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Cabin 25 1/2
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Cabin 23
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Team has raised:
The Flock in Cabin 13
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Cabin 8
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EC Week Spa
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1 4 ALL - Cabin 14
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Team Lucas
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The Ryer Family
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Team Wolfpack
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The French Family
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Cabin 10
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OTF New Hampshire
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The Bat Cave (Cabin 18)
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Doc’s Cabin
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Team Ava Joy
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Cabin 12 Knee Socks
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Griffin Grandchildren
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Hudson Police
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The Audy Clan
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Camp Fatima Regular Season
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Cabin 7 Ladies from Heaven
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Cabin 31
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The Adams Family
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Cabin 30:Run Like the Winded
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The Tessanators
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Cabin 11
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Brady’s Buddies
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Shady Ladies of Cabin 9
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Ferrara Friends of Fatima 2018
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Special Program Team
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Arts & Crafts
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Team H & K
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French Fries
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Canteen Warriors
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The Hollins Clan
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Conway PostOffice
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MaryAlice fun runners
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Fatima FitFam
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New England’s Best
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Thompson Family
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OTF Manchester
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Corey's Closet
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Recent Donors
daniel cozzi
Joel Faxon
David Parrella
Kathleen Cole
Downey School Staff
Russell Tyler
William McCarthy
Julia Grimaldi
Dwayne Duprey
Timothy Connell
D Edward Clinard
Rea Cassidy
Maria Nolfo
Marie Messina
Jordan Goetz
William & Colleen Chave
Gloria G Ratti Trust
Jody & Michael Brennan
Patricia Walsh
Margaret Sellon
Michael Ruvido
christine defrancesco
Denise Rysinger
Patricia Bath
Alison Hamilton-Fay
Dante DiOrio
Matthew Malloy
Andrew Maxwell
Lucretia Nicoli
Gerard and Kate Donnelly
Megan Owens
Jennifer Levine
Eleanor Sullivan
Jackie B. Properties, LLC
Mil Crowley
Joel Lewin
Chris Donnelly
Sharon Smart
Dawna Vichnick
Eileen O’Leary Butler
Kristin Breen
Kathleen Goncalves
Top Donors
Stan Sutula
Dwayne Duprey
D Edward Clinard
Douglas Melanson
Frances Sama


Donor Comments

"Thank you Colleen and Kim for the wonderful work you do! "

- Kevin Schneider

"What you do is amazing!!"

- Karen Hays

"Mary Ann French Wife Mother Grandmother Best Friend"

- Dana French

"In Memory of Mary Ann French Head Nurse 53 Years Camp Fatima EC Week"

- Dana French

"In memory of Phumin Sang"

- Tonya Frenette

"In memory of my father."

- Lorianne LoDuca

"Love you dedication "

- Susan Holder

"MaryAnn French Auntie"

- MaryAnn French

"Love to the LoDucas!"

- Jennifer Klose

"For my brother BJ and everyone as special as him. Proud of you john for all you do for him and those kids."

- Christina Gonynor

"Go Jeff, go!"

- Shawn Lynch

"Red Sox Fundraiser!!"

- Anonymous

"In Memory of Mary Ann French"

- Anonymous

"In memory of Auntie"

- Michael French

"In memory of Rev John Sutton"

- Lois Harrington

"For all of the great work that the Doherty and Lally girls do with these special campers."

- Dan Ford

"Because.... CAMP!"

- Susan Tague

"In memory of my parents who modeled a life of love in action"

- Virginia Donnelly

"In memory of and in honor of: Friends"

- Ruthe L'Esperance

"A tribute to all those who sow love in words and deeds !"

- Beverly Mawnlion

"In tribute to my family and friends for Fatima"

- Barry Madden

"For Melanson. "

- Anonymous

"To my loving healthy family!"

- Kathleen Madore

"Love Grandpa"

- John E Burke JR

"To Aunt Ginny & the EV Week Spa Ladies"

- George Andrew Tsanotelis

"Go Team Lucas!"

- Julie Mahegan

"Lady of Hipalong. hi."

- Joe Doretti

"In memory of Paula Murphy"

- William Carlson

"In tribute to my niece Kristen"

- Kathleen Glynn

"Thank you to Sue Mansfield!"

- Anonymous

"For the help you give me GInny and Bev with Georgetowne students. Thank you for all you do. "

- Anonymous

"Bless you all 💗"

- Margaret Leahy

"Remembering the loved ones we’ve lost 💜"

- Patricia Mullane

"Jane and Frank Kane"

- Virginia Kane

"We love the Tagues "

- Joanne Davidson

"Cabin 8 is great!"

- Colleen DAndrea

"Thanks for all your work ladies!"

- Michelle Grenier

"Good luck Luke"

- joseph mcquaid

"I am in awe of Ginny Madden's dedication, energy and amount of love she has to give. It's like the loaves and the fishes. It is bottomless. "

- Marietta Ethier

"The Spa Team Rocks!!!!"

- Jo Ann Whitehead

"Registration Sponsor"

- Ed Cashman

"Go Team Lucas! Your Friends at KONE"

- Ursula Guthrie

"The Best Place On Earth! "

- Kimberly Paulson

"For your selfless devotion and that adorable girl with you in the picture"

- Aimee Mailhiot

"I am incredibly proud of my niece Susan Tague and her son,Mitchell. The camp fills their hearts with love and joy!"

- Joanne Forestell

"To all of you who treat each person with respect and kindness "

- Phil and Betsy Lussier

"In appreciation of Ginny’s endless capacity for loving and giving."

- Linda Fulton

"For all you do and continue to do for the campers. God Bless!"

- Nancy Tisei

"Love in Action"

- Walter Byrne

"In gratitude for forty years of magic!"

- Grace Sennott

"Laura, I love hearing about this special place from you. Thanks for all your volunteer work. From the way you describe it, it sounds like you and Camp Fatima are lucky to have each other. "

- Alison Jerome

"Molly and Gretchen- thank you so much for what you do. "

- Malini Biswas

"This is a great thing you do, Megan! xoxo"

- Marissa Piatelli


- Meghan Donahue

"In honor of Katie Donnelly for all the love she gives"

- David Donnelly

"To Ginny and Beverly....the love you give inspires many. Thank you for being witness to God’s love in our world."

- David Donnelly

"You go Jen!"

- Kelly Gallagher

"In Memory of Ruth Dalton, a special woman with Down Syndrome who is missed greatly 💜"

- Anastasia Webb

"Glad to help you support this wonderful camp!"

- Josephine Li McLeod

"Good luck Ann!"

