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About Righteous Paws Rescue

Righteous Paws Rescue is a diverse coalition of Animal Defenders battling against animal injustices @ the frontlines in Texas. We stand united in agency/power prioritizing a collective mission to end animal abuse by challenging archaic myths & ideas in pursuit of redefining & discovering the integrity of "humane" care. We resist institutionalized narratives justifying the unnecessary killing of unhoused companion animals who are marginalized & incarcerated to be made invisible & ungrievable behind closed doors @ the municipal shelters through direct action life saving campaigns powered by our local animal loving supporters through resource/knowledge sharing & positive collaboration.

“In fighting for social justice, we have an opportunity and an obligation to expand this effort to include ways to live with animals that do not depend on the right of humans to control and dominate them,” Dr.Katja Guenther

Aligned w/ Dr.Katja Guenther's framework of a "Humane Communities Revolution" one who would endorse animal-friendly affordable housing, living wages, social and political recognition of the importance of human-animal bonds, and the incorporation of community members and animals themselves into developing shelter programming.

“What I found is that many of the dominant social ideas we have about why animals are in shelters are myths,” she said. “These myths echo and reinforce negative beliefs we already have about poor people of color in the United States, and place blame for animals dying at the shelter on these individuals, instead of on our society.”