Medeiros

"Happy birthday MaryAnn! Miss you"

- Sylvia Grady

"Love you Lyss! Keep making the world a better place! ❤️"

- Kelsie Brouthers

"Run Katie run!"

- Carolyn Burkett

"Proud of you Will!"

- Harrison Wiener

"Go Team Ryer!"


"Kingston Firefighters L2337"

- Matthew Gaskins

"From Bob and Faythe Gallagher: So proud of you Cabin 7 ladies!"

- Anonymous

"Because Meg Ryer is a rockstar!"

- Anthony Moccia

"In honor of Karen XO"

- Lorna B Cluett

"Good luck reaching your goals!!!"

- Daniel McGee

"Have fun. Good Luck ."

- Colleen Hart

"Kerry and Steven: You are both Awesome!"

- Rosemary Gauvreau

"Great Job Nick Barry"

- Isabella Gutierrez

"Someday maybe for my little guy..."

- Janet Fennelly

"Good luck Ava love Mary, Ebby and Joey Wyse"

- Mary K Wyse

"In honor of my handsome brothers Timmy and Joey... Run Ava and have fun. Love Brigid Casey"

- Brigid Casey

"Only for the rest of our lives Te-leven "

- Melissa Dionne

"Team taco"

- Katelyn Glynn

"for all those happy faces..."

- Joe and Liz Buckley

"For Team Doretti!"

- Anonymous

"“Go Team Lucas” We love you !! "

- Susan Gould

"In Memory of Mary-Ann French"

- Kevin Reilly

"For My grandaughter Gina Muhs who is such a caring girl"

- Beatrice Esposito

"For Gina Marie "

- Bethanne DelColle

"Kerry. This is the one from my son Alexander "


"Thank you for continuing to make it a special week for so many people.❤️"

- Kelly Weene

"From Papa Roche and Petey"

- Pete LaFavre

"Annie Ferns"

- Harriett Ferns

"Great work for a great cause. Good job, Ana!"

- Susan McNeil

"In honor of anna McCabe who has been an ECWeek lifer since her Baptism at camp, in August 1995."

- Anonymous

"Yay Katie!"

- Jennifer Levine

"❤️ Good Luck Brady ❤️"

- Brenda Cassidy

"Love you Gin"

- Mary Addesa

"Good luck! "

- Caitlin Jacques

"In Memory Of Larry Doyle"

- Anonymous

"Brady Ellis is my hero! Xoxo"

- Allison Norton

"In support of Anna and all the volunteers who make EC Week possible!"

- Juliana McGovern

"From the New England FOOLS"

- Anonymous

"My wife did a week at EC week in the early 80's as a counselor."

- Gerard Mahoney

"Great Cause Budd! "

- Michael Ross

"Sarah Egan!!! ♥️"

- Katherine Taggart

"Good luck Mike and Sarah"

- Noreen Donovan

"Sarah Egan is the best! "

- Pamela Robichaud

"You’re amazing, Meghan Sullivan!"

- Kimberly Hall

"Go Team Ava Joy!"

- Richard Stutman

"Frank Audy's devotion, passion and commitment is exemplary!!!"

- Frank Campos

"Matching Donation"

- Anonymous

"In memory of Grammie !"

- Nancy Harrington

"Good luck "

- Dina Meuse Stillman

"Thank you Lisa for all you do! xo"

- Theresa Kacoyanis

"Good luck! "

- Megan Armitstead

"In memory of Mary Ann French. Thank you for introducing my family to EC Week."

- Elizabeth French

"God bless Michele and the rest of wonderful Sullivan family"

- Maureen A Malloy

"In Tribute for Michael Shea"

- Lawrence Risko

"Very proud of you, James Longley!!!"

- Cindy Maziarz

"In appreciation of Cabin 30 boys and Conor for your great support of a great cause!"

- Kevin Foley

"For a future camper, Johnny O.!"

- Karen Olevitz

"We love you Sarah!! "

- Shannon Connell

"Have a fabulous time at Camp!!"

- Kristen Smith

"Happy Birthday Frank ! Peter and Linda"

- Peter Marcaurelle

"Cheering you on from Italy! Love you, Mom and Dad"

- Kathryn Donnelly

"Thank you, Jason !!!"