- Anonymous

"Go Lauren! "

- Michael Conlon

"This is Danny’s first installment of his wonderful job fundraising on Facebook. Great job Danny and thank you to all family and friends that helped make this happen. "

- Douglas Melanson

"Happy Birthday Sue! Good cause and you're a great sister Lo xo"

- Carolyn Murphy

"All campers "

- Kaitlin Minehan

"Danny, family and friends FaceBook fundraiser money for Team Wolf pack"

- Douglas Melanson

"Keep up the good work!"

- Anonymous

"In tribute to all of those angels who show up for that 1 week to share themselves with Gods other special angels "

- Anonymous

"For team Jen McCue Lando"

- Lee Kennedy

"2018 marks 40 years since I got involved with Camp Fatima EC Week ! Never would I have thought that I would still in involved with my fellow Cabin Mates, now referred to jokingly as The Assisted Living Cabin. EC Week is truly a Unique Week !"

- William Blohm

"In Memory of MaryAnn French"

- Joann Hamel

"Because this week changes everything!"

- Maura Crowley

"Because this a a good thing❤️"

- Margaret Corliss

"In Memory of Mary Ann French"

- Bonita Herod

"Dave & Lauren Kres"

- David Kres

"Thank you Friends of Fatima(especially Ginny) that do this work. It is much appreciated."

- Lisa Howe

"Great job Kerri!"

- Karen Weisel

"In memory of Mary Shea"

- Clare McGowan

"In Memory of Paula Murphy"


"Happy Birthday Susan!!"

- Lois Beard

"Best Wishes, Daniel J Quirk"

- Daniel Quirk

"So happy to contribute to the beautiful work that you do in the spa for your honored guests. Have fun and thank you for all that you do to enrich the lives of these extraordinary citizens."

- Leah McKiinnon-Howe


- Sean Malloy

"For Auntie Kathy, Sean!"

- Nancy Whiting

"All afflicted from one thing or another."

- Anita Hall

"I love that you have done this for so many years! It's awesome. "

- Kerryn Connolly

"In memory of Monsignor Robert J. Boyle"

- Carolyn Hollis

"Only for the rest of our lives Kevin and Linda McKenna"

- linda mckenna

"This camp has changed my life forever! "

- Anonymous

"To all the volunteers that make the week so special."

- John barber

"For Andrea :)"

- Kellie Stout

"Sounds like it was another great week!"

- Kim Ford

"Please link donation to Kerri Carlini - thanks!"

- Eric Rafanan

"Camp Fatima - wonderful fundraiser, Brian! Martha and Andy"

- Martha Sexton

"We love seeing those smiles! "

- Paul Caruso

"Great job Colleen so proud of you .Love Uncle Dick Aunt June"

- June McDonald

"Great job Allyson so proud of you. Love Uncle Dick Aunt June"

- June McDonald

"You rock!"

- Caitlyn McGlynn

"God Bless all of you good people!!"

- Kathleen Pedersen

"A great cause"

- Leo Breen

"Donated to Kerry's team. Cabin 18"

- Paul Donoughe

"Auntie Linda!!!"

- Megan McKenna

"In honor of Sarah and Patty"

- Sharon M Owens

"For 10 years of Heaven on Earth."

- Drew Bourn

"In honor of those who care and respect others and then put it to action! Susan and Mitchell Tague are in that group! 💚"

- Chridtine Ringuette

"Thanks for all you do to make this camp possible!"

- Jennifer Kopcinski

"In Memory of Benjamin Dawley"

- barbara shaughnessy

"Great idea and great job Michael!! "

- Anne Francis

"In honor of Mary Ann French"

- Lori Marotta

"In memory of my brother, Rob. "

- Diane Ricciardelli

"Go Team Adams!"

- Lorrie Curtis

"In memory of Dottie"

- Deborah Smith

"Tobias would absolutely die if he won the tickets. Best of to luck."

- Steven Patterson

"In memory of all our family members that have passed."

- Barbara Alarie

"In honor of Heather and Kelly"

- Grace Sennott

"In support of Ann Dever Keegan and her team from Cabin13"

- Cathleen Shachoy

"Great stuff Eags "

- William RAbbitt

"Go Lois!! Happy Birthday Susan!!"

- Donna M Harris

"God bless you and Mitchell Susan for all that you have done through the years for this worthy charity. You are two special people, Love, Aunt Sheila"

- Sheila Bendikian

"Run, Drew, Run!!"

- Kristin Burgh

"For the Hamilton Raffle. Great idea. "

- Drew Bourn


- Scott Cluett

"Lois Beard"

- Deb Santana

"Good luck, Drew. "

- Maureen Porter

"Love you Sue! So proud of the work you do! "

- Paula Dube

"Thank you for the opportunity to support this really cool cause Al!"

- Dana Guidish

"i looooove Camp and i loooove raffles!!!!"

- Amanda Tetreault

"cabin 8 represents!"

- Amanda Tetreault

"Way to go Drew!!!! Stephen & Lele"


"In Memory of Lou Dawley"

- Thomas Sexton

"To Conor Finnerty’s Team :-)"

- Katelyn McCoy

"Thank you Nancy!!"

- Jeanne Leduc

"For Kevin and Linda whom we live so much!!!"

- Elizabeth Sullivan

"Good work"

- Denise Nicholson

"From Greta & Eloise to Nana"

- Anonymous

"For uno Andy "

- Sarah Naughton

"Keep up the great work that you all do!!"

- Mary A Lally

"In memory of John Lally⛵️"

- Rosemary R OBRIEN

"In loving memory of Jean Solari"

- Mary Tedford

"In Memory of: Henry and Rita Doherty"

- Patricia A. Doherty

"In honor of Susan Carlson Tague at 60 from Robert & Bill "

- Robert Pulster

"In memory of Thomas & Patricia Maher"

- Patricia Cameron

"In memory of John Mclaughlin"

- ANNEMARIE Charbonneau

"What a wonderful camp!"

- Ann Hession

"From Gail R and Kris. "

- Kris Jaillet

"To honor the Arts and Craft team and all those who will benefit!! "

- Anonymous

"Great work!"

- Patricia Collier

"Run like the wind- Bullseye!"

- Kristin McCoy McCoy

"Watch out for deer!"

- Kristin McCoy

"What a guy!!"

- Michael Finnerty

"In tribute to all who remind me of the power of love"

- Barbara Mawn

"You go girl! "

- Emily Rowe

"From Jane Baxter and Jim Dourney"

- Jane Baxter

"A beautiful place for beautiful people"

- Brendon Chiou

"People like you , make the world a better place."

- Lori Reynolds

"In memory of Bill & Therese Fehlan"

- Maureen Fehlan

"Good Luck Meghan!!!"

