Flintridge Guild of Children's Hospital

Every donation makes a difference in the life of a child. Proceeds raised by our annual Chocolate Race go directly to Children's Hospital Los Angeles.

At Children's Hospital Los Angleles, no child is turned away. Your support allows the hospital to provide the critical treatments that help save young lives today while they seek breakthrough therapies that will save and improve the lives of children tomorrow. 



About Flintridge Guild of Children's Hospital

Children’s Hospital Los Angeles is a non-profit institution and relies on the generosity of your support to provide compassionate patient care that impact children everyday, regardless of their ability to pay.

Flintridge Guild of Children's Hospital

Federal Tax ID 95-6118993

Thank you for your generous donation!

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Donor Comments

"Wonderful cause, amazing group of ladies!"

- Suzanne Kemp-Hauger

"For Rachel and Lila."

- James Reynolds

"In Memory of Rachel. "

- Gregg Hurwitz

"In memory of Rachel, and Shane, and all angels who were once helped by CHLA and neonatal nurses."

- Scott Williams

"In Memory of Rachel Hage"

- lisa gregorian

"Sending you and your family so much love!"

- Kristen Gutoskie

"In memory of Rachel."

- Adam Glick

"Rachel "

- Lisa Lewis

"For Rachel..."

- Charles Holland

"In memory of Rachel"

- Rebecca Windsor

"In loving support of the Hage family."

- Ellen Rafferty

"Way to go Melinda! "

- Erin Wehrenberg


- Jill Allemand

"Sending my best to you and your family! xx"

- Paul Wasilewski

"For Rachel "

- Michelle Nader

"In Memory of Rachel and in Honor of Melinda Hage"

- Jeffrey Astrof

"In honor of Rachel and the Hage family"

- Chris Rafferty

"In Memory of Rachel Hage"

- Melissa Gelineau

"In Memory of Rachel"

- Robert Rovner

"thank you for supporting CHLA"

- Maria Ferrari

"Rachel Hage"

- Kate reeb

"In memory of Rachel and in support of the Hage family."

- Michelle Neumann

"Go Team Hage!!!!"

- Damon Lindelof

"donation made by John & Sandra Edward"

- Anonymous

"Go Team Hage!"

- Michael Clear

"In Memory of Rachel"

- Athena Wickham

"With Love and in Honor of the Hage family"

- Geriann McIntosh

"Rachel Hage"

- Rebecca Roberson

"In memory of beautiful Rachel Hage, with much love from Mary, Drew and Woody Brown"

- Mary Brown

"In memory of Rachel"

- Virginia Wilson

"In memory of Rachel"

- Greg Walker

"In memory of sweet Rachel"

- Madalene Horne

"For Rachel, always and forever"

- Swoosie Kurtz

"In memory of Rachel"

- Tracey Pakosta

"In honor of Rachel"

- Nicholas Bakay

"Such a great cause!"

- Anonymous

"In Memory of Rachel"

- stacey silverman

"May her memory be a blessing. "

- Laura Putney

"Way to go Melinda! Let’s go ahead and get you to your goal :)"

- Jared Padalecki

"Rachael Hagy"

- Scott Rosenbaum

"For Rachel"

- Max Mutchnick

"Have a great race, Melinda!"

- Anonymous

"We love CHLA!"

- Jeff Rake

"Go ReRe go! Love Stevie & Sloane"

- John Hrdlicka

"Go ReRe"

- Richard Railsback

"Remembering your beautiful girl "

- Gillian McCracken

"Go Rere!!"

- S C McFadden-Sullivan

"Love you Melinda!"

- Richard Keith

"Happy to support Melinda in this worthy cause!"

- David Hemingson

"Tribute to Rachel, and for a great cause."

- Vatsal Shah

"Honor of Flynn"

- Adam Rosenblatt

"with love"

- christine carey

"Devon Black xoxo"

- Nicole Cotti

"In tribute to all the brave families who have suffered so much and been so strong. "

- Allison Abbate


- Melissa Shamberg

"In tribute to my many friends that have fought cancer and are survivors!!!!"