- Denise Finnegan

"AM &FM, Run hard for your Nana! Wish we could be there with you. Love, The Woodruffs"

- Matthew Woodruff

"In memory of Aunt MARY ANN"

- Donna Courchesne

"Way to go Conor & team! Love Jenn & Billy Langan"

- Jennifer Langan

"So proud of all the work you do to help others Michaela, love ya!"

- Emily Williams

"In memory of Mary Ann French, our beloved nurse at Camp Avoda, Middleboro, MA."

- Paul Davis

"You are awesome, Jen!"

- Elizabeth Bauske

"Have fun John and Heidi Cantin "

- Heidi Cantin

"Joe Murphy is alright"

- Meagan Walker

"Good luck with the race!"

- Margaret LaBonte Margaret LaBonte

"For the happiest place on earth "

- Anna McCabe

"DL Clinard"

- Anonymous

"Happy to help you’re doing great things bud!"

- James Deveney

"In Loving memory of all began with you."

- Mary Candis Cosgrove

"From Andrew and Virginia."

- Andrew OShaughnessy

"Don't stop at 5K, just keep going..."

- John Oronte

"Go Get em Team Lucas!"

- Matthew Nolan

"Well done Anna!! Love dad"

- Mary Mccabe

"From your friends at G. Greene Construction"

- Adria Ferragamo

"Run hard and party harder! Hope you all have a blast!"

- David Cellucci

"Let's Go!!"

- Anonymous

"Fatima Forever"

- Steven Patterson

"This is for Jason Donohoe’s Team "

- Willard Gannon

"In gratitude, from Hannah, Julia and Rachael Carey"

- Patricia Carey

"Great work Reilly Family"

- patricia sepe

"From Nana Murray/Ma :)"

- Ariana LaFavre

"Supporting all of the flamingos and our Jenna! "

- Karen Nelson

"Charlie Doherty-Doherty"

- Anonymous

"Keep up the great work for us all!"

- James Baker

"In Memory of Walter J. Dartley "

- Colleen A Dempsey

"Wow! 24 years. That’s incredible. Great job, Brian!!"

- David Kaufman

"Good luck Andre, Annie and Ben"

- Marylou Anderson

"In honor of Brady Ellis"

- Bridgette Hurley

"For all the wonder Camp Fatima does"

- Helen Corcoran

"In memory of Mer Mer"

- David Jean

"From Pha Camilo"

- Maura Dartley Rocco

"Saw on downeastboatforum."

- John albaum

"Good luck Great's"

- Ronald Anderson

"Have a great run and Good Luck Jack!"

- Ruthann Benson

"Go Reillys! "

- Amy Hollman

"In memory of Mary Ann and our great years at camp! Maureen (Parker) Herrick and Dot Parker Much love to all!!"

- Maureen Herrick

"Way to go Kerry and Steve!"

- Janine McWilliams

"In memory of Jocelyn Curtin, she had such a rich, full life for a differently able person, thanks to loving friends and family! I thank you for your perseverance and stamina in these!!!"

- Neal Fillmore

"Paul J.Webber "

- Brian Donnelly

"In Memory of Mary Ann French Huff Coffey "

- Dana French

"Run Jessica!!!"

- Elizabeth Cote

"Good luck in the 5k, Conor!"

- Erin Bradley

"Great cause. Keep up the Excellent work!@"

- Robert Vandenbulcke

"Moira Mahegan, Team Lucas"

- Anonymous

"For Billy "

- Anonymous

"Love you 13!! XO"

- Ann Dever-Keegan

"Good luck with your fundraising."

- Nancy Bradley

"Paul Webber"

- Stephen Webber

"Great Work!"

- Steven Brogdon

"I love AJ and his kids"

- magdalene gribble

"Lawton Welding is glad to be part of the Tessanator team!!"

- Anonymous

"For the campers and for our children from our ❤️ ! Love, Mum and Dad"

- Robert Doyle

"Cheers to Brady's Buddies!!! You've got this!!! Love you Auntie Mira"

- Maria Lang

"Brady's buddies this is a piece of cake for you! Good luck!! Love you Auntie Mira "

- Maria LANG

"Go Ava Joy McLaughlin!! Love The Wyseguys"

- Ellen Wyse

"Way to go, Reilly’s!"