- Maureen Sullivan

"Because Fatima is the best place on earth!!"

- Sarah Callahan

"For Kelli McGiwen"

- Judith McKenna

"So beautiful, although not much I hope it will help. You are doing a beautiful thing and they are very lucky to have you. "

- Santiago Grullon

"Run Conor Run!!"

- Anonymous

"Good stuff Ohhbee! 👍🏻👍🏻"

- Nicholas Latta

"Go, Meghan!"

- John Hanley

"In Support of T.Connolly"

- Caitlin Ferris

"Glad it was another great year Al!!! Love Cabin 8!!!!"

- Leslie McDonald

"Another great year Colleen - so proud of you and the Cabin 8 Team!!!"

- Leslie McDonald

"In memory of Anne K. Antonelli"

- Patricia Antonelli

"Happy Birthday Susan!! Go Lois Go!! Great cause!"

- Susan P Taylor

"Great camp! Great family! Go team Adams!"

- Lynda Picard

"Run Lois Run!"

- Sheila Fitzgerald

"Because there is something wrong with you if you don’t this is for a good cause, right fam?"

- Kristin Dugger

"Donated to support Kerry and the great jobs she does to help people."

- Mark Dyer

"Happy to help. Nomads"

- Scott Connors

"Happy Bday! Know how you love this place❤"

- Sheila Shranatan

"Have a great run Tessa!!!"

- Tatum OSullivan

"In tribute to the Adams Family!"

- Debra Adams

"Good Luck Megan💕"

- Moira Hussey

"W/Susan Cashman"

- Paul Fountaine

"Good luck!"

- Patricia Worsley

"Friends of Ava "

- Richard Stutman

"To Megan From the Four Winds "

- Megan Dawley

"In honor of Mary Ellen McIntyre"

- Diana Erani

"In celebration of your and Mitchell's years at Fatima -- with many more to come."

- Susan Faust

"I love Camp Fatima! My Drum Corps. performs there every year at their final week. So happy to see that you're a supporter too. I wish I could give more. "

- Taylor Frizzell

"Keep up the great work Dawn"

- Lauren MacPherson

"thank you Lisa for all the years!!"

- Anonymous

"To all the wonderful campers!"

- susan benson

"From Chris & Jenn "

- Christopher Irving

"Peggy and Michael we expect you to hustle and win this race!! Love, Pattianne and Peter"

- Patricia Morris

"Thank you for all you did for Joey... special memories made!"

- Jennifer Antonelli

"With ❤️ from Clara"

- Lori Clements

"To the best counselor❤️ Love Clara"

- Lori Clements

"doc's cabin is a horse friendly facility"

- michael gahan

"In Memory of Mary Ann French Huff Coffey"

- Anonymous

"Run like the wind Drew!"

- Angelique DeCoste

"To Karen and her years of giving so much to so many! You’re a force to be reckoned with. "

- Dominic Gentile

"In honor of the devotion of all who serve these exceptional citizens"

- Susan and Jack Carey

"Love all the spa ladies, especially Auntie Linda! Hoping I’m back in cabin 9 next summer!!!"

- Michaela Power

"In memory of Patricia Blohm’s father, John T. Ramsey"

- Beatrice Ramsey

"In loving memory of my sister Sue"

- Barry Madden

"You go girl! Love Nana and Baba"

- Donna Marcotte

"In honor of Maggie French and her late mom who gave so much to an amazing population of individuals. Thank you for seeing the potential in people not their limitations! 💜💜"

- Candice Paolino

"Double time that run"

- Will Weeks

"In memory of Memere. 💕💕"

- David Jean

"Keep up the great work! "

- Patricia Foley

"My Bill "

- Vicki Gardner

"Good for you team Adams!"

- Mary Dantuono

"Good luck!"

- Adrienne Ciulla

"In memory of an amazing lady who loved a magical place. "

- Maureen Greene

"In Memory of Thomas F. Sama "

- Frances Sama

"In Memory of Thomas F. Sama "

- Vincent Sama

"In memory of Brian Patrick Wyse with love from Ava's Auntie Ellen & Uncle Jim xo"

- Ellen Wyse

"For Team Jen McCue Lando"

- Caroline Sweeney

"In recognition of caring hard work and participation of Kerry Carlini"

- Bernadette Carlini

"Happy Birthday Susan! "

- Joanne Davidson

"It has always amazed me how many Winthrop people are involved with this camp and the time and energy they give. You all should be very proud. "

- John Meskell

"Thank you for being so awesome, Susan Carlson Tague!"

- Edward Geary

"S. Fernalds Country Store: Lucas’ employer! Way to go Team Lucas! We are so proud of you and all of your hard work! "

- Moira Rose Mahegan

"Best place on earth! ❤️"

- Moira Rose Mahegan

"We hope this helps"

- Jeffrey Meskell

"Susan asked for a donation. And we all love Susan Teague! ❤️"

- Catherine Moses

"For my friends @ Fernalds! Go Lucus :-)"

- Elaine Waldron

"In memory of Joseph Benson"

- carole lucas

"For team Jen Lando!"

- Lisa McKian

"Happy to be a friend of a friend of Fatima!"

- Nancy Hipp

"Run for DAS BOOT "

- Jillian Maloney

"Tribute to the 456 clan and to my brother, the legend GREG ROCHE"

- Kyle Roche

"In memory of my brother Michael. "

- Kathleen Gaffey

" I’m so proud of you for all the things you do for all those kids, bonds that will last forever!"

- Jessica Brouillette

"Go Lois!"

- Kathleen Kotowski

"Hannah Jeanne Murphy"

- Mollie Antonelli

"Thank you - Doug Watson"

- Anonymous

"In Memory of Paul Webber and all his friends of Camp Fatima. "

- Brian Donnelly

"For Chris P's friends in Cabin 23! The BEST cabin!"

- Joseph Panarese Jr

"God bless you Lisa and all camp counselors "

- Stephanie Marrazzo

"Go team Daniel!!"

- Maureen Piotrowski

"Good luck! Chai is the 18th letter in the Hebrew alphabet - and it also means Life - so 18 is a symbol for a good life."

- Sharyn Katz

"One more dollar than Crowder!"

- Robert Langlais

"In memory of Tom Ryan"

- Linda Ryan

"Hi Bobby"

- Timothy Moran

"Good job boys its for the kids!"

- Matt Blazon

"For Will Kew "

- Roger Lamarche

"Thank you Dan. Brendan and Drew! James had a blast the 3 years he has been. Thank you so much!!!"

- Nancy Anderson

"Uncle Larry!!!"