- Kathleen D Allison

"Tribute to Rachel"

- Rosanne Ragus

"In Honor the Hage family"

- Janis Savoie

"In Memory of Rachel Hage"

- Arsine Gendal


- Jeni Cregan

"For the Hage family"

- Karen Dorio

"In Memory of Rachel Hage and in support of all the sweet lives impacted and changed with the help of CHLA. xo"

- Margaret Gormly

"Toward Team Melinda Hage"

- Anonymous

"For Rachel, on behalf of Sam and Mary Haskell "

- Samuel B. Haskell

"In memory of Rachel and in support of Team Hage"

- Wendy Baldikoski

"In honor of Rachel and the Hage family"

- Thomas S Sherman

"In Rachel's memory and honoring the Hage family."

- Kelly Goode


- Alison Drenning


- jeffrey grosvenor

"Good Luck with the Fundraising"

- Joseph P Finn

"Rooting for you, with so much love!"

- Emily Kapnek

"In Memory of Rachel Hage"

- Anonymous

"In loving memory of Rachel"

- Alex Katsnelson

"Much love! "

- Nicholas T. Wootton

"From Jack, Jackie and Bob."


"In memory of Rachel. Xoxo"

- Rebecca Franko

"Go Team Hage!"

- Norman Gunzenhauser

"In memory of Rachel...and the amazing hearts of the Hage family "

- Eric Avallone

"Sweet Rachel Hage❤️❤️❤️"


"In Memory of Rachel and in Honor of Melinda Hage"

- Eric Kripke

"From Bill Lawrence, Jeff Ingold, Liza Katzer, and everyone at Doozer Productions"

- William V Lawrence

"In memory of sweet Rachel Hage."

- Debra Hopkins

"Donation from gayatri chilakamarri towards Jaya punati team"

- Gayatri Chilakamarri

"In support of the Hage Family"

- Bruce Evans

"For the Hages"

- Lisa Storrie-Lombardi

"In memory of Edward Rutledge."

- Robert Hopper

"Thanks for your work through the years for this generous and important hospital!"

- Cheryl Tchir

"Thank you to Karen and her family for their unwavering support of this wonderful hospital."

- Karen Mathison

"Thank you for all you do, Karen! Love, Mike and Peggy"

- Michael D Sloan

"In memory of Jimmy."

- Laura Nicholas

"In memory of Rachel and with much love to the beautiful Hage family!"

- Joseph Peracchio

"In loving memory of Rachel"

- Stephanie Groves

"Lots of love to Team Hage!"

- Jamie Davis

"Nice work Karen :)"

- Andrew McDonald

"Tribute to Bob & Karen Hooper for their efforts to support the Children's Hospital"

- David Herbert

"Good luck!!"

- Gail Merchant

"Way to go Karen!!! "

- Mayra del Valle

"For Karen, and all the hard working ladies of the Guild -- I miss you all!"

- Charlotte Saydah

"Have fun!"

- John and Gale Musker

"In Support of Melinda's Team for Rachel"

- Andrew Sacks

"For breakfast after race"

- Anonymous

"all of my love for this sweet girl and this event and this hospital. "

- Elizabeth Astrof

"In honor of your family & of Rachel. X"

- Elizabeth Friedlander

"Love to the Hage Family!"

- Andy Ackerman

"We love you Melinda"

- Rina Mimoun

"in honor of the Hage Family"

- Gina Girolamo

"Sending love, Melinda! "

- Erin Cardillo Towne

"Melinda Hage"

- Matt Miller

"With love, from Karen & Andy"

- Karen Horne

"In Memory of Rachel... Her light continues to fight... "

- Mara Akil

"Running for Rachel"

- Mark Cendrowski

"For all the children- especially the angels 💙"

- Lori J Hamilton

"In loving memory of Rachel and in support of The Hage Family."

- Arlene Fader

"Good for you, Karen! Enjoy the walk!"

- Nancy Sibbrel

"for the benefit of your chocolate race"

- Anonymous

"Go ReRe!"

- Rob Railsback

"For Rachel"

- Marguerite MacIntyre

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