- Christopher Fay

"From Gail Rutledge"

- Kris Jaillet

"Go get em BD"


"Kate... and ALL of the McLaughlin's ... Thank you for what you do... xo"

- Anonymous

"Love you Lucas! So proud of you!<3"

- Kelly Burke

"So my buddy Patty can keep enjoying camp each year!"

- Anonymous

"Way to go!! "

- Jennifer Paquin

"Good luck Sarah & Mike! "

- Bonnir Perkins

"Your mom was an angel to so many kids "

- Lisa Leblanc

"Such a worthy cause!!!!"

- Mary Ellen Carey

"Patty & Sarah Burke"

- Susan Adams

"Madden rules"

- Robert Bates

"Go Cabin 8!"

- Allyson Dice

"Donation from - Kevin McQuade"

- Anonymous

"In memory of your Dad. He was so proud of you and Kristin."

- Elizabeth Mikolajewski

"Tribute to Halina Grabski who had a wonderful experience at Camp Fatima in Cabin 7 this past summer!"

- Susan Grabski

"Thank you for showing Maddie & Evie that kindness and understanding can make a difference. "

- Elizabeth Mikolajewski

"For the many years of service to those less fortunate. "

- John Schoenthaler

"Jeff Doretti "

- William Haase

"Go Meg Go!!!"

- Amanda Barnes

"Gina Muhs"

- Marilyn Muhs

"With Love Sharon & Sue"

- Sharon Tompkins

"In memory of Jonathan Jaros"

- Matthew Jaros

"Love Gram"

- Joanne Tompkins

"From Joe and Jamie"

- Anonymous

"Lisa and friends - thank you for being the amazing folks you are and donating your time!!"

- Robert Sampson

"We are humbled by the work you all do. I am especially proud of my brother Mark. Thank you! "

- Christopher OBrien

"In memory of David O’Brien... “Forever in our Hearts”"

- Paulette OBrien

"In true “Dalton” fashion, the last and the latest!!! "

- Mary OSullivan

"In the words of Macho Man Randy Savage the cream rises to the top!"

- Daniel Curran

"Love you Anna! "

- Bernadett vajda Bernadett z vajda

"For Andrea ♥️"

- Shaila Garland

"For Jen and Andrea!"

- Karlye Besenhofer

"You better run!"


"Jack benson"

- John Conroy

"For my girl Tessa because she’s the best!! "

- Patricia O Neil

"Have a fun day!"

- jean herrick


- Anonymous

"Go Danny, go !!! "

- Elizabeth Parro

"Thanks for your commitment Madden family!"

- Luke Manning

"In Memory of Paul J. Webber and all his friends at Camp Fatima. "

- Christopher Donnelly

"Uncle Ted "

- Katelyn McGowan

"Yay Tessa!!!"

- Amanda Burnham

"To the best godmother! love, Owen"

- Kevin Enright

"From your supporters at Patrick Engineering Inc."

- Greg Medici

"Sometimes you want a cosmic, other times a handi snack. Today I want a twink. "

- Anonymous

"Karoline Taylor "

- Anonymous

"Good luck and have fun!"

- Kellyanne Greene

"In honor of Brady and his magnificent support team"

- Anonymous

"Good luck!"

- Allison Herrick

"You kids rock! way to go"

- Joanne Lawrence

"Good luck!!! ❤"

- Christine Vilela

"See you at the bike ride!"

- Thomas Lewis

"we love you kenz!!! -bffs and mom :)"

- Lynn Barry

"Go Team!"

- Anonymous

"Katie is an inspiration, and I’m so in awe of this camp and the humans who are a part of it. "

- Caitlin Feigenbaum

"“Run fast! Go Camp Fatima!!” - Allison Koenig "

- Anonymous

"Ethan you shine. So proud to have you for a friend "

- Kathleen Donnelly-Marquis

"Hope there’s some competition involved and this helps you beat Drew. Also, great cause, etc, etc. "

- Anonymous

"Melanson Strong"

- Douglas Melanson

"Peggy twisted my arm!!!"