- Stephen Doyle

"Go get em john "

- Meghan Iacopucci

"In honor of Katie Donnelly being the amazing human being that she is. They don’t make humans like you anymore!!! "

- Catherine Foscaldo

"Keep up the good work Camp Fatima!!"

- Janice Riley

"Good luck Kerri!"

- Anonymous

"Congrats Brian hope you can run that far given your advanced age. "

- Kevin Casey

"John Mirabella is a good man"

- Albert Fleury

"Go Sam! You’re the best :) "

- Hannah Leinhauser

"from your friends, Brewer & Shipley"

- Anonymous

"In memory of my dear friend who I miss everyday!"

- Sylvia Grady

"Guys, I have something to say..."

- Anonymous

"In support of Daniel and Friends of Fatima! ~Lyric's Champs"

- Lyrics Champs Saulnier

"Lucas, always looking good and with a smile on your face! We love you! You work hard and play hard! Forever proud of you! Go Team Lucas! xoxo Mom & Dad"

- Anonymous

"The awesome family I have had the honor to be married into !"

- Terri Deletetsky

"In memory of Mary Ann. So full of life and fun❤️"

- Connie Richarfs

"Good luck Mark! Better start running!"

- Alejandro Verdaguer

"Try to find me a girlfriend "

- Matthew Flynn

"In Memory of Mary Ann "

- Candace Cronin

"In memory of my dear friend Lou Dawley."

- Anonymous

"Good Luck for all of us at Bent Electrical!"

- Thomas Bent

"Love you all! Thank you for being such bright lights! Love, The Smiths"

- Theresa Smith

"Joe Murphy is pretty much the best guy ever!!!"

- Anonymous

"Brian maybe run a bunch of 1ks over several days so you don’t get injured?"

- Tristan Jordan

"In honor of Elizabeth- future camper!"

- Nancy Whipple

"Love the Murray’s. Truly a loving Aunt who cared for so many! Miss you Aunt Maryann. Your legacy lives through Fatima!"

- Shawn P Murray

"In Honor of Mary Ann French"

- Lori Marotta

"Run. Just run like you're gonna miss a Jimmy Keys show."

- Michael Jacobs

"I don't really like you, but I support the cause."

- Michael Jacobs

"Happy to support such a great cause and a great friend!"

- Christopher Rossignol

"Thank you for taking such good care of the beautiful campers!!"

- Susan McAnneny

"Good Luck!! "

- Anonymous

"Good luck Denise"

- Anonymous

"To a great cause! Camp Fatima is the best! Nancy and Kevin Shields"

- Nancy E Shields

"Great camp, great people, great time! Kevin and Nancy Shields"

- Kevin Shields

"Lucky to be able to support such an incredible place and amazing group of humans. "

- Caitlin Feigenbaum

"Good luck Denise!"

- Maryelizabeth Orcutt

"For our buddy Sarah!!!"

- Shannon Connell

"It amazes me every day that you guys are so dedicated to this after so many years. It's awesome. "

- Janet Fennelly

"Godspeed Len and Betsy!!!"

- Anurag Bairathi

"Kristin, you are living your passion and make us so proud. Love, Mom & Dad"

- Noreen Sullivan

"Kristin, we are very proud of you and your work with the people at EC Week. Love, Grandma & Grandpa"

- Mary Quinlan

"In honor of all the Donnelly’s (the real ones, the sneaky ones, and the inducted ones) and the rest of the Fatima Fam ❤️ I’ll miss all you this year. Blade like the wind Katie!!"

- Hannah Donnelly

"Tribute to the French family for their long & many contributions to Camp Fatima."

- Stephen Monier

"In memory of Antoinette Fusco"

- Anonymous


- Janet Reilly

"In memory of George Heinz. Joe, he was always very proud of you doing this volunteer work."

- Marie Heinz

"This is wonderful Denise! I am happy to contribute."

- Julie McDonough

"Tj Dowd, my dad"

- Suzanne Graham

"Best of luck with reaching your goals! I am proud to support such a great organization!"

- john wilkens

"All the beautiful smiles!"

- Brittany Contreras

"Robert Don't Call Me Bob Langlais is just the better man I guess"

- Andrew Notini

"Happy to support this extraordinary program."

- Sandra Parrillo

"In honor of Ginny Sennott"

- Diane Newark

"In honor of Sarah and Patty Burke"

- Barbara Ruekgauer

"Len & Betsy- Your time is the greatest gift that you can give. Well done! Keep up the good work!"

- Judith Davies

"Len & Betsy - Keep up the good work!"

- Peter Allen

"Best of luck Katie! The Foscaldo’s "

- Donna Foscaldo

"In memory of Auntie."

- Elizabeth French

"In memory of a great lady!"

- Wendy Canuel

"In memory of a great sister! Frank and Marlene Herod"

- Marlene Herod

"Love you, Megan! "

- Jane Dawley

"Yay team h and k"

- Mary Ann Hunter

"In tribute to Lindsey McIntyre "

- Justin Meyer

"Go Katie!"

- Brittney Prest

"Great job MIke! Michael & Campbell! "

- Brad Thornton

"Happy Birthday Susan! (And don't go too fast Lois.)"

- Peter Carlson

"We are very proud of your commitment to Camp Fatima."


"Go Meggy Go!!!!"

- Amanda Meninno

"You do great things Katie Donnelly!"

- Karen F Young

"Break like the wind, Drew...Hudson Ginny and Jay"

- J W Jalutkewicz

"I need to see pictures of you during the race. "

- bjorn Danielson

"7 Minute Miles Cash!"

- Brennan Kelly

"Expecting sub 25 minutes..."

- Brian Clouser

"Run Fast Cash!"

- edward hynes

"Run Forest, run!"

- peter delahunt



"i'd walk it if I were you "

- Craig Croone

"good luck..great cause."

- jeffrey johnston

"You are an inspiration Cash!"

- Chris Harshman

"For all the McLaughlin's doing the 20 mile bike ride!!"

- Janemarie Isnor

"Kick ass"

- Anonymous

"Better not STOP!"

- Christopher OMara

"proud of lucas and team lucas"

- mary alice maher

"In Memory of Jonathan Jaros. Let's go Team Lucas! "

- Matthew Jaros

"Because you mean it!"

- Marianne McCourt

"Good Luck Conor!"

- Mark Potter

"Go Lucas! Love you! Burke and Conte kids!"

- Anonymous

"Proud of you Katie!! Love, the Vogts."

- Samantha Vogt

"Good Luck Conor and Winded Crew!"

