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Every donation makes a difference in the life of a child.

About Flintridge Guild of Children's Hospital

Children’s Hospital Los Angeles is a non-profit institution and relies on the generosity of your support to provide compassionate patient care that impact children everyday, regardless of their ability to pay.

Flintridge Guild of Children's Hospital

Federal Tax ID 95-6118993

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Donor Comments

"Thank you to everyone caring for these kids! Thinking of Coco! "

- Erika Foy

"We are friends from SMCC preschool days ❤️"

- Ann M Pearson

"For Coco!! With love and solidarity from Rowan and his mom :) "

- Nancy Baker Cahill

"We’re routing for you Coco! Lots of love, Payne Family"

- Miranda Payne

"Charlotte sends her support. "

- Amelia McDonald

"Coco Johnson "

- Zoe Vidalakis

"Coco Johnson! You are such a warrior! I love seeing that perpetual smile through it all! "

- Ava Herrera

"In honor of Coco’s home stretch! With love, Tim, Heather and Charlie Brunold"

- Heather Brunold

"Coco Johnson, We are Cheering for you! XOXO Maite, Brett and Pablo Bernath. "

- Maria Bernath

"We are so proud of you, Coco! "

- Elizabeth Femino

"✨❤️Team Coco❤️ ✨ With Love, Farquhar Family "

- Chelle Farquhar

"Coco Johnson"

- charlene Beerman

"Coco Johnson"

- Laura Shin

"in honor of Coco!"

- Cynthia Crass

"GO COCO!!! We love you!!!"

- Lisa Caragher

"For the Hage Family with love!"

- Gina Girolamo

"Go Team Hage!"

- Jeff King

"Go team!"

- lisa jackson

"Go team Hage!"

- Christopher Lindsay

"In memory of Rachel"

- Brett Paul

"Go Team Hage!"

- Jim Michaels

"With love from Fake Empire "

- Anonymous


- Michelle Nader

"Go Team Hage!"

- Matt Miller

"In Memory of Rachel and in support of CHLA"

- Amy Reisenbach

"Go team Hage! "

- Alex Berger

"In memory of Rachel.....sending love and support to Melinda and the Hage Family. -trish stanard "

- Trisha Stanard

"In memory of Shane Alexander Williams"

- Scott Williams

"From KristieAnne Reed & Len Goldstein"

- KristieAnne Reed

"Glad to support Melinda and CHLA -- Tom and Angie Szentgyorgyi"

- Tom Szentgyorgyi

"In Memory of Rachel "

- Rebecca Windsor

"In honor of warrior mom, Melinda! Proud to call you my friend. "

- Rina Mimoun

"Go Team Hage!"

- Max Mutchnick

"In honor of Rachel Hage. So much love for the Hage Fam and CHLA"

- Margaret Gormly

"Sending lots of love to Team Hage from Sean, Carter & Cormac"

- Patrick S Smith

"In memory of Rachel Hage and in tribute to her loving and amazing family. -The Callaways"

- Trey Callaway

"In memory of Rachel Hage"

- Athena Wickham

"Sending you hugs! - Lorenzo"

- Amber Blanco

"In memory of Rachel Hage. Much love from your friends at Spondoolie."

- Anonymous

"For Team Hage"

- Cecilia Lara

"Apply this to Maureen's Gorgeous Grandma team"

- Joanne Cena

"Remembering Rachel. Forever in my heart."

- Gillian McCracken

"In memory of Rachel & her beautiful smile :)"

- Cheryse Hage

"For Rachel"

- Kathleen Kelly

"Go team H! "

- Nicholas Wootton

"In support of Coco."

- Ann Huntsman

"Melinda Hage"

- Gregory Berlanti

"In memory of precious Rachel ❤️"

- Madalene Horne

"For Rachel❤️"

- Karina Jensen

"Go Coco!"

- Anne Gillam

"In honor of Rachel!"

- Nick Bakay

"Many blessings and so much love to you!"

- Kristen Gutoskie

"Go Maureen!"

- Suzanne Boswell

"Happy Anniversary Joani & Carmen In honor of Jim & Chere Dryden"

- Bonnie Jennings

"From Capella Salon"

- melinda hage

"In memory of Eleanor McFadden Redmond, she helped bring so many babies into this world. "

- Diane A McFadden

"Go, Coco!"

- Sarah Bynum

"You are amazing Coco! Sending love, Jonah, Reese, Mimi, and Paul"

- Miriam Goldstein

"In memory of Rachel and support for the Hage family."

- Melissa Gelineau


- Robert Castro

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