- Kathleen Cole

"You are a better woman than me sis! Keep up your good work. "

- Regina Tsanotelis

"Gooo, Katie!"

- Anonymous

"Think of all your beautiful campers and run with a smile! "

- Regina Tsanotelis

"Good Luck Danny!!!!"

- Matthew Messinger

"Love from A90: JC, DC, AS, KZ, CD, TS, MH, LB, ST, HB & NB"

- Andre Jean

"Go Danny! You got this ❤️Love ya Joe Melissa and Francesca"

- Melissa Buckley

"Good luck and have fun, kiddos!"

- William Boss

"Great cause and a wonderful guy"

- Chris Rossignol

"Thanks for keeping the Rocco tradition alive!"


"In memory of Kay and Pat Clifford, champions of kids with needs! "

- Margaret Clifford

"Good Luck Kerry&Steve! "

- Colleen Madden

"Go team Moosie Man- ❤️❤️ Aunt Linda"

- Linda Branzetti

"you will always be my favorite camp counselor Sue! "

- Wendy Rubin

"Go Danny. Love you Joe, Kasie and Auntie ❤️"

- Catherine Charleton

"Love you Brady, Nana & Grandpa."

- Robert Ellis

"For the lovely ladies of Cabin 13!"

- Anonymous

"Have a great race! Sis and Buck"

- Karen Maciejewski

"In loving memory of Denise "

- Sandra Molnar

"#flamingoes4eva Love, Lucy Sullington"

- Anonymous

"Happy birthday, Neva! Love, the Joneses"

- Elizabeth Jones

"Run Conor, run!"

- Sheila Finnerty

"Can’t wait to be back in cabin 8!"

- Amy Carey Shinney

"haha what"

- Anonymous

"You are such a selfless, generous family. "

- Anonymous

"A tribute to Christopher Murphy."

- Eleanor Sullivan

"Because you rock Susan!!!"

- Aimee Mailhiot

"For Susan Carlson's Team♥️"

- Joanne J Mulherin

"Go Lisa!!!"

- Charlotte Hogan

"Best of luck in reaching your goal Susan. You have a beautiful loving heart."

- Sheila Bendikian

"From Mary Margaret. Love you Fatima"

- Kathryn Donnelly

"Good luck w 5k Lisa! "

- Linda Hayes

"❤️ Katie & Ryan"

- Ryan Doyle

"Run dawn run!! Better you than me!"

- Patricia Collier

"Patty and Sarah Burke! Love those Girls! ❤️❤️"

- sara Genevich

"Great fundraiser, Brian! Your commitment to such a worthwhile cause is commendable! Martha and Andy"

- Martha Sexton

"Katie, your dedication to this cause and fundraiser is wonderful! Martha and Andy"

- Martha Sexton

"Team Moosie!"

- Donna Vanderlinden

"Team Moosie!"

- Donna Vanderlinden

"Love, Aunties"

- Alicia Zoeller

"For your amazing fundraiser- Kirsten"

- Anonymous

"Mile Marker Sponsor"

- Diane Riccardelli

"I pray this helps"

- Richard Ferrante

"Tim , Paul -LD."

- Robert McIntyre

"This donation is for my beautiful niece - Kaitryn Power"

- John Power

"Good Luck Dee Dee, Pat, Grace, Charlotte Phalon oxoxoxoxoxoxoxox"

- Dianne Phalon

"NHHN Friends"

- Kristen Mihaly

"You’re awesome Katie!! ❤️"

- Maureen Branca

"Michelle Sullivan"

- Anonymous

"Lisa - You've been supporting the kids at Fatima since I've known you (decades!). You're an inspiration to all. XO"

- Denise M Nelson

"We love Sarah Egan and the entire family!"

- Megan Schuplinski

"Love kate"

- Theresa Egan

"Sarah your the best sister and Auntie! We love family day at camp! "

- Tracy Maclean

"Thank you to everyone that works the amazing camp. This is the highlight of Sarah’s life!!"

- Theresa Egan

"To two of my favorite people, Sarah and Mike, So lucky to know you both! Marisol and the Henderson Clan"

- Brian Henderson


- Cink Fundraising

"Glad to see you and Todd are still involved. Sorry to be so late on this."

- A Gregory Rocco

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