- Donald Toll

"In loving memory of our Aunt Mary Ann. Aidan and Finn, this is a really great thing you're doing! Love always, Patrick & Kim French"

- Kimberly French


- Anonymous

"In Memory of Mary Ann"

- Kevin Reilly

"Best of luck to Jeff and Cabin 23. Love Family."

- Anonymous

"Continue to make a difference as every birthday passes. Well done!"

- Denis Kelleher

"Best of luck Cabin 23 and all those runners."

- Anonymous

"All my love 🤗❤️"

- Michelle Breault

"Run Conor Run!"

- Kevin Foley

"Happy Birthday Jack!"

- Michael Fitzgerald

"To a very good cause very important to my good friend Ed Cashman. "

- Jeffrey Barone


- Anonymous

"For all of Heaven's very special children!"

- Donna Omobono

"Great camp and awesome volunteers! Max and Patrick Murphy Campers 2016, 2017"

- Julie Murphy

"Donation on behalf of Winner's Circle Running Club"

- Leanne Corning

"Good job Jeff. Use those sea legs to run fast. Rosie & Mary"

- Rosemary Connolly

"To my friend Ed Cashman - you’re humble and quiet nature are inspirational to all of your fellow volunteers. Thanks for being EC Weeks guiding light. Tug"

- Thomas Sexton

"Love Linda Giusti McKenna"

- Glen Arentowicz

"Linda & Kevin Giusti, you’re simply amazing. Love you both x"

- Richard Porto

"From Kora 💙💛"

- Jennifer Kulins

"don't trip and fall, like I fell for u!"

- lenore Patti

"For Brady’s Buddies 💗"

- Kristy Rosenfeld

"Keep up the good work, Denise. Bill/Kathy"

- Kathleen McKenney

"Way to go Linda & The Spa Ladies!"

- Arthur Cintron

"Don't break a leg, Mom! And Happy Birthday, Susan!"

- Kate Ryder

"Kerry-The camp is so lucky to have you! I admire you for wanting to make a difference! Love, MOM"

- Anonymous

"Good Luck Maura Thornton and Cabin 10, From Katie Gibbons."

- James Gibbons

"Good Luck Maura!!"

- James Gibbons

"In Memory of Paula Murphy, who supported the less visible people in our world."

- Carol McCusker

"In support of love and peace."

- Jo-Anne Dillman

"Mile marker sponsor"

- Richard Sullivan

"Mile Marker "

- Budd Ryer

"In memory of John Ramsey"

- Beatrice Ramsey

"In Memory of John Jodoin"

- Lawrence J Russo

"Fatima has my heart. I have a daughter with a disability, and knowing all of the love that goes into Fatima, I can only thank you all.Can my donation please go to the amazing Spa ladies? K"

- Karen Grimes

"For Cabin #18 aka The Bat Cave....keep smiling!"

- Mary Hommel



"Good Luck and Have Fun Jack!!"

- Gerard Benson

"In Tribute to the McLaughlin Family, With Love from, Uncle Eb, Aunt Mary, and Cousin Erin"

- Anonymous

"To Peggy Michael and Ava. Good luck! "

- Michael Kitterick

"Thank you Mo and Russ for your generous donation. Love you Linda and Kevin"

- Kevin Mckenna

"In support of Bev and all that she does for people and causes she cares about."

- Helga Thompson

"Friends of Ava! And Peggy! Xo. Jill"

- Jill Adie

"In memory of MaryAnn French and Joe LoDuca"

- Virginia LoDuca

"That Joey Murphy looks like a swell guy."

- Meagan Walker

"Go Katie!!"

- Elizabeth Woods

"For Donna Flaherty!"

- Kevin DiNapoli


- Laura Brooks

"Choppy's my boy"

- Alberto Jaramillo

"Good Luck Dawn and Kerri! Love you guys!"

- Stephanie Baron

"Proud of all your accomplishments Lucas! Keep up the hard work!"

- Glenn Medeiros

"For all of my fellow Cabin 13 Flamingos!"

- Lauren Lewis

"Run like the wind, boys!"

- John Coppola

"In memory of my dear sister, Joan! Keep up all of the wonderful work that you do. "

- Michael Leahy

"To support the great work my friend Susan Tague does."

- Elaine M Bates

"Friend of Ava McLaughlin With Love and best wishes to you all ❤️ "

- Mary Slattery

"Good luck!"

- Bernadette Fitzgerald

"Looking forward to joining Team Ava at the walk!! Xo The Ryans😊"

- Tracy Wyse Ryan

"Go Team Ava! "

- Deirdre Flaherty

"Good luck Jeff and Sully! "

- Christopher Phillips

"In Memory of Donald Fitzgerald Jr - John & Kathleen Fitzgerald (Nana & Papa)"

- Anonymous

"Go Ava, Peg, Michael and all of the McLaughlin Family! Love Karen & Kathie"

- Kathie Trainor

"Let’s go 💪🏻💪🏻"

- Leah Dawley

"In memory of Jimmy Hart who would have loved this camp -- Patti and Reid"

- Patricia Hart

"For Linda and Kevin and all of their friends!"

- Janice McKeown

"You are truly special people to give so freely of yourselves to help others!"

- Christine Risko

"Go team Lucas !"

- Sean McGinn

"Proud of you ME!!! "

- Emilie Staats

"Run, Jen! Run!!! 🏃‍♀️ "

- Elizabeth Bauske

"Hope we win!"

- Linda Giusti

"Love you Linda and Kevin! Can’t wait for Dommie to be at camp!!"

- Marcia Lopez

"Thank you, Ginny, for your caring and giving. Jack and Barbara Madden"

- Barbara Madden

"In memory of my cousin, Mary Ann"

- Eleanor C Lariviere

"To Linda and team for making these kids smile. Thank you for all you do."

- Julie Walsh


- Kevin Burke

"Making this donation in Joe Breen & Sean Olsen. Frankie D'Alessandro's Camp Fatima EC Counselors!!"

- Terry Anderson

"Have fun Jack Benson!!!"

- Samuel Conroy

"Thank you Susan Tague for all you do!"

- Mary Jamis

"Go Mike and Sarah"

- James Crook

"In memory of Mary Ann French"

- Paul G Davis

"For Griffin Condon, Bryan Willoughby and all those left behind"

- Anonymous

"Good luck to Sarah and mike Egan. From ur irish cousins . Padraig and catherina kelly and family. "

- Catherina Kelly

"For my Grandson, Andrew Ferrara. Good luck in your race. Love, Grandma"

- Anonymous

"Wish I could be there to run with you all!"

- Sharon Flynn

"To Alyssa - We love you! Love, Mom and Dad "

- William Moore

"Come to the feast, my brothas!!!!!"

- Ethan Madden

"Good luck Morgan!"

