Welcome to Camp Fatima Regular Season

Please join us in our campaign to raise money for the Friends of Fatima! Every effort and donation helps our cause!


Money Raised: $1,055.00 Fundraiser Goal: $1,000


Friends of Fatima

Create a team by clicking "Create". Fill out the top section with your Team information and a picture to be displayed on the Team's cover. Then fill out the bottom section with your personal information.

Join a team by clicking on the Team Picture at the bottom of the screen. Then click "JOIN this fundraiser". Fill out your personal information. 


Fundraiser Team Members:

Simon Therrien-Denis Raised: $55
Jack Benson Raised: $50
Brendan Stackhouse Raised: $0.00
Evan Gourville Raised: $0.00

Donor Comments

"Good Luck and Have Fun Jack!!"

- Gerard Benson

"Run like the wind, boys!"

- John Coppola

"Have fun Jack Benson!!!"

- Samuel Conroy

"For Griffin Condon, Bryan Willoughby and all those left behind"

- Anonymous

"In Memory of Z. Boyd"

- Bryan Clarke

"In memory of Paul A. Dupont who embodied the spirit of Fatima and who loved the Lady. "

- Anonymous

"In memory of Jody Dupont- Russ & Karen"

- Karen Knowles



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