- Margaret ODriscoll

"God bless you guys!"

- Judith Richard

"OTF Manchester"

- Diana Weideman

"Good luck Lois and happy birthday to your sister!"

- Elaine Cowan

"Let’s doooo this"

- Lea Tighe

"In honor of Cabin 8"

- Susan Carey

"I'll be at the 5K in Spirit. Hope you surpass your Goal. Jack"

- John Crowley

"For the Special Program fundraiser page."

- Maryellen Concannon

"Love for an incredible woman whom I met at Camp!"

- Candi Cosgrove

"Good luck Andrew, from your friend Elias!"

- Anonymous

"Keep up the good work Ana."

- Anonymous

"Good luck, Mark! From your friend Elias!"

- Anonymous

"Love ya Susan! And love what ya do for your kids!"

- Anonymous

"Luke the Duke! "

- Anonymous

"Luke the Duke #2"

- sean mahegan

"Do big things"

- Jeffrey Buffum

"Thanks for all your fund raising efforts - what a great cause!"

- Barbara Edgar

"Don't pull a hammy! "

- Shelby Cashman

"Knees to chest Ed!"

- Greg McFarland

"I second Shelby’s sentiment - don’t pull a hammy (or two)!"

- Douglas Cloninger

"Kathleen Donohue"

- Joseph Donohue

"OTF Bedford"

- Stacy DeJesus

"OTF Bedford"

- Tiffany McMonigle

"Hi Lois !!"

- Debbie Anderson

"For more wonderful days at EC Week. "

- Alicia Casey

"In honor of Susan Tague."

- gail fisher

"Oh Brother do pace yourself...💕"

- Carole Gilbertson

"I admire your dedication to the Friends of Fatima"

- Janine Petracca

"Glad to help out - Dan Cotnoir"

- Anonymous

"Way to represent Conor!"

- Aaron Peacock

"W/Susan Cashman"

- Paul Fountaine

"In Memory of Z. Boyd"

- Bryan Clarke


- Harriett Ferns

"Very happy to help... Jimmy & Charlene"

- James T Sullivan

"Good thing you have done for years Cash. "

- Chris Durso

"Memory of MaryAnn French and her buddy Joe LoDuca"

- Marianne Braithwaite

"From Eleanor & Kate"

- Anonymous

"Thank you Michael Egan and all the volunteers ! "

- Cara Murphy

"You go my friend"

- Joseph McDonald

" Sarah is lucky to have such a wonderful place to spend a week away from home. Thanks to all the volunteers who make this week possible. "

- Kevin Enright

"From Frank Brako, Good work Ms. Breau!"

- Anonymous

"Good luck, Lois!"

- Lauren Doninger

"Go Meg and the Flock!!! Love Mom and Dad"

- Thomas Dawley

"Good luck Lois!!!"

- Ruth Lefler Tomford

"Tribute to our daughter, Lauren Breau Wichland, who has been a part of camp Fatima for several years. She loves her week there and starts planning for the next year as soon as she knows the theme! We are so proud of her dedication to your campers💖"

- Linda Breau

"You guys rock! Love, Finn, Rory & Shea"

- Nicole Flaherty

"Anything for you peggy! "

- Jenny Parker

"Water Stop Sponsor "

- David O’Leary

"this is a very worthy cause"

- Christopher Everard

"Go Anthony👍👍"

- Brett Sievwright

"Good man Seany! "

- Stephen Glynn

"Best of luck Seanie boy"

- Michael McNamara

"For Sean on Team Lucas From Simon"

- Simon Daly

"Run katie run! Please link to Katie Beadle cabin 18. "

- Michelle Beadle

"Good luck Sean Muurriica "

- Mark Hughes

"Best of luck!"

- Johnny Hearns

"Rob O'D Salesforce"

- Robert O'Dwyer

"This 100 is from David and Vicky Horsey who are Anthony's Uncle and Aunt"

- Christopher Everard

"Tribute to Quinn Shea"

- Fred Gendron

"This is from Anthony's Uncle and Aunt"

- Christopher Everard

"Glad to give"

- Paul Dube

"Keep up the good work!"

- Kevin McQuade

"In memory of Kathy Noonan"

- Liam Noonan

"OTF Bedford "

- Diane Quinlan

"Love you Mahegan family!"

- Lisa Maholchic

"Off manchester"

- Lori Laventure

"OTF Bedford"

- Katherine Hinchcliffe

"ABCC Investigators Association"

- Nicholas Velez

"Great work all u guys!"

- bob and maureen trostel

"Thank you for the work you do Karen!! "

- Sian Oleary

"From the Hurley family, God bless the Mahegans"

- Daniel Hurley

"In memory of Michele Sullivan. Good luck Michael. Love u"

- Susan Sullivan

"I <3 Camp"

- Sophia Tsanotelis

"Wishing you the best Alex! Hopefully we can introduce Michael Shea to the EC Week community & Friends of Fatima."

- Lawrence Risko

"In memory of David O'Brien...he was so proud of you for volunteering at Camp Fatima!"

- Paulette OBrien

"In appreciation of a great group of guys, doing a good thing at an awesome place. "

- Anonymous

"For Andrea McCue and Jennifer Lando her sister "

- Charlene Levangie

"Thank you for making this such a special week! ❤️"

- Erica Supple

"Love to team Mahegan! :)"

- Jenn Johnson

"For the great work that Ginny Donnelly and her compatriots do every year!"

- Steven Murphy

"OTF Bedford"

- LeeAnn Toolan

"In memory of my dad, sister and my campers who have passed. Also a special blessing to my uncle who has cancer. <3"

- JoEllen Dunne

"Well done Anthony"

- J D Pike


- Anonymous

"OTF Bedford"

- Gregory Clauson

"Camp Fatima looks like an amazing place!"

- Lauren Mills

"Good luck and have fun Dianne Parisi and friends!"

- Michael Lupo

"Thanks brother for being so kind"

- Kathleen Cashman

"Walk with joy....."

- Anonymous

"OTF- Manchester"

- Brian Stebbins

"For team Jen Lando"

- Donna C Lando

"Proud to support an amazing cause. Much love!"

- Anonymous

"Run, Ann, Run! Great cause, great lady."

- Maureen Callahan

"Way to go Brady!! 🐻😍😘"

- Maria Lang

"In honor of Brady Robert Ellis and the lessons he teaches us all every day! "

- Linda M Giles

"Such a great cause and wonderful people! Have a good run Annie!"

- Patricia Kelley

" Nana is so proud of you 💕💕 Auntie Mary"

- Mary Addesa

"With Love and support💕"

- Brenda Cassidy

"Good Luck Liz Doherty!"

- Suzanne Pomposello

"Go Caitlin and Billy! "

- Lawrence M Shea

"I love what you do"

- mark mcgowan

"Go Brady! ❤️"

- Allison Norton

"Go Brady!! 🐻💙"

- Lauren Naugle

"Go Brady!!! "

- Joanne Osborne

"Love you Graham and Ethan So proud of you both "

- Mary Addesa

"Thank you Linda and Kevin for your big hearts, for the ladies of the spa and the whole Fatima family! -Renee and John Barker"

- Renee Barker

"Because KDonnnn is amazing 💕"

- Bridget McAnulty


- David O'Leary

"Hamilton Raffle"

- Sara Davidson

"Thank you Tim and ALL of the volunteers! The Eastons "

- Virginia Easton

"In honor of all who fight "

- Anonymous

"Go, Brady! "

- Jaclyn Freeman

"“I’m just like my country—I’m young, scrappy, and hungry, and I am not throwing away my shot.” —Hamilton, “My Shot”"

- Anonymous

"For Hamilton Tix!"

- Kimberly Benner

"In memory of Mary Anne French & in honor of all my friends who make this such an awesome camp experience for so many!"

- Kristen Carr

"Pat - keep on keepin’ on man!"

- Howard Choi

"Dawn, this camp is so lucky to have your support & the help of everyone who makes this such an amazing experience for so many! "

- Kristen Carr

"Run like the wind Forest!"

- Danielle Vandenbulcke

"Brian Donnelly is like the fastest guy I know. "

- Daniel Curran

"In memory of our cousin Michele Sullivan."

- Lois Mignone

"If you win, Donnelly, I will triple the donation. Get training."


"Can I drive the car tied to your waste?"

- Raymond Leonardo

"3 miles = 1.5 IPAs earned. You’re welcome. "

- Kate Kelley

"Keep up the great work Michael!"

- Beth Ann Taraba

"Remembering Mark’s Dad"

- Thomas Lewis

"OTF Manchester"

- Ryan Talavera

"For Pete’s sake Lois, don’t crash!"

- William Parrelli

"Wishing yoy a great race and great fun for the campers! Ginnie & Norman "

- Virginia Teed

"For Michelle. Thanks Michael!"

- tracy harvey

"For our sweet Michele"

- Robin S Dooling

"Thank you Michael for all you do for E.C. Week. Michele would be so very proud of you. Love Robin, Gregg, Matthew and Colleen "

- Robin S Dooling

"OTF Bedford"

- Jacqueline Bono

"Anything for the Sullivan family & EC week! Great job Michael!!"

- Eileen Terry

"from Johnny Mac"

- Anonymous

"In Honor of Franklin Flahive, Counselor of the Decade!"

- Vincent Miccio

"Two Hamilton chances"

- Mary McCabe

"Is Hughie running?"

- Claire Franks

"In loving memory of Michelle❤️. You are the best Michael!"

- Mary Dooling

"Wish we could be there Lucas! Go get em' and have fun!! Love Kelly and Jared!❤️"

- Kelly Burke

"Woohoo go KD! "

- Alexandra Keeler

"Clearly I am confused and joined the fundraiser. "

- Therese Schaffer

"Ann, you and your team are anazing! Have a great run!"

- Julie Spillane

"Glad to sponsor such a wonderful organization"

- judith fraser

"Thanks for the wonderful example you are for so many love you Ginny "

- Mary Addesa

"Good Luck! Thanks for all you do!"

- John Trainor

"in tribute to the fabulous westfields"


"Phyllis & Howard Lane Bob Wichland"

- Anonymous

"In memory of Jim Wyse, John and Marie McLaughlin"

- Michael McLaughlin

"Cheers to the Mahegan's! And Emma!"

- Ann Musto

"Go cabin 11"

- Linda Weiner

"The Dhooge Family"

- Barbara Dhooge

"“Go Mike and Sarah!” - Marisol & Brian Henderson"

- Brian Henderson

"Go Jeff Doretti! "

- Kerry Symonds

"Way to go Chris!! Love Camp Fatima!!"

- Anonymous

"In memory of Richard Quigley. "

- Nancy Brown

"Adam's Family"

- Susan Murdock

"I love you Jennifer, from Andrea"

- Deborah A McCue

"Go Jeff for Cabin 23!"

- Michael Hricz

"Keep up the great work! MB & MH"

- Marybeth Bernard

"In memory of my Michele ❤️"

- Michael Sullivan

"For Team Jen Lando"

- Elizabeth McMahon

"Truly inspiring"

- Anonymous

"SO proud of you Luke, and so proud to be apart of a family who cares so much. Go TEAM LUKE - Mimi"

- Amelia Burke

"Your dedication to the work at the camp is inspiring! Have a great run!"

- Joel Lemieux

"For my wonderful cousins Jennifer and Andrea"

- Eugene Kennedy

"From Marilou Donnelly and Tom Webber In memory of Paul J. Webber. Go Brian!"

- Marilou Donnelly

"In Memory of Mary Ann French my very special Neighbor and friend. I miss her every day. Sheila Evans "

- Dana A French

"Enjoy Chris!"

- Anne Nee

"thanks to Jeff D for introducing this cause to me."

- Kirsten McLinn

"In Memory of Kim Johnson, Mike Cormican and Bobby Green from Ray, KC and Ben Johnson"

- Karen Johnson


- Carolyn Forde

"For Karen! -Mike Miller"

- Anonymous

"Jack and Maureen "

- John Collins

"For Karen, in memory of Bobby Driscoll, I miss you brother"

- Anonymous

"Go Lois! "

- Anonymous

"To support my fabulous nieces, Susan and Lois. 💕"

- Joanne Forestell

"hope all goes well"

- David Merrifield

"In support of my girls! Go Michelle and Tessa! ❤️"

- Crystal Mohrmann

"In honor of Ann Keegan. "

- James Flanagan

"In memory of our Postmaster's Aunt MaryAnn French"

- Anonymous

"In memory of Auntie Love Katie"

- Catherine Woodward

"Seney Family"

- Matthew Seney

"Thanks for your involvement in such a great group!! Great job!! "

- Karen Sullivan

"We absolutely adore the Maheegan family! Go team Lucas! -Steph and Drew "

- Stephanie E Musto

"Good Work Sean! Hope the run goes well "

- Stephen Bates

"Sara F and Sam B!"

- Anonymous

"Good Luck Kidd. Dilly Dilly!"

- Steven Libretti

"Go Karen! "

- Kimberly Dong

"Lisa Z"

- Anonymous

"Your Turn Oliver "

- Debra Mccurdy

"23 for my Tuesday splat points with Michael 28 for Wednesday with James, and 41 for Friday with Cindy!"

- Peter Lecours

"Great cause for OTF Manchester to support"

- Stephen Yianakopolos

"Good luck Conor and Crew!!"

- Jennifer Hughes

"For Conor's a jolly good fellow"

- Anonymous

"Such an amazing program, happy to contribute - Steve & Nicole"

- Steven Hillyer

"In memory of Paul A. Dupont who embodied the spirit of Fatima and who loved the Lady. "

- Anonymous

"Because camp is the most magical place on Earth!"

- Kathryn Donnelly

"Good luck and God Bless. We need more Cash in the world...."


"Hope this helps! Thank you for an awesome OT workout! I enjoyed my visit from Savannah! See y'all at Thanksgiving! "

- Nancy McKenzie

"OTF Manchester"

- Katie Batchelor

"Go, Ferrara Family!!"

- Elizabeth Boen

"Have a great week!!"

- Michael Deady

"#flamingos4eva, flamingos are my 2nd favorite animal ) Love you all, Lucy Harrington"

- Anonymous

"Good Luck Coaches!"

- Martina Tellesch-Carpenter

"What a great cause!"

- Amy Morissette

"MaryAlice Rocks!"

- Regina Jackson

"Maryanne has been one of the most inspirational people in my life! She has inspired me to become a nurse and go into education! She will always be dear to my heart! I am blessed to have had such a woman in my life! "

- Justine Lyons

"Thank you Maggie French for continuing your Mom’s legacy...being a wonderful Mom, great friend and forever Bernie girl! Wish I could run this year! "

- Jeanmarie Scire

"I know how much everyone appreciates everything you do for them!"

- Chris Cluett

"Jeff Doretti!!"

- Rolando Mercado

"Thankful for our 40+ year friendship! Happy Birthday. Your dedication to Camp Fatima is awesome. "

- John McCarthy

"In memory of my aunt Maryann French Katie "

- Catherine Woodward

"Good luck Concannons!!"

- jean concannon

"In memory of Fr. John Sutton"

- Judith Sutton

"In honor of the Carey and McDonald girls and all of the campers they have been with over the years!"

- Kerry Gould

"Tribute to Denise Doherty for all her dedication and work. Mom and Dad"

- John Doherty

"In memory of Jody Dupont- Russ & Karen"

- Karen Knowles

"Great job Lisa Ziino-Mobilia and Team So proud of you xoxo :-) "

- Eileen Andrews

"Hamilton for a good cause. Good job you guys!"

- Marcel Danjou

"Have a great day!"

- Melissa LaVarnway

"John’s mediocre at best, but Jack is a stallion! "

- Matthew Fitzgerald

"Gooo Lucas!!"

- Megan OGara

"Go Team Lucas!!!!!"

- Abigail Gorgone

"In Honor of Brady Robert Ellis"

- Margarete M Hogan

"For our nephew Andrew Ferrara! The McArdles"

- Julia McArdle

"Go go Andrewboy"

- Linda Dahlberg

"Go Tessa. Love Pat and Joe LaRocque"

- Donna Marcotte

"For Andrew! We love you❤️ Have a great time!! XO, Aunt Lisa and Uncle Neal"

- Lisa Cammarano

"Miss you Lucas!!"

- James Burns

"Run, Andrew! 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️Sorry to miss the race this year!😭"

- Maura Johnson

"In Memory of Evelyn LeBrun-Garofalo "

- Michele LeBrun

"What a bunch of little snacks these guys are... I could just eat them all up! And I’d still be hungry for more! Lol :-O Karen O."

- Anonymous

"Go get 'em, Drew!"

- Rachel Holt

"Go get ‘em Luke!"

- John Burke

"Love ya Luke!"

- Kevin Curley

"Good luck!"

- Stephanie Vitone

"Mary Ann French"

- Virginia Martin

"Mary Ann French"

- Virginia Martin

"In honor of all Exceptional Citizens"

- Christopher DeMello

"Tribute to Megan Dawley who helped our daughter become more independent"

- Edward Hodges

"In memory of Kathy Noonan and support of the Irish. -Big Pat and Corinne "

- Anonymous

"Sending love from Lucas’ friends at Fernalds, Pam/ Ken, Rob, Dorothy, Bill/Olga 💓💯💯"

- Moira Rose Mahegan

"You guys are wonderful!!!"

- Julie Lago

"Meg and Jerry- run fast! Xo "

- Kelsey Donovan

"For the amazingly awesome Anne Keegan — you go girl!! "

- Kate E Curtin

"For our girl Sarah. Go Michael! - DJ Billy Bill"

- William Novick

"Donation from Bows for Brady ❤️ #onlyfortherestofmylife"

- Anonymous

"Go Tessa!! "

- Jane LoConte

"In honor of Tessa Zoeller!"

- Donna Meuse

"Good work, Julian!"

- Tom Schneider

"Anything for Sarah!!!"

- Laura Duran

"Mary Ann French is sorely missed at Camp Fatima."

- Shannon Driscoll

"We love you guys- go Chris! And Andrew!"

- Joseph Ferrara

"We raise to win the game - herm"

- sean nolan

"So proud of all of you! "

- Erin Donaghy

"Go Katie! Love this!"

- Jennifer Levine

"In Memory of Paul Webber, a very exceptional citizen!"

- Gerard and Kate Donnelly

"Good Job Aidan and Finn"

- Matthew Malloy

"Len, Hope you had a great race! Dante"

- Dante DiOrio

"Way to go!"

- Patricia Bath

"In memory of Mrs Don Rodman "

- Anonymous

"from Cole Schotz P.C."

- christine defrancesco

"Mike Ruvido "

- Michael Ruvido

"Matching gift. Fidelity Charitable "

- William & Colleen Chave

"In honor of amazing Susan Tague a giving spirit full of boundless energy and a huge heart. Thank you, Susan!"

- Anonymous

"Last but not least!!"

- Jordan Goetz

"Jenna and Denise -- you are wonderful! The campers are so lucky to have all of you:)"

- Marie Messina

"In loving memory of our beloved cousin and special angel, Michele Sullivan. Ludo and Maria Nolfo"

- Maria Nolfo

"Terry Connell who loved her time at EC Week. Thanks Kerry"

- Timothy Connell

"Thank you for bringing More Life to the campers of Camp Fatima. OTF NH"

- Dwayne Duprey

"Kerry-The Fatima Family is so lucky to have you! Love you! Auntie Joannie"

- Anonymous

"Homesite Golf Tournament Contribution! "

- Anonymous

"Great job Lisa!!"

- David